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Rich Men Who Leave Their Wives For Their Mistress

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What you may read now is an angry post, written by me. But I’ve watched the Millionaires’ Ex-Wives Club documentary on BBC, and it provoked some strong emotions in me that I feel I need to let out by writing this post.

(If you’re not in the UK, you can see the documentary on this link)

I recommend watching this documentary; it’s good to be aware of how it’s not always “happily ever after” when you marry a wealthy man. I’m not going to dig deeper into the content of the documentary, but I want to raise a thought that kept going into my head over and over again as I was watching this program.

How being a woman is a more difficult karma, than being a man.

I know that some of the things I’m about to say, my sound a bit cliché, but please understand that being a man, is nothing in comparison.

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Why being a woman is more difficult than being a man:

■ We give birth, and it hurts like hell

■ We go through a 9 month long, sometimes painful process of pregnancy

■ We have hormones constantly messing with our heads and emotions; we’re not always ourselves due to that

■ Once a month we bleed for a week, and for some of us our periods can be very painful

■ We are more objectified for our bodies and our looks than men

■ We get more often sexually used and abused than men

■ We run a higher risk of domestic violence than men, and we often have less ability in physical self-defense

■ We earn less money for the same type of job as men

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■ We run a higher risk of not getting hired for a job if the employer suspects we might soon be starting a family

■ The amount of time we have to spend on taking care of our looks, to even “classify as being a woman” is far beyond the time men invest in their looks

■ We go through menopause and all the hormonal disruptions and side effects that come with it

■ We are only fertile for a limited period in our life, meaning we can miss out on our chance to start a family because of our age

■ We are the primary caregivers to our children meaning we often take the most significant sacrifices in life as a result

■ If we have a family, we either have to give up (or put on hold) our career, or we have to do double time, meaning trying to balance family, home, and career, while men mainly take responsibility for their careers.

■ We have a limited amount of time when we are the most desirable to men and when we hit a certain age, we might get exchanged for a younger woman. On top of it, after a certain age it gets difficult finding men interested in you as they often times want younger women.

Some samples from “Why it sucks being a woman” written by an angry Anna Bey.

I hope you guys can understand that some parts I’ve exaggerated with my frustration, especially the last part. But watching this documentary just made me so incredibly enraged.

I disrespect all these men who marry a woman, start a family with her, live with her for many years, and then because she is not as young and pretty anymore, exchange her for a younger version. It makes me truly sick to my core the behavioural pattern of these men, and unfortunately, they are freaking everywhere these days!

They are so common – especially in the jet-set world – that they have now become a cliché. Hearing about, yet another story, “he left his wife for his mistress” just makes me want to give up on the entire male population. Who are these men? What’s wrong with them? Don’t they have any values or respect towards their partners?

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I am angry, and I will allow myself to be so in this post. I’m just tired of being a woman and always have some shit against us. I’m tired of having to deal with all the genetical crap that God already has given me, and on top of it, running a high risk of being thrown to the dogs by the person I love, just because I age and I’m not as sexy anymore.

Now I know not all men do this, and God forbid if this would actually happen in my relationship, with my boyfriend or husband. But the scary part is that you never know. You can never be certain who you pick even if you feel very confident with your choice.

I’m sure many of these women picked their men wisely. It all started great, they were madly in love, and they would never have guessed that this would happen.

With some playboy type wealthy men, you can kind of expect them to cheat and abandon you after a while because you take them for what they are. But there are so many great and down to earth men that do this which is why I get frustrated and angry. I simply don’t get it…

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And now to the second, but so important part of the documentary.

Men who refuse to give away 50% of their accumulated earnings and posessions during their married years, to the woman after divorce.
Men who truly think that the woman is NOT entitled to his money.

Excuse me? Is that right to claim that women must have a full-time career, raise kids, take care of the household and on top of it always look amazing and take care of their man, otherwise it’s her own fault she ends up pennyless?

Now that’s unfair in my opinion.

I certainly think women have the right to half of the accumulated income and assets of the man after a divorce. Women are busy with everything behind the scenes to make his life happen:

Raising kids for 18 years per head, taking care of the household, giving the man the emotional support he needs in his stressful life, taking care of her looks so that her man still finds her attractive and doesn’t leave her and so on. Some Super Women even manage to fit a full-time career in, and that’s just so much more than the man does, or he would ever be able to do. But being a super woman is unfair, why should the woman have 3 full-time jobs while the man only has one?

So when men come and claim that women do nothing and they are not entitled to “his” wealth, it makes me furious. The money might be coming into his account and managed by him – but as his wife, this money is equally hers because she does everything around it so that he can even focus on accumulating this money!

Girls, having said all this I hope you understand that sometimes being a woman, you just get enough of the unfairness. I know we are strong and we shouldn’t sit and whine about it, but sometimes it becomes too much.

