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Rhinoplasty in Europe

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Rhinoplasty in Europe


I rarely blog about plastic surgery because I have very little knowledge or experience about in this topic (never had anything done myself). It seems as a lot of Jetset Babes have tweaked one thing or another.

I believe Rhinoplasty is one of the most common (probably the other one is breast augmentation). I know a lot of people who have had nose jobs done, and according to them it’s not really a big deal – but it can make a huge (often positive) difference to your entire appearance.

Recovery time is set to 2 weeks which is quite manageable, and you don’t really need to stay camping (and hiding) at home for too long after the surgery. (I actually saw a woman today on the street with the entire nose in stained bandage and big bruises around her eyes. I felt “Wow lady, respect to you who have the guts to walk around like that in public”).



A friend of mine have had rhinoplasty done in UK and is not fully happy with her procedure, so she wants to re-do it elsewhere. I’ve heard UK surgeons are not really that great, and I wanted to ask you guys in favour of her (the ones who have experience and knowledge in this topic);

Which country is best for nose jobs? 

Which surgeon can you recommend?

Some say The States is the best for any plastic surgery, but what if the person wants to do it in Europe or not too far away? Any recommendations?




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  1. I got it done in Barcelona, it was many years ago but I have always been very happy about the result. There are many great plastic surgeons in Spain, probably it’s better in the States but as far as I know Spain has one of the best health service’s in Europe, and the prices are not as high as in other European countries, so it might be a good option now that she’s already paid for it once.

    I don’t know anybody else that’s had the nose done but it is true that your appearance changes completely with a rhinoplasty, mine certainly did. But I would only advise it for people with ugly noses, I’ve heard people with perfectly normal noses saying they wanted to get a nose job and I don’t think it would be really worth it for them! And about recovery, yes you have to be at home and so for around two weeks but then your face looks weird for 1-2 months more since you don’t have full movility, I got it done when I was 16 and I’m happy I did since I wasn’t really aware of the risks, I just know I wouldn’t do it now! haha

    Has your friend heard about non surgical nose jobs? In my case, it’s been 8 years since the procedure and I feel like my nose has changed a bit so in the future I would like to try that. I was quite exceptic when I first learnt about it but have you heard about Dr Simon Ourian in Beverly Hills?? He did Kylie Jenner’s lips, he’s not a surgeon, all his treatments are non invasive, lasers, etc and you should check his Instagram ’cause he posts many videos and they’re incredible: @simonourianmd1

    • This blog isn’t about politics or such and you don’t have to post a comment or an opinion about everything that happends in the world just because you have a blog, even if it is as big as the horrible things that are happening right now.
      I think it’s kind of liberating to go online to your fav blogs and read about something else then what you read about in every paper, hear about on the radio and so on.

      Jetsetbabe, keep up the good work!!

      • exactly, if she were to comment on every tragedy in the world… this wouldn’t be the fun blog it is! go to a news outlet if you want to read current affairs.

  2. I heard they make very good nose jobs in Dubai ! Once I have visited their luxury beauty saloons and met local women – I found out that it is true! plastic surgery in Dubai is booming , they have one of the best invited surgery’s from all over the world working there!

    • I read a lot of bad reviews of him botching noses taking too much cartilage away from the nose

  3. Yes, jetsetbabe could have at least done some research herself on London doctors?

    Particularly interested in this topic, but doubt someone here would know. Hardly real jetsetbabes read this 😀

  4. Switzerland is very good (I tried myself). It is quite expensive there though ( like everything in Switzerland) but its worth it. Check La Prairie and Laclinic.

  5. I hope I don’t offend with this comment but from the photos it seems there isn’t much room for women of color in the Jet Setting lifestyle. I’ve embarked on trying it for my twenties but alas I don’t know if I’ll ever have the same success.

