The Jetset Babe skin colour topic

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Various colours of JetsetBabes

Probably the most common question I get:

“Why do you only post white girls (eastern europeans mainly) on your blog?

Why do you not post more of other races and colours?”

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I need to bring this topic up again since some readers are new and have not been following.

I WISH I could post all kinds of Jetset Babes, from Africa, Asia, India, Latin america etc, BUT – the selection on Instagram (where I get all my material from) is VERY limited (almost non existing for some countries).

Instead there is a wide range of “caucasian Jetset Babes” (mostly eastern europeans) who are not shy when it comes to sharing their lives on instagram with the masses. This is the reason to WHY I post mainly their pictures, because it’s easier to find.

If you have any recommendations of other types of Jetset Babes to follow, please let me know. I’m very happy to break the eastern european trend that’s going on on my blog, but I’ll need your help with that, because I’ve not had much luck myself so far.



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  1. Agree with you 100%! I have never given a moment’s thought to the skin color of the JSBs, only that the peek into their lavish lifestyles is much appreciated and enjoyed. JSBs that I also follow include @ladyluxurylaura and @ec24m whom are both non-Caucasian…they go to great places and have the coolest stuff

  2. I think all types of women are beautiful and you’re site shows the best of all races. As I stated before; class and sophistication always is the main factor we men look for. I would recommend two sites to check out for some diversity, the first Stay classy and sexy. She is a Moroccan and dutch lady and the second is the Dubai fashionista.

  3. Also, I have more to say on this topic along with another recommendation. I think middle eastern women and Persian women are the most beautiful, well dressed and chic women. They have that exotic look and features which most men love and search for. Check out Roxy Slowaty site for a look inside her glamours world.

    • Roxy is beautiful but her body is not proportional. I donโ€™t mentioned the style, the clothes donโ€™t say classy or glamour.

  4. I completely agree!! Sadly, we feel like there’s no need to speak about colors because we’re “white” and we are well represented everywhere, but it’s not the same for the rest, so I understand the need to represent them as well.

    But also, in the jetset world there is a lot of caucasian/Russian people that’s to the fact that there are a lot of millionaires in Russia, over 1 million in Moscow only! When the Soviet Union went down all the people in high positions in the government made a lot of money, that’s why! And also, for some reason, they’re the ones that like to show of the most haha In Spain for instance, it’s not very well considered when wealthy people show what they have, it’s not a polite thing to do and it’s safer if you don’t, it’s considered very “new rich” haha I guess it’s the same in other countries

  5. I’m fortunate to know several jetset babes of all colors and backgrounds. I’m also a long time reader of your blog so I already know the reasons why you like to post pictures of jetset babes of Eastern European decent ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    However, the reason why people are asking is, to put it simply, REPRESENTATION MATTERS. If we lived in a perfect world, where racism, sexism and prejudices didn’t exist, I don’t think it would matter than much to people what pictures you posted because we would know that in reality, everyone is treated fairly and equally. But that’s not the case. I won’t go into statistics and the psychological effects representation has on people but I ask you and the rest of your readers to ponder this:

    Imagine that you and your best friend were aspiring to be a jetset babes! And you had blonde hair, blue eyes and were slim. How would you feel about your chances of becoming a jetset babe if HALF of the pictures you saw were of jetset babes with blonde hair, blue eyes and were slim? You would think that your chances were pretty good right? Now, imagine that your friend had dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin; she basically looked the complete opposite of most of the pictures of jetset babes that you guys saw. Do you think that she would feel that her chances were just as good yours?

    Now truthfully, your friend SHOULD think that she can become anything she wants to be, because SHE CAN. But how many women do you really think would feel this way if the only pictures they saw were of Caucasian women? How many do you think would really believe they could make their dreams come true if they rarely saw anyone that looked like them?

    It takes a really strong person to defy odds and some people aren’t that strong and need a little “push” (that’s where representation comes in!). Some of your readers and followers don’t have access to the jetset lifestyle so they do not get to see the different races, backgrounds, etc that are in the lifestyle in the real world. All they have to go on are the pictures that are posted in the media.

