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St Tropez Luxury Travel Guide 2018

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St Tropez has been a jet-set hotspot for decades! If you ask me what I associate with the word “jet-set” – it’s the French Riviera with St Tropez being the poster girl!

It’s a must visit location for any aspiring JetsetBabe out there, and a pit stop for many high-rollers who charter their yachts during summer in the Mediterranean.

St Tropez

What’s the crowd like?

St Tropez is a great place to come for a long weekend to indulge in French elegance and rub shoulders with the rich. The clientele is popular with young people who want to come for a weekend of some fun.

But the overall crowd remains very mixed in age as you have the older generation still holding on tight to their St Trop summer residency. These older jet-setters are putting more preference in St Tropez as their summer “it” destination due to it being calmer and more sophisticated than other jet-set hotspots like Ibiza and Mykonos.

Best time to visit?

July & August. But preferably late July, early August when the creme de la creme is there. Weekends tend to be busy, while weekdays are calmer.

What to wear?

Either the sophisticated old money look or the St Barths casual chic. Victoria Silvstedt is a great example.

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…and for the men?

We want an unbuttoned linen shirt in a light color, preferably matched with shorts. Think sophisticated old money French and Italian style, in St Tropez it’s trendy to look old-school!


Where to stay in St Tropez?

Many people rent villas in St Tropez, considering it’s a very small town, you can get by quite easy without having to think of much where you’re located. The mega rich come with their yachts as St Tropez is one of the common pit stops on their summer cruise in the mediterranean.

There are some 5 star luxury hotels that casual jet-setters tend to stay at.
You have Byblos which is an iconic hotel, going back to the 50’s when it was popular with celebrities and movie stars, and then you have more elegant resorts like La Reserve or La Résidence de la Pinede. It’s always worth stopping by to any of these hotels in the list for a drink or a bite in their restaurants.

St Tropez Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Hotels

  • Byblos 
  • La Résidence de la Pinède 
  • Château de la Messardière
  • La Réserve Ramatuelle


Where to have lunch in St Tropez?

People spend their days on the beach on one of the popular beach clubs. Some of them are quiet and good for a whole day of sunbathing. Others are more like popular hot spots to have lunch or even to party (hard) during day-time!

Party Beach Clubs

  • Bagatelle
  • Nikki Beach

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Popular Beach Clubs & Lunch Restaurants

  • Club Les Palmiers
  • Club 55
  • Shellona


Other Beach Clubs:

  • Pampelone Beach
  • Tahiti Plage
  • Cabane Bambou

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Luxury Café

If you’re in the town of St Tropez, going for a stroll in day time (mind you, it can be quite hot during peak of summer), stop by for some Instagram friendly café shots in any of these famous pit stops:

  • Le Senequier – (this bright red, overcrowded hotspot in the port of St Tropez. The most popular and best location for people watching)
  • Dior Des Lices – (a must stop for any Instagram girl out there! Have a coffee with a Dior mark on it and pose for the gram)


Where to go out at night?

There is something about the french loving their hybrid of Restaurants that turns into nightclubs. In St Tropez, that’s the most popular way of partying! You go there for a late dinner, and sooner or later you’re dancing next to your dinner table, digesting all the food you just ate.

Mind you, the music tend to be very euro trash commercial and animators jumping around on the tables with flags. Expect messiness even in a chic town like St Tropez!


  • Pablo (newly opened Mexican restaurant)
  • BanH-hoi (Asian restaurant)



  • L’Opera
  • Villa Romana
  • Brasserie des arts
  • GAÏO


Night clubs

  • Les Caves du Roy
  • VIP Room


JetsetBabe To-do List for St Tropez

Below you will find my suggestions for a typical itinerary of St Tropez. Then you have my contributor Kate, who went to St Tropez this summer and shares her tips for a successful party trip!

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Anna Bey’s Recommendations for St Tropez

You must…

Drink Rosé for lunch. Preferably the type that is very light in color.