    • As everyone can see, there are few people with black skin in the world jet set, but that could change! I believe it is because many people with black skin has thought that will be discriminated and end up quitting to enter into this world. There are so many people with black skin that are rich or millionaires, usually people discriminate against poor with black skin. Unfortunately you’re worth what you have. I believe that it is possible people of all races and ethnicities come to the world Jet Set. Search on instagram for @ladyluxurylaura and she’s is proof of that. But reminding everyone that it takes money, invest in beauty, be authentic and always be fashionable. Good luck to aspiring Jet Setter!!!


    Can you plesse give the name of Doctors who are the best for rinoplasty and how much would it cost?

  7. I contacted the Swiss clinics and wow rinoplasty there cost from 14.000€ while in Mosvow can get it done for 5000€

  8. Iran is the number one country to get a nose job. Just google it! I can recommend some of the best doctors. It will be very cheap too for foreigners.

  9. I have had three surgerys on my nose and my nose now looks horrible. My Old nose was so much better. Plastic surgerys is so something you Should think About very good. And Do good research for the perfect doctor.

  10. I’ve wanted rhinoplasty for years, and have done some research and Italy has some specialists that seems quite good. I’m not quite sure if I have the guts to do it, as my family is so extremely against it. Revision rhinoplasty is way more challenging than primary, so make sure your friend find one with lots of experience doing revisions.

  11. I want do my second nosejob too n cant find dr.
    First dr said ilo need 2 surgerries to make my nose smaller cause of fat skin.. 7 years past i decided i should do but this doctor moved to Azerbaijan to work so its far..
    In Moscow there are few good but far plus hotel living n top rinoplasties cost 7-10k€

  12. ok jet$babe how does it feel to post a pic and nobody notice it ?btw you don’t need a nose job !just saing it

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  14. I had a rhinoplasty in Paris in June with Dr Duron, best experience ever!

    Dr DURON is based in Paris and has a specialisation in Rhinoplasties. I experienced absolutely NO pain at all. After a week he removed the stitches and I had bruises for less than a week!

    I highly recommend Dr Duron!


    • Hi Anna,
      Can you tell me more about your experience with bahadir baykal please?
      I want to do my rhinoplastie in istanbul, so I m lookink for the best surgeon?

      Here my email adress

  15. Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty in Oslo & Rhinoplasty in Iran)

    Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

    • Is Dr Saman a good doctor? I saw his website and many of theese noses were really fake looking. Does he have an instagram account or something like that. I would like to see more picture of his patients.

  16. I had my nose done by Dr. Gassner in Regensburg, Germany. It could not have been better, he showed me on the screen how the nose will be. I flew back 8 days later and was not bruised. I went to him, because he is US trained and did not do an open rhinoplasty.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I’m in Germany now and will be here for awhile. I’d like to see Dr. Gassner for a nose job. As I saw from his site, he specializes on reconstructive surgery, but I need to do only the “fine-tuning”/sculpting of my nose tip. Did he do it exactly like you’d asked him? Was it expensive? I’d really like to do it with a pro.

  17. My rhinoplasty was placed in Prague few months ago. I live in UK and did not bother to pay such a high price for it. Found it cheaper at Forme clinic. Nice modern clinic, lovely staff and dr. Benes was very professional – got proper care i was looking for. Good communication and explanation of procedure. Pain was minimal and healing very fast. My nose looks very good now and for sure would travel again.

  18. Ghazza noman on

    Dr bashar bishra in Dubai is the worst dr ever. I went to him for revision rhinoplastry and he completely ruined my nose . He is unprofessional with a big ego and he also seems to thinks performing surgery is a race. Anyone thinking of doing surgery with himshould think twice

  19. Positive Energy on

    Stay away from England surgeons. If you’re white go to Spain, Switzerland. If you’re Asian, black, Arab, mixed etc go to Turkey. It’s cheap (2000 euros) and they know how to make ‘ethnic’ noses look natural.

  20. Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh is the best rhinoplasty surgeon on the west coast. He practices in Los Angeles. He specializes in ethnic noses and makes very natural results! He does a lot of Middle Eastern noses and Europeans. Check out his instagram @drhammoudeh.

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