And I feel for these women in the documentary and women in similar positions, and I really hope none of us end up like this one day. Be as smart as possible in your life, try to have money on your own. And if you can’t, then make sure you’ll be able to hire some top lawyers if shit hits the fan. Always put money aside! 



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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Anna, I love you and your Blog! You say what I think!
    Please continue like this!
    Best wishes from Germany!

  2. “We earn less money for the same type of job as men”

    This has been disproven. Women earn less than men because they don’t stay in the same field as long as a man. Majority of women eventually settle down with kids and don’t aim for higher positions because they plan on having a family later on. Women and men who put in the same hours and do the same exact job DO get paid the same.

    Not trying to rain on your parade just needed to let you know that this statement is not true at all.

    • “because they don’t stay in the same field as long as man.” The vast majority of men are not able to support the family by themself only. If a woman will not “stay long”, the family starves to death. Do not say nonsense.

    • And by the way, about “little work”: there are rumors that some rich men appear on their enterprises once a year, only to take profits now. Men poured themselves right, yeah! *laughs

    • And about “women do not reach a higher position, because they do not want to”, you can tell the head of the russian Channel First Konstantin Ernst, who in television, having a BIOLOGICAL education. Or the head of the company “Rosneft” Viktor Sechin, who is in this position (of the oil company, I am reminding), with a philological education. Or Vladimir Putin, who in the 1990s became acting duties of President, having six years of managerial experience, already. Well, these creatures are “tried” right, they did not sleep nights!

      • Jeez calm down. One anecdote doesn’t disprove the study. If a women puts in the same hours as a man and holds the same position, she IS paid the same salary.

        The whole ” A women makes 77 cent to every dollar a man makes” is simply not true. That study was showing the accumulated wealth of both genders and found that men worked longer than women, hence why the made more. It’s not some BOO HOO, this is inequality. It’s based on hours worked and it is TRUE, a lot of women will cut years of working to have a baby and/or raise a child. Hence the discrepancy.

        • “One anecdote” This is not an anecdote. These are facts. Which are quite easily verifiable. And I am asking once again: in past centuries women also “worked little”? Because in the times of the industrial revolution, when “social security” did not smell very close even, the capitalists paid women shit too (fact, which historians-men confirm even).

          • Why are you talking about the past? Obviously things were not good for women in the past.

            I’m talking about current times. It’s been proven that the wage gap is a MYTH. Women are NOT paid less then men for the same job and hours.

            • “Why do you talk about the past?” Because you are saying, that women are poor because they work little because they take care of children, etc. .. And I am just reminding you that in the past, when there were no social guarantees, the owners paid all the workers shit. As now. So your statement, therefore, does not explain anything. Nothing. And example, the austrian crown prince Rudolf for some reason – oh! – no one deprived him of his dolce vita, although he drank and bought prostitutes, instead of fulfilling his duties, presence at all official events. Like ours, already, contemporaries, some State Duma deputies who skipped meetings for months.

            • I concur. I work in a field where I am paid more than men sometimes…or the same salary. I think it boils down to career choices. Many of my women friends, make less money in their fields because they have families and do not want the additional responsibility of a demanding career.

            • Actually, you are not correct, women are paid less than men in the same field even with more experience and better qualifications. Even when you correct for them leaving to take care of the family they still earn less. If it was just due to qualifications then all women irrespective of the race would earn the same but this is not the case. So if there is a racial difference in pay we are supposed to accept that gender is magically the only pay gap that is somehow ”objective” and due to women dropping out. Let’s assume you are right and women are not paid because they have children is it feasible for all women to stop having children, so essentially our biology is used against us which is the very essence of gender discrimination. I always wonder why in discussions like this women always want to be seen as so objective that it almost seems like they are playing for the other team. When it comes to men’s issues especially among themselves I can assure you they do not care how ”true ” their facts are, all they care about is winning. Yet here we are arguing about if it is a woman’s fault she earns less because she has children. What a shame

          • Exactly you just proved my point. The fact that women want and need more than 3 months with their babies they take a leave off work or quit…..hence less hours less pay.

            • The vast majority of men are not able to support the family by themself only. (2) How long do you think a woman will be able in such conditions not “stay long” ? Many years, women are “sitting” only those, whose husbands are some big top managers, or even other rich people (in general, VERY well – off). Which – a minority.

            • Where is the study you talk about? You can’t really mention about a study without providing the source.

        • Men don’t have maternity leave and are not encouraged to leave their work to take care of their children. They would be shamed for not providing if they did that. Women are shamed for not being good mothers if they don’t do that. Also, the 77/100 is the statistic for white women. Black, mexican and other minority women make less than white women. There have been similar studies that show black, mexican and other men also make less than white men.

