Summer Hats

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Last summer I blogged about the popularity of hats, and this summer shall not be an exception!

Hats are simply a must have item for the current hot & sunny season, as not only does it fill the purpose of being a fashion detail, but also plays an important role as the scalp protector it was originally designed for.

So grandma advice number 1: When you are on the beach, it’s so important protecting your hair and your scalp from the sun and it’s heat. Always protect yourself! And there is no need to look ugly meanwhile. Just do what the Jet set Babes do, kill two birds in one stone.






















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  1. OMG! Those women look SO BAD! Disgusting even. They all look sick and famished. And as I think they`ve done it to themselves. So sad.. How many complexes, insecurities and self-hate they have to feel to cause that to themselves. Horrible.

  2. Those women look amazing! I think women wearing hats is so chic and sophisticated. Hats should be worn all year long and guys love the look. As for the comments from above, they all look great and healthy! Stay chic and confident.

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