    And if most of the pictures are of Caucasian women…what else are they going to believe and think?

    I’m not saying that you should change your blog to include different races/ethnicities. This is your blog and you should post whatever you want ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    Just wanted to give everyone another point of view on this topic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Blair you are a very clever woman and of course you have a valid point!
      I wish to help the representation of all kinds of nationalities on my blog, but I’m having a hard time finding material! If I could I would ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Anna,
        Checkout @luxurious_blackwomen on Instagram. Hope it provides some inspiration.
        I believe that where thereโ€™s a will, thereโ€™s a way but Iโ€™m more than happy to help.
        Love your blog!

        Much love


      You’ll notice that non-white women tend to make videos, etc marketed openly toward their respective ethnic/racial group. Yet, they expect white women to represent everyone and complain when it’s not happening. I think this double-standard should be mulled over more often.

  6. Back again; I strongly agree with all comments and thoughts stated above but personally feel that a well educated, worldly; enlightened person would look above race and nationality and respect a person for who they are! Beauty comes in all colors and races and we should embrace a learn from all. Sorry, I’m home not feeling well today and in a writing mood….

  7. I dont understand why there is problem of pictures posted?
    If someone have problem of seeing caucasian women they are free to pass this blog and go to read other similar blogs..
    As Steven gave examples..

  8. Blair and Laia had perfect comments.

    I understand what she’s saying but unfortunately, Steven, enough of the world is not well educated nor has the opportunity to transcend their surroundings.

    Like Blair said, representation is a big problem everywhere. If people didn’t segregate each other negatively (it’s okay to be unique but not to act superior than someone because of color) then it probably wouldn’t be such a problem. Alas, this is the world in which we live and a certain few have ruined it for many of us.

    The only way to change it is really to not have such a simplistic view of the world and acknowledge that problems exist.

  9. Long time reader and lover of your blog, and I can appreciate material is harder to come by but your comment about the human race being colourless and why does the discussion happen doesn’t sit well with me. We won’t need to discuss it when all races are treated the same and saying it should be colourless and we are just the human race smacks of white privilege, as though we should just ignore the injustices that other races face because of their skin colour. Within the jetset world and the blogging world, obviously representation is an issue too.
    Please think about how others will read what you are saying when you touch on something so sensitive, i’m sure you don’t want to sound ignorant – especially when the blog normally is so well thought out.

    • Possibly some readers will misunderstand what I was trying to say, the same way many of my posts already get misinterpreted by some individuals. I don’t think my post was made to offend anyone, and if in that case, I can always try and explain myself better.

  10. Some are saying,”These and those women are the most beautiful in the world…..”

    Beauty is very subjective and exotic has different meaning to every race. I don’t find Caucasians or Arabs exotic at all but it depends on your upbringing.

    You should check out the Instagram account It’s project called the Atlas of Beauty. Not Jetset but it’s a new perspective for those stuck in a bubble. Even then it barely shows the beauty in the world but it’s better than what you only see in Vogue……..

  11. Jetsetter UAE on

    It is so lame to drag racism everywhere. This is a blog about the European jetset scene and majority of jetsetters from EU are white (including the jetset scene) or e.g. from arabic countries. Asian jetsetters and south american jetsetters have their own favorite spots (like US jetsetters have as well). Also white women can be discriminated based on their race within EU. For example, Russian or even north European women can become discriminated against in the southern Europe based on stereotypes. White women are also diverse from the ethnic perspective and not just a mass of identical white women.

    Not all white women can relate perfectly into model looking Russian girls either, but I think in general this site has good tips and dressing advice.

  12. Great topic today, the post turned into “meet the press” I feel the people who read this blog are well adjusted and open to all races and religions. Keep up the great work; and enjoy the weekend where ever you are!

