What to spend on in winter to look expensive

Winter is almost over, but winter sales are the best time to find great items for a good price that will make you look expensive and that you can wear year after year. So overall this is the best time time to invest in winter wardrobe. So here are three top items that you should look into during winter sales:

What to spend on in winter to look expensive

1. The hand bag

The most important status item you can have is the hand bag. This is where you could either go designer OR a high-quality and structured non-branded bag would be perfect as well, just please don’t buy fake copies of luxury items! A high-street brand won’t look good, I’ve been around the shops for years trying to find cheaper bags that look expensive, but it’s just impossible when it comes to bags.

the hand bag

The quality plays a big role here and you need a bag to be in very high quality (prime leather/faux leather, how it’s been sewn, the stitches, design etc). That’s why if choosing between a high-street or even mid-range brand with logos vs a high-quality and structured non-branded bag, go with the latter.

the quality of a hand bag

2. The coat/jacket

This is something worth investing money in and in fall/winter it plays a big role in your life! With coats and jackets the brand is not so important, instead get it in a really good material.

Let it be a simple coat with a belt or a classic leather jacket (if you live somewhere warmer and a coat is not required).

winter coat

You should not pick one from a high-street shop where the material is fake, because remember that the quality of material and the cut are the most important things. For example, coats that imitate wool, but made of some other material won’t have a nice cut after some usage and the faux fur details on your jacket will look like someones old hair extensions. However I still think it’s better to wear faux fur, then the real one because of animal cruelty reasons, just try and find better versions of it.

Spend a little more here as this is something people will be seeing you most in and you will be wearing it over and over again for a long time.

spend on a jacket

3. Heels

Of course you need good flat shoes in winter months, but heels are just as important. It’s not necessary to go designer with heels, you can find great expensive looking shoes for around $100 but even cheaper ones can look as good as long as they are made well, from good materials and are of high quality. The cheaper shoes, the more “plastic” and from low quality material won’t stand the test of time and will cheapen the whole appearance.

wear heels

Another thing many forget is to always polish your shoes every time you’ve used them. The more they look brand new, the more expensive they look. So always take care of your shoes and make sure that they are clean!

Of course there are more items that you can invest in during winter sales and I talk about them in my YouTube video “10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget In Winter“.