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Should Men Pay For Everything In A Relationship?

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Should men pay for everything in a relationship?

The answer is yes.

I posted a video about this topic on men providing for women in my private Facebook group. As I’m starting my Youtube Channel this month, I thought why not also upload it there while I’m practicing getting the hang of Youtube.

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Here comes the transcript (provided by one of my lovely group members) on the topic of:

Should men pay for everything in a relationship?


“Girls, I just really need to speak up about this topic. . I feel in today’s society, it’s just getting more and more taboo for when a man provides for the woman.

50+ years ago, that was the norm. That was the norm because we have gender roles.
Animals also have gender roles, kind of similar to our gender roles, you know? So, we are just living up to our gender roles when we expect a man to provide for us.

This is how he is able to show his masculinity. How else is he gonna do that? By pumping his muscles and grow them bigger?

I mean, a woman, she shows her femininity in many ways to the man. Her role is to be the caregiver, which she is. And she expresses that by being nurturing, caring, taking care of a household etc.

So, a man only has one task, and I don’t think it’s that much to ask for really.

Think about this, us women, we are responsible for so many more things than just putting bread on the table. we are responsible for bringing life to this earth, we are responsible for making that life survive on this earth. And there are so many more things that we are responsible for. So I think going to work, paying the bills, is not really too much of a big deal for the man to do!

So all of these cheapskates today that are complaining about women who they claim are materialistic because a woman who has a mentality that she expects the man to be the breadwinner. They manipulate women by saying she is a gold digger, that she’s this, that she’s that.
Don’t buy into that.

These are just cheapskates that just want to use your body for free, they want to use your femininity for free, they want to use your caring for free, they want you to bring him children to this earth for free, you know?

So please, don’t buy into this thing and you really need to position this from the beginning in a relationship.

If a man cannot accept these terms, then it’s just simple goodbye.
You are incompatible with each other. There is clearly no future because you have different mentalities and different ways of looking at things.

And please, women, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Just don’t be manipulated by society is my only advice that I want to give you.”

Should men pay for everything in a relationship?

For those who are curious about my Youtube channel, it’s coming out this month in September 2018. It’s been a long process of preparing myself for it and learning everything one must know to get it right.

But I have reached a point where I’ve calculated some spare time for this project each week in my schedule. That has been the biggest reason to why I haven’t started earlier, but now I can finally commit!

So don’t miss my debut on Youtube and meanwhile enjoy this short little clip on where I stand in terms of if men should pay for everything in a relationship.



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  1. Yes men should! I havent met a man who not willing to pay for everything.
    Well some other nations maybe yes like Swedish and Norwya for example..

    I would never date a man who can not provide and tells me to work!

    I wanna work if i want to do something and feel more power or some independence as i not like to be dependent of my man!

    My man tells me i shouldnt be working ever and it should be enought with his salary but he says i know no metter how much i will earn i know u will work anyways cause i know u 😀

    But yes if i want spend more on clothes bags and travel i will not ask my man everytime cause he will always say YES buy YES go to salon and if not enought he will take credit to get me those chopard earrings lol ( that ofcorse i didnt like.. so better dont go over budget, stability for me is must!)

    I think there should be a balance.

    overall MAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO PAY for everything and should want to do that, if not then it is big goodbye!

    Believe me being a cleaner, cooker, mom for kids, teacher, babysitter and mich more else is muuch hatder to do than go from 9-17:00 work!
    Believe me when i was working even 10-16h a day was easier than be a stay home mom! Its hard tiring, u run like hamster in wheel with short of time, no rest, no time to eat, shower and sleep u vet if lucky 5h in night with waking up every couple hours for feeding you gest one lol

    Im lucky and thankful that my man understands that and appriciates me 🙂

  2. Ana, I admire you and your points of view so much. You are such an intelligent young LADY! I would really like one day my baby-girl to grow into a woman like you/us – well spoken, argumentitive, decisive, who knows what she wants, who analizes deeply the reality and difies the stereotiped normes, and mostly – a woman who doesn`t let to be manipulated and doesn`t let society to make her feel guilty about normal things. I am so happy you are spreading the message for all the other young women like us out there! God bless and thank you about everything you do. I am so happy you are starting your own youtube channel because now your ideas and convictions will get to more people. For many years I have been reading psycology and filosophy books and never ever I found an explanation about why women hate other women and can`t stand other women, .. I mean an explanation that would satisfy me and make me feel likel: THAT`S IT! Unless once I read your theory about that and it really amazed me and surpriced me because it`s obviously a personal point of view, not taken from some book, cause I have never once heard anything like this before and noone have never presented that idea in some book so that truly convinced me how intelligent and smart woman you are.

      • I have the feeling that men who pay for everything are expecting a lot from you. Well , this is my experience and also some of my friends experience that as well. So I am kind careful. That is the reason why I am now with somebody who
        has even less than me and am not living the life style that I am used to. That is not satisfying.

  3. I’ve read that some men, though fully întending to pay, like for women to do a false reach for the check. What do you think of this? And could you do a video on first date etiquette in high society? Love all your content.

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