  13. To answer jetset babes questions, Its hard to talk about it when you are not a woc and you haven’t experience racism on a daily basis like most women here in the US does. It sets a tone for your life. Someone not liking you or accepting your based off of your skin color ( not your personality, etc ) is something ethnic ALL ethnic women have to constantly face. You probably do not experience it often, maybe that’s why you feel the need to not talk about it or if we all go colour blind the issue will dissipate( That would be awesome but its not realistic for a lot of people who still do hold on to racist views, and often manifest their views on a daily basis) , but for a women like me, ( american mixed with african and asian ) this is one of the obstacles that are evident in my life every day. That’s great that you don’t discriminate when it come to colour,but other people still do and its great to stay well informed. That’s what this platform is for right? to keep girls/boys like us well informed? I’m sorry this question sparked such a strong reaction. I wasn’t trying to start a debate about racism, it was to simply gain more information before jumping into the jetset world. Its inspiring to see women that look like you in this type of world you know? ALOT my friends read your blog, (not like 5 people like 40 + and growing ) and most are women of colour. Your fan base isn’t limit and I just wanted to see if there was more women like us to get inspired by ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My point was not to be-little racism by stop acknowledging colour. Of course it’s a global problem and it does need support of all kinds.
      I understand that the representation is needed, but my point was that in a perfect world people would focus less on colour and instead try and identify themselves with anyone who carry whatever colour. (Which is what I’m trying to do)

      I wish I could contribute to the help of representation of the colours by including all kinds of coloured JSB’s on my blog, but like I mentioned I’m having a slight problem finding JSB of those kinds, probably because of cultural reasons (they don’t show off on instagram like other nationalities). Hope you understand my quick reply, I’m in a rush to the airport now ๐Ÿ™‚
      Btw say hi to your friends ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Jetsetter UAE on

    Honestly, I have lived and studied in many different countries among different ethnicities. I am also married to a man who is not my race. There is racism everywhere in world. I moved into my white neighbor country and experienced racism as a white person. Also white Americans have made racist remarks about my different type of appearance (facial features). In France, I was treated by different ethnicity non-white persons as a golddigger as I told them that I am seeing a local french man (because they assumed I was eastern European).

    People get treated differently everywhere if they look different from main population. The most racist places I have experienced are specific Asian and middle eastern countries. Yes, you can experience racism even if you are white. Also I know women of color who live in a white country, but make racist remarks about the local white women.

    • haha why you seem so bothered by this topic? You are honestly making this a little more serious than what is has to be.

  15. I have been following your blog for about two years now and I never considered the races of the women in the pictures. I haven’t seen much Latinas in the picture, which is the race that I am, but I don’t mind. I think people should focus more on the content of the post and what the women are wearing instead of the race of the women. P.s. Keep up the good work love this blog!

  16. I love the frequency of your posts lately. I think these people are trying to mix up the message that you were trying to say. I read before in one of your blogs, that you mostly post European / Russian women because those are the main sources you know. They also represent so much of what your blog is about. Instead of people getting so offended, they should just give feedback to your answer of asking for more suggestions of different women of different nationalities. You straight up asked for our help so you can expand your resources… And people are just getting butthurt instead.

  17. (Not really a Jetset Babe but is half Russian) and (lives in Russia). is another who I think is American with Russian boyfriend.

    Are you aware of Central Asia which is very Russian and Ukrainian influenced? Like people from Yakutia (a region), Uzbekistan, or Kazhakstan. One from Yakutia is Violetta Ivanova, an RG coach.

    Hope this helps!

  18. add @fanny.neguesha she’s beautiful, exotic, a jetsetter babe and well known
    hope i could help ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. In my two years of reading this blog, I never saw so much reaction to a topic with many points of views being discussed. Very provocative and insightful; keep it up. Alson check out Arabic eyes site for some Arab jet setters.

    • That’s because are tons of ethnic girls that read this blog who would like to be represented in this type of world as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Think there is no place for people who looking for racism discussion on this blog.

    US jetset girls have own jetset pages. This problem is only in US ๐Ÿ˜€
    Dont know why people think they are discreminated when its not true..

    Think best is to delete this post at all.

  21. I guess this just goes to prove that white people aren’t the ones who bring up race differences anymore…

  22. You may start with these ladies….

  23. That is a very ignorant thing to say. Why do so many Caucasian/White people say this? That they are getting tired of discussing race? I am white and know that I get treated better as a white person because of my skin color. In the same breath understand that many people get treated terribly because of theirs or their religion. Things many can’t change. It’s insensitive to say things, even if you don’t like it you should acknowledge that it is a discussion to be had. Also there seem to be about the same amount of jetset babes in all races/color if you look hard enough. You post what you are comfortable with.

