Russian Volume Lashes

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I have been using eye lash extensions for the past 5 years, and I will probably never stop.

2.5 years ago I switched over to cluster lashes which I used to apply myself, as described in this post. It was simply because I was travelling a lot at that time and had a hard time finding good lash technicians while being on the road, so it made it more convenient for me to just do it myself. And then I kind of got used to it.

When I was in Asia recently my lash & glue kit finished, It was hard for me to find the appropriate stuff to buy in the stores, as I usually order everything from Ebay and know my products very well in terms of what I’m getting.

Without any products to use I went back to having my eyelash extensions done professionally at beauty salons.

After using cluster lashes for a long time, going back to normal eyelash extensions made me feel kind of “naked”, like as if there was not enough lashes to give me that voluminous look I’m usually used to.

Then someone recommended the latest technique “Russian Volume Lashes” also known as “Volume lashes”. I went and tried it when I was in London and now I’m literally in love! It looks amazing!


What is the difference?bottomline

  • Russian volume lashes are lighter and thinner than normal eyelash extensions. They carry the same weight as your natural lash leaving room for more lash applications.
  • With regular eyelash extensions you apply “one lash on one”, but with the Russian volume, you apply in either 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D etc. They work similar to cluster lashes where you have either 2 lashes on one (2D), 3 on one (3D), 4 on one (4D) etc…

Russian Volume Eye Lash Extensions


    • In total, you are able to apply between 200-700 lashes per eye with the Russian lash technique because the lashes are more lightweight. Comparing to the regular eyelash extensions where you apply max. 100 lashes per eye.
    • Because of the large quantity of lashes they say that it often appears as Russian volume lashes lasts longer than the regular extensions, because there are more lashes to disguise the missing ones.

    My stylebottomline

    I wanted to snap a photo to show you how mine looks, but it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve done an infill, so it’s better I showcase you whenever I’ve done a new set. 

    Because I have quite big eyes yet am addicted to the fullness and length my cluster lashes gave me, I’m using 13mm long 3D lashes with a C-curve. However I think I will be shrinking in size soon down to 12mm and 2D only, as I want more of a natural effect – it’s very easy to start going blind! I know my current style is quite noticeable, and as I’m all about “pro -natural looks”, I will there for re consider next time I’m at the lash technician. After all, I think the best thing is to make it look like you are born with long lashes rather than people thinking your are wearing fake ones.

    Have you tried Russian Volume Lashes? Any thoughts? 



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    1. Hey,

      I’m surprised that you did your own lashes, cause I think it’s really hard! and its not the safest thing tbh. Anyways, I’m also surprised you never heard of Xtreme Lashes (american company), which is one of the biggest and oldest company doing this worldwide. I’m having lash extensions since 5 yrs by now and I’m in love with these…Now…as you explained normal lash extensions are like 1 lash on your own lash. But the stylist can put as many as you want…they also call it the volume technique; for example I like mine double and on the end corners triple and longer…like the inside part is shorter like 8/9, middle 10/11 and the ends I have 13. My mom maximum gets 11, cause she has smaller eyes and she doesn’t double for a more natural look 🙂 Anyways…this Russian whatever is not really new in that sense…maybe in your city? I don’t really know…but at Xtreme you can choose from lengths, weights, thickness, colours…and you can also get swarovski lashes for special occasions. I would attach a pic of my lashes, but I cant…anyways, check out this company, cause they have salons from US to Europe, UAE…and many more places.

      • Hi Lucia and JB, I was also wondering if this is something new. Do you girls know Lilly lashes what do you think about them, I ve seen different reviews, that its just cheap stuff packed nicely, so i didnt try them yet.

    2. Hey girls!
      It doesnt fit to this thread but what do you all recommend.. Do you prefer louboutins or valentinos shoes?
      Looking forward to your answers xx

    3. I got volume lashes for the first time about a week ago and love the look compared to classic extensions – plus it really does make everyday life easier! Still, I’m a bit concerned about how long they’ll last because there’s been quite a lot of fallout already… (got them at a well-known salon so at least the quality should be ok). Have you experienced a lot of lashes falling off? And do you use any eye-makeup with them? I was advised not to use eyeliner etc. which has been a bit of a struggle for me honestly, since I’m used to a bit more dramatic look haha 😀
      But anyways, I love your blog and can really relate to a lot of the things you write about – keep up the good work!

      • Hi Melina! I had my lashes refilled 3 weeks ago and I have quite a good amount left. Sure its not full, but its absolutely acceptable and I’m hoping I’ll last 2 more weeks as thats when my next appointment is due. However I have not used any eye make up at all since I got mine done, no mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner. So maybe that helps too 🙂

        • Hi, thanks for the reply! Sounds good, a 5-week gap between appointments seems quite ideal. And yes, wearing no eye makeup sure does help 😀

    4. Blue Jameson on


      I also got mine done as Ladylash for the past year and absolutely love them ! the problem is i am a traveller and i now find myself in Europe ( currently in Paris ) ( will be in Rome in 2 months ) unable to find another salon that does Russian Volume or even heard of it, I have however found lots of salons that offer Xtreme Lashes ( the american comapy ) as Lucia mentioned above.

      Is it the same just a different name or has anyone had both and see a difference or does anyone know of a company in paris and rome that offer the Russian volume.. Please help as i need a refill asap!


      Blue Jameson

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