– Eat something – anything – that contains truffle!

– Attend a day-time party at Bagatelle & let some drunk spray you down with champagne. Or not.

– Have a quiet lunch at Club 55 or Club Les Palmiers while wearing your Cote D’Azur inspired outfit (see Victoria Silvstedt for inspiration)

– Book a late “dinner” at L’Opera and dance on tables with the nouveau riche

– Wear your sunglasses at all times to maximize your people watching game

– Analyze the fashion style of older jet-set women, to know how you should look like when you’re 50+

– Once the weekend is over, pack your bags and continue your trip to Monaco, Cannes or Nice which is only a car ride away. Make sure to visit La Petite Maison in Nice for a lovely dinner.

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Kate’s recommendations for St Tropez


  • Bagatelle & Nikki Beach for the biggest day parties
  • Club 55 for a more chilled atmosphere with an older crowd
  • Cabane Bambou if you want to get away from all the crowds but still be on the beach
  • Have a nice meal Club Les Palmiers
  • The Dior store has a beautiful courtyard that serves food and drinks I really recommend it for a midday shopping break


Night time:

  • We stayed in a villa, but we went to Hôtel Byblos for drinks. I would recommend staying there if you do not have enough people to get a villa.
  • There is also a hotel de Paris there but we did not have time to visit!
  • For dinner, we visited L’Opera which is great for a party atmosphere (acrobatics on the table, etc. I recommend to get one of the big tables where the performers walk on if you can)
  • As well as BanH-hoi which is amazing Asian food!
  • Maison Blanche (I think it is called white 1921 now) for pre-dinner drinks in the courtyard

St Tropez Luxury Travel Guide


Party in St Tropez

A lot of the time we slept through dinner because we partied a lot during the day, haha!
I found the nightlife in St Tropez lacking a bit, not sure if it’s when we went but when we went to the supposed best club there (VIP room) where we went every time we went out it was half empty almost every night except for Bastille Day which then it was full!

We were going on weeknights but still I was surprised to see it so empty. Maybe we just weren’t going to the right place at night, if anyone has better recommendations I would love to know!

I highly recommend taking a helicopter from Nice airport to St Tropez, much faster and beautiful view.

Also if you go to day-clubs like Bagatelle, you are pretty much required to spend a lot on bottles to be seated and enjoy the party. I don’t think I saw any tables who didn’t order at least one bottle at the party day clubs.

Don’t expect to be able to get in and be seated if you are not a model type girl or unwilling to spend! It is not the type of club where you can stand around and dance, it is tables only because it is dining and clubbing at the same time so there is no dance floor.

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You need a reservation/table. Nikki Beach is different, you can go there without a table and there is some space to dance, though not in the main pool area

My only regret is not renting a yacht to go out for the day! Many of the beach clubs have docks so that you can take a motorboat from your yacht straight to the club for lunch and partying, so it’s very convenient.


Monaco is nearby

I also definitely recommend doing a night or two in Monaco (see the Monaco luxury travel guide here) because it’s so close!  We took a helicopter from St Tropez to Monte Carlo and stayed at the Hôtel de Paris. We didn’t go super crazy as I was still jet lagged, but we had a beautiful meal at the restaurant in the hotel and also went to play blackjack at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Let me tell you that men love it when you can hold your own at the card tables (at real card games, not the slot machines or roulette)! I also won 400 euros but only stayed for 45min- it’s important to know when to stop. Holding your own at the casino is attractive but losing and not knowing when to stop without self-control is not!

Have you been to St Tropez? What were your thoughts? Do you have any names to add to this list?



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  2. Only a few things to add – La Ponche Hotel. If you are lucky, the owner will regale you with tales of Picasso and Buffet. Beautiful, elegant little hotel.

    Senequier for people watching.

    Rondini Sandals.

    Restaurant L’Olivier.

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