  24. Here are some Instagram accounts worth following: (in no particular order!)

  25. Also:


  26. I’m glad someone brought this up. I don’t comment much (LOVE the blog by the way!!!) but I thought it was important to say that the reason everyone is “hung up on race” is because without having this conversation and creating awareness about this inequality or lack of representation, nothing will change. It is a privilege to be blind to race. I believe so many people are asking is because we never get to see ourselves represented anywhere. That includes the very magazines we read, the makeup counters we visit, the movies we watch, and if we are, we are reduced to “stereotyped” roles or the very last shade of foundation in a line of 228 skin tones. I understand that this blog is mostly about European Jetsetter’s, but I just thought I’d add my perspective in the mix. And I appreciate your willingness to address the topic as it is something most people would avoid or just not respond to. I believe you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable to make progress.

  27. First, the reason people keep discussing race is because RACISM STILL EXISTS. If everyone on this blog agreed to never mention color again, it still wouldn’t erase the racial discrimination that millions of people around the world experience – it would just be us agreeing to live in a delusional fairytale. I don’t want to talk about war, poverty or starvation either, but these things still exist, and the people who experience them have a right to talk about them even if it makes you (or anyone else) personally uncomfortable. So rather than telling them to be quiet, maybe try listening and learning from people whose perspective is different from yours but who still share this planet with you.

    Also as for having trouble finding international Jetset Babes, much of that is probably cultural. I’ve been to many countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa where the women were often beautiful and glamorous, but stayed very ‘covered up’ in public. In many countries it’s considered poor taste to flaunt one’s wealth and frowned upon for women to promote a sexy image on social media. So it could just be that the “Instagram lifestyle” is more popular and socially accepted in Eastern Europe. There are glamorous women in every country, but not all of them will feel comfortable exposing their lifestyle to the public. Just one more reason for aspiring Jetset Babes to travel, see the world, and learn about all the different types of beauty out there!

  28. Hi dear, I am from Mexico, and would like to recommend you to Mr. Deborah Hung, she used to be a formal model, but now is a beauty Jetset girl, please take a look in her instagram profile

  29. Wow the entire tone of this post is disgusting. I was just raving about your blog and recommending it to people and I come across this. To say the variety of black Jetset Babes are very limited is beyond ignorant and passive aggressive when there is a plethora of them on Instagram. Just say you choose not to post them.

    • If you see when this post was made it was many years ago. Back then not many black women were showcasing their lavish lifestyles on Instagram as they are today. Today is much easier to find black jetsetbabes than when I wrote this post. If you see my latest posts, you will see that I always try and include someone WOC. There is no tone and no passive aggressive tone, on the contrary Iโ€™m a very direct person who speaks the truth. I donโ€™t beat around any bush. Why wouldnโ€™t I want to include black women?

  30. Anna Bey,

    I am so disheartened from the harsh feedback you received about this post! I can tell that you are genuine about wanting to help people of all races become Jet Setters. It is hard when there are not a lot of people that look like you but that just means the same as another poster said, that people are more private about their wealth (which I believe is true), and also that they are going to be harder to find. You did ask for other Instagram pages to recommend and I am disappointed that many people chose to respond with anger instead of with actual pages to follow. I appreciate everyone that did add Instagram pages for helping aspiring JSB’s out. Thank you for your honesty and for the other post that you had with Christelle, I believe, where you interviewed her and she mentioned that black women do not necessarily have to wear straight hairstyles and that they can wear natural hair. I hope that comment pages like this do not discourage you from posting other races since I know that there was so much criticism and that may open up for more in the future. Thank you for teaching me to expect a man to be ambitious and that if I want a generous man I should not have to be used physically because of that, and that I shouldn’t apologize for expecting a wealthy man since I want my future children to be able to do anything, and that I should never have to prove myself as being worthy of any man’s love.

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