So motivated!

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Yeah baby, I’m gymmin’ like there is no tomorrow! I’m on a roll and I LOVE it!

I’ve been sticking to my guns by waking up at 6 am and pulling myself down for a good 1-1.5 hour session each day. I’m proud!

This morning for example, it was pouring down, imagine the apocalypse – that type of weather where it feels like the world is literally going under.

I woke up with my alarm, heard the loud rain beating up the windows and switched off my phone saying to myself “forget it, I’m not going to the gym in this crazy weather”. I went back to sleep.

But for some reason I had like a magic force within myself saying “I can’t break my routine” and “what a failure by being lazy”. So I actually got out in the storm, covered myself in all the rain coats I could find and cycled down to the gym.

I felt like a star after todays work out and would like to tap myself on the shoulder!


The first days at the gym last week were extremely challenging I must admit.

Because I exercise in the morning without eating breakfast I felt constantly light headed and thought I would faint. I had no strength or power to do much and felt like a failure!

I went to the gym shop, crying out my problems and went home with some protein (vegan of course), BCAA pills and recovery stuff to take after each session.


I’ve been taking now BCAA pills on empty stomach first thing when I wake up, and 30 min later when I’m at the gym they start to kick in. They are not made to give you energy but I don’t feel like I’m gonna faint anymore. I do feel more energetic even if it may be a placebo effect – but least it works!

After my stretching I have a recovery drink to gain some strength to cycle all the way home (it’s only up hill 🙁 ) and walk the dogs. After their morning walk it’s time for breakfast by doing fresh vegetable juice. (My 3rd week juicing and I’m hooked!)


Anyway, so far so good girls! I’m so happy I forced myself to get my ass back at the gym, because it makes me feel so much better. God bless those endorphins!

I’m thinking of purchasing some more work out pills or powders. Again, it might all be placebo, but whatever works I’ll buy! What do you guys use that you can recommend? What works and what is a waste of money? I’m so motivated right now I could buy the entire shop I think. Lol.



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  1. Hi honey! First of all: WOW! It seems like you’re doing so good right now. You are a huge inspiration for me, both with work and life.
    I have been doing competitive cheerleading for 3 years now, we practice around 9 hours a week. So like you I have been wondering if I should buy some protein powders or other pills! BUT when I talked to multiply people at the gym they said that they wouldn’t recommend that. Its not necessarily bad for you but it does not mean you should take it. Protein powders are one thing but they said that you should always be very careful when it comes to different pills. One example are those pills that are supposed to “drain” the excess water from your body, its all fake and those pills are actually very bad for your health. This is my opinion, although I have been asking people whom have been working out their whole life they do have knowledge about this things, but of course you can do you’re research and do what you whatever you like! xx

    • Thanks for sharing! I would not take any pills on the market, but I did a lot of research on BCAA pills and spoke to fitness people about it who recommended it to me in my particular situation. It works and don’t have any side effects as it’s simple amino acids.

  2. Hi dear,
    i would like to recommend you to do some research about right diet, than you will find out more about pre workout food that might help you not faint and build muscles, there are ppl like me who like to work out on empty stomach even i have problems with sugar (hypoglycemia) but i am so used to it, otherwise i would throw up. if i have long session i also feel like fainting, i did some research, and found out that if you eat protein with complex carbs it is actually good for you and your muscles. Apart of it, it is quite necessary to educate yourself on right diet which is huge part of healthy lifestyle which i guess you would like to achieve.
    i wish you all the success!!

    • Thanks for the advice. I did loads of research and spoke to some friends who are in the fitness world about my particular situation. I’m not able to eat any breakfast before work out due to working out so early in the morning and the lack of digestion time before a session. The amino acids have helped a lot, but again I don’t know if its just placebo or they actually do a good job. I’ve calculated my macros of how much protein, carbs and fat I should eat in a day in order to achieve my results so fingers crossed I’ll manage to deliver! 🙂 What do you mean with complex carbs btw? Like slow carbs?

  3. Hi Girl!

    I was wondering, what type of BCAA pills do you take? I am looking to buy some but I have no idea which brand or so…. help would be appreciated 🙂 thanks!

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