  3. I agree with you 100%. I despise men who leave their wives for a mistress. Like the vow of marriage meant nothing and now that you have find a newer model you can trade your wife in like a car. I also think women do not get enough credit. This guy was arguing with me about me finding more free time. I am a single parent and I told him my time is limited. He tried to say our time was the same because we had the same 24 hours in a day. Me a single mother raising a child, and him as a working man with a stay at home wife who has his dinner waiting for him when he comes home, and he comes home after spending hours at the gym. He does not have to worry about picking up the kids, rushing home to feed them, or putting them to bed. But he felt I should still have the same free time as him because everyone has the same 24 hours a day. Some men are so silly.

  4. There is a little bit of karma there, but what do you think about a woman, who knows that her husband only married her for youth/looks, instead of who she is inside, do you think she doesn’t know that there is a chance this will happen to her? The only thing she can do is prepare for it.

    • So did Jeff Bezos marry MacKenzie Bezos ‘only’ for her youth/looks?

      ‘MacKenzie S. Tuttle Bezos is an American novelist and philanthropist. She is the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, to whom she was married from 1993 until their divorce in 2019. In 2014, she founded the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution, where she serves as executive director.’ – Wikipedia.

  5. Anna I am so so so happy women like you exist. More people should be aware of these realities. They don’t get how a lot of these women who give up their careers for a family got a great education and HAD a great career before kids, and supporting a guy emotionally, looking good, raising kids, … is so stressful and challenging…
    Some people seem to not get this and they grow up to end up like those men & mistresses.
    Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen this trend but a lot of unsuccesful men tend to think women who are sponsored (your words, not mine) live like prostitutes, and how it’s not fair (check out for those men being a man is more unfair than being a woman because they can’t use their bodies to their advantage, in terms of career & dating..
    anyway love your blog, lots of love from Belgium

    • “for those men being a man is more unfair than being a woman because they can’t use their bodies to their advantage, in terms of career & dating..” Why can not they suddenly? There are rich gays too. Like the rich old women. Forward, what’s stopping them

    • Do not listen to them. If these “sufferers” have the opportunity themselves to make a relationship with those same “prostitutes”, none of the men will refuse. At once all noble insult is evaporating somewhere. Your friends are upset not that there are self-interested women, but because glamorous beauties are not with them. So, do not be too fussy about these men’s complaints. Are there though one of the rich people, who refused the “harem”?

  6. See this is the thing exactly!!! Movies and books have ruined women. That’s why I say focus on your money. Get married have kids enjoy all the good while it lasts but never love a man more than you love yourself. Actually it’s not possible for any human to love you unconditionally even your family can disappoint you so why won’t your husband? I would be even more careful with men because they are selfish. Men will never do anything they don’t want to out of obligation and responsibility. I think we have been programme from young age of happily ever after but like anything in life everything has a beggining and an end and women are suffering because they are being blind sided.

    I like that you pointed out the nice guy type of men do this too. Most women think nice men are different. No. They are just not confident enough to show you thier true self at first but when they are comfortable it all starts to come out.

    So you know what they say…you know what doesn’t wake up one day and decide to leave you, your money and education” And enjoy what ever affair you have with your lover while it lasts and have that unconditional love for yourself.

  7. Do not listen to them. If these “sufferers” have the opportunity themselves to make a relationship with those same “prostitutes”, none of the men will refuse. At once all noble insult is evaporating somewhere. Your friends are upset not that there are self-interested women, but because glamorous beauties are not with them. So, do not be too fussy about these men’s complaints. Are there though one of the rich people, who refused the “harem”?

  8. This may sound as I am trying to bicker with you, but I really don`t. It seems quite hypocritical for YOU to say these things, Ana. You ask who are those men who leave their wives for yunger women who are more attractive to them. Don`t you have a whole website dedicated to rich men explotating young sexy women for sex and paying them with travels and designer items? So you are part of that “objectifying” of the women this way. And haven`t you never been yourself with older man influenced mostly by his wealth? Most women do that and they are fine with this while they are young, but suddenly when they start getting older they start to be pissed of by the situation just cause they can`t benefit from it anymore. But while they could, they had nothng against it, right?

    • No worries, I’m not tacking it as bickering, I understand if you have a different opinion. I’m not trying to defend myself here, but either I’m not being 100% clear in my texts or you’ve misunderstood entirely the concept of JetsetBabe and also my view point on this subject.

      First of all JSB is not a site where I’m promoting rich men exploting young sexy women for sex and paying them with travels and designer items. This is a platform where women who are interested in luxury, can gather and get inspiration on fashion, how to’s etc while reading my selfimprovement posts where I’m all about female empowerment, having independence, focus on goals and dreams and be clever in life.

