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Rewriting Your Past - Present & Future - JetsetBabe

Rewriting Your Past – Present & Future

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Anna Bey comment: Law of Attraction is an important key player in your leveling up journey. For this reason, I have Audrey who has joined us to write specifically about Law of Attraction and how it all works. Audrey is a Law of attraction enthusiast, she’s also a lover of good food, wine, and self-development. She enjoys helping women changing their mindset to manifest the life of their dreams. She’s currently pursuing a hypnotherapy certification to be able to help others unlock their hidden potential. I look forward getting insights and inspiration Audrey has to share with us on Law Of Attraction, so please enjoy her first post! 

When it comes to the law of attraction, many thoughts come to mind. Oftentimes, my experiences with LOA end up becoming a hot topic at dinner parties. 

The most frequently asked question is, how do I start? Do I just simply wish for something hard enough and it will come true? The honest answer is no. But the good news is that it becomes increasingly easy with practice and persistence.

In this short article, I will show you a five-step process that can transform you into a lean mean manifestation machine. This process can be extremely effective and I can assure you it works:

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1. Your magic manifestation journal

 is important

Buy yourself a small notepad, preferably with blank pages that can be carried in your purse at all times. Avoid getting anything that would be too big or spark too much attention. This book should ideally fit in all your day-bags with ease.

Secondly, purchase a pen specifically for your magic manifestation journal and keep them together. It is important that you see this pen as the instrumental tool to write your past and future.


2. Writing your future

With your pen in hand, think of an area you want to improve. Let’s say that you want to be in Cannes on a boat next year around this time enjoying the jet-set life. In that case, you date the entry exactly one year from now.


 Cannes, 01 September 2018


I am so happy and thankful to have met the most amazing jet-setting friends. They took me in with open arms and immediately invited me to the hottest parties! 

I met so many interesting people and even got to make a selfie with (insert your favorite artist here). I am ecstatic for tomorrow! We are attending the (insert celebrity name) yacht party. I can’t wait to wear my (insert your favorite summer dress here).”

This might sound a bit comical at first, but being detailed is the key to making your daily entries. Not only did you focus on the feelings, you also visualized what you would wear and how happy you feel. This process is called emotional transmutation. This is a fancy word for stirring up emotions, which fuel the manifestation process to work faster.


3. Writing your past

Here is where it might get confusing…. The most effective journal entries for me were those entries in which I write in the present tense, talking about the past.


 Geneva, 02 February 2019

“We finally made it to Geneva. I can’t believe I slept the whole way from NYC to Geneva. Must’ve been the copious amounts of champagne we had at the fundraiser ☺. 

(insert dream boyfriend/fiancé name) was a total gentleman. He made sure I was unbothered in the cabin while he worked in the front part of the jet. 

I can’t wait to hit the slopes of Courchevel, I am rested, energized and feel amazing.

I am living the dream! I have the most generous and loving fiancé who lives to see me happy. I am so proud to be his fiancé. I am happy to be reunited with my lovely sister in law. She is truly my BFF!
I still remember that it was only 8 months ago where I was sitting in my room writing in my diary. Now I am jet-setting all over the world with my wonderful and loving fiancé. I am truly lucky! It is just amazing how my life changed so fast. I am truly blessed.


See how you take it a step further by looking into the past from the future? This is a truly powerful process which is guaranteed to get you in the state of being in that moment!

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Dolce Vita in 🇫🇷

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4. Recalling over and over again

So, now you have your magic manifestation journal with you at all times. Try to make it a habit of writing in your journal several times a week, preferably daily.

What I usually do is; I look up random entries from time to time. When I am in a queue, when I am at the Starbucks, on my daily commutes… you get the deal? 

Whenever I read an entry, I try to relive the experience again…. Feel the emotions as much as I can. If you let out a tear from excitement and gratitude, you are certainly on the right track!

At one point the stories will become absorbed into your subconscious and you will manifest circumstances that will bring you in alignment with the life you desire and so rightfully deserve! Stick to this daily and your reality is bound to start shaking up in unexpected ways.

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One important note: Whatever you write in your magic manifestation journal is for your eyes only. Do not share with anyone, no matter how tempting it seems. Well-meaning parents and friends might laugh at your dreams, which will be counter-intuitive and sabotage your beliefs – which; in turn will set you on a negative spiral, which will lead to more negative results.

Let’s just say that, I made entries portraying similar scenarios as the above mentioned examples and both came true…. So be careful what you wish for, my lovely JBS’s…. it just might come true!



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  1. Maravilloso !, esto es la ciencia de la vida!, es entrenamiento muy valioso, y así es cómo también se manifiesta la prosperidad soñada, enfocando nuestra atención en lo valioso. Gracias!

  2. Yes it’s the last sentence that paralyzes me. I’m afraid I don’t know what I want. Seriously, receiving great success can be terrifying. I’ve been living a poverty mindset for so long. I’m the richest poor person I know. It’s complicated. For me to feel safe, I will start with small manifestations because I know the big ones will come and I’m not emotionally ready.

    • Yess!!! It happens to me!! I dont really visualize this because i am scare, but that scare is good, isnt it? Is the sign that we can have anything we want if we just think and live it!!

  3. Think big, imagine boldy. Run through a myriad of delightful possible scenarios. Create little vignettes in your mind’s eye of what you are glad you accomplished.
    The whole process is a like a wave, hum when you’re in the flow of it.
    It’s amazing how when you’ve started mastering the process that your body will take the cues from from your mind and you’ll FEEL the sensations of what you “enjoyed.”

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