      If you think I’m a hypocrite, then I’m fine with being one. Because in this case, I don’t respect the men who do this (leave their wives for younger women, cheat, don’t want to share their wealth with their wife when they divorce etc) BUT I have nothing against the women, wether they are mistresses, the younger women, the wives, anyone. I think women (Regardless if they are the other woman) have done nothing wrong. Yes, quite hypocritical perhaps? BUT, we live in a man’s world unfortunately, and I respect women because women are just trying to get by the best they can in such a unfair world. Then if they are the wife or the mistress, it doesn’t matter. It’s the man who is the bad person in this and this post was about letting out my frustration.

      You know Eva, us women always go against each other. JSB is my space where I don’t want that to happen. I want us women to help and support each other, because we need more of that in this world. Then if that comes across as hypocritical, then it’s worth it for me 🙂

  9. Oh! And let`s not forget r ignore the fact that you yourself post ONLY photos of young women, showing clearly that you obviously don`t think a older woman can be attractive, a role-model, an inspiration, with class or what-so-ever. So you do that but judge men for doing the same? In fact, what you do is even worse, cause you are also a woman and in addition to that you are being a hypocrite and in denyal in front of yourself.

  10. I’m not sure if you mentioned this because I too became so enraged reading this I skipped to end and began writing this but:
    Another reason women absolutely should be entitled to half is – it seems like an almost unspoken ‘condition’ that the woman put her career/life/ambition/etc on the backburner for the relationship to work. So if it weren’t for the man in the first place she COULD have been out earning and making tons of money. dating and being married is a huge opportunity cost. basically, a serious relationships cuts the woman off from her true “professional” potential. and that is fine, because ideally, if the man leaves, you should get half, / be compensated, so it makes up for it. but I just hate and cant stand when men are like I cant believe the wife gets half, she didn’t even work. well in my opinion, the man she was married to (if he had money and this conversation is about men who do have money) encouraged her NOT to work. he wasn’t like oh please work, and she refused and said no way. Of course not! in many cases, she may have been quite career oriented and independent herself, which is part of the reason a successful man was drawn to her in the first place. he encourages her/says she doesn’t have to work, she realizes the relationship and her life too will be best if she doesn’t. so yes, she should be entitled to (at least) half.

  11. Anna, I totally agree with your comments. I suspect you blog is aimed mostly at younger women, but why not show some examples of classy older (60’s) women, at least occasionally? I realize finding pics might be a bit challenging, but aren’t we ALL worth it? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Jo! I’m Jo, too. I’m 52 and see myself as a prime example of a classy lady who is exemplary in the looks, style, elegance, manners, and JetsetBabe moly that this site personifies. When I was in my twenties, I was TERRIFIED of reaching my current age, but I feel even more wonderful and sophisticated! I wish more women of different age groups were represented as well. Like fine wine, dahling, we only get better with age.
      Oh, and re: divorce: it’s tragic, but it adds character. You never really know someone until you divorce them. And, yes, women are still so unfairly mistreated in divorce court and we need to stand together and fight for EQUALITY! Cheers to all my classy ladies!

  12. Anna, it might be that you’re angry cause you’re looking for approval, prosperity and love from the outside source.

    As women we are 16times more powerful cause our aura is build like that (cause we bear children and cause kings are born from HER).. the thing is this power can go in a constructive way or destructive way.

    Maybe do some yoga or read a book like Seductress – Women wo ravished the world and their lost art of love, cause being a woman is the highest reincarnation, the highest mastery and the best thing ever – you just don’t get it yet.

    Much love, Sandra

  13. And what about the mistress? What kind of values does she have, when she doesn’t care about breaking a couple or a family? The man is the first to blame in this case, but from my point or view a classy lady (actually any women) should not start a relationship with a married man (I’m assuming she knows he is a married man).

  14. Isn’t it fair that a woman who plays with her beauty to get attention and plays with the weakness of men, letting them unsatisfied with their brave wives caring for them, their home and children will get the same destiny in return?
    The main help women can be one for another is not to be a tentation for her sister’s husband.
    Be covered. Be modest. Help the men to lower their gaze.
    Don’t accept to be just a girlfriend.
    Respect yourself, if someone wants you in his life he must marry you.
    After long reflexion i came to the conclusion that Islam is the only decent way of life.
    He has the part of providing and being responsible for his family. She is respected for her work as mother and homemaker and partner.
    Although divorce is allowed as last solution, it is not advised and normally family and members of society will
    try to convince the couple to be patient in marriage.
    But this is only true for God fearing believers.
    If you look for wealth instead for someone with caracter don’t be surprised to be treated as toy, expensif but interchangable.
    Wealth can come and it can go. So does beauty. But strong believe in God and caracter remains normally.
    Such good men who don’t cheat on their wifes are looking for the same, a woman that fears God and is not a tentation for others.
    Good things are for the believers in this world and the hereafter.

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