Thursday, February 20

Results Of My 10 Day Detox

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Detoxing accomplished!

It feels amazing! 10 days of clean eating & some days of fasting to let my body rest from digestion. I really needed to nurture my body in this way, and I’m feeling & seeing a difference in my well-being.

Detoxing & Fasting Results

So what did I do exactly?

▸ Every day I ate Raw vegan. Mostly fruits, but some salads and vegetables to change it up when my tastebuds got bored of the sweetness.

▸ On two occasions I did a 40-hour dry fasting (no water, no food).

▸ On days I was eating, I kept to an intermittent fasting routine. Food intake only between 12.00-18.00

▸ I didn’t train much. The plan was to focus on my diet and cleansing the body. I went twice to the gym just to keep my muscles engaged.

▸ I ate less than I usually do. It wasn’t planned, but during detox week I focus a lot on really tuning in and listening to what the body tells me. On this detox occasion, my body wasn’t very hungry & I didn’t want to feed it “just because I’m used to doing so.” On average I had 1 main meal and 1 or 2 snack meals (all raw food).

Detoxing & Fasting Results

Any side effects?

On days I did my dry-fasting I felt, of course, less energy and some pressure on my head. It’s fully normal and common how the body reacts temporarily. Sometimes fasting adds energy to me, but this time I felt the tiredness. I think it’s mainly due to a lack of Vitamin-D because I’ve been feeling more tired in the past few weeks since this winter have been quite long.

Another side effect: when you detox, it’s common sometimes to get pimples. I got one big pimple that was kind of annoying, but that’s about it. Usually, it’s a sign that your liver has toxins in it and your body is cleansing itself. When the toxins leave the body through the skin, pimples can occur.

Detoxing & Fasting Results

What are your results?

I lost 4 kg, which is very good for my body composition. I know it’s mostly water weight, but it feels good to be “less swollen” even if it’s just from the water! Hopefully, some fat disappeared too, which I’m sure it did, as my body was using fat for energy on days I was fasting.

My health results are great too! No IBS symptoms or any other health issues that I sometimes get. If I compare how I feel today and on my first day of fasting – then it’s a dramatic change! My mind is clear, and my productivity levels are high. I feel absolutely amazing & like myself again!

Detoxing & Fasting Results

What’s happening next?

This detox was aimed to prepare myself for my beach holiday (that I’m on my way to now!) and also to recover from when I had a lazy month of eating less healthy.

Going through these 10 days, inspired me to keep this as a routine as much as possible in the future. Admittedly, not as strict. But to not be lazy with my diet, fasting, etc., because I feel so much better & I become a more efficient person in my everyday life.

Detoxing & Fasting Results

The contrast I saw in my well-being from day 1 and day 10, is like black and white. It works as a great reminder for me, how influential my diet is for my psyche and ability to be the best version of myself.

I could clearly see how the yummiest things you put in your mouth, are poison to your body and to your mind. It might feel like a treat for the soul, but it actually does more harm than the temporary good that you feel when consuming it. When I started nurturing my body with proper nutrition, my body was reacting so positively. I felt in complete harmony with myself.

Usually, when I go on holiday, I tend to let loose when it comes to diet. Having done this detox just before my trip, I feel really inspired only to indulge a little bit, and try to eat as clean as possible.

Detoxing & Fasting Results

Throughout this detox, I could feel how my body is craving fresh produce, proper nutrition & fruit/veg that have absorbed plenty of sun. I know that if I start eating “bad” again, my body will start craving more of the bad stuff. It’s like a domino effect that I don’t want to have back. It feels amazing having your body crave the good stuff for once!

I think this 10-day detox helped to kill off some of those sugar hungry bacterias and microorganisms living in me – they are the ones guilty to all the cravings for sugar/salt/fat!
So my worst cravings are gone now – I feel good!

Detoxing & Fasting Results

I recommend everyone to do a 10-day detox! But you have to be aware that my detox program is NOT a beginner level. I’ve been detoxing on a regular basis for some time, doing fasting and studying the practices that I do to my body.

If you’re new to detoxing/fasting – I would advise starting gently by changing your diet to Vegan/Raw Vegan and do intermittent fasting only. Maybe you can do a 24-hour water fast if the intermittent fasting is going well. But if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should avoid – just to be on the safe side.

Happy Detoxing everyone and Happy first days of Spring!

(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, health practitioner or health coach. If you get inspired to try some of my practices, it’s all on your own risk, as I’m only sharing with you what works for me & I cannot guarantee it will have the same effects on you! I’m not held responsible for any negative side effects. Please bear this in mind.)



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  1. No water for 40 hours? That doesn’t seem healthy since water flushes out toxins and is so critical to health in so many ways.

    • I recommend you to do some research on Dry Fasting 🙂 You’ll find it’s very beneficial, healthy and it’s considered a “medical fasting” because it forces your body to get rid of illnesses and harmful organisms. It’s actually fascinating the effect it has on the wellbeing!

  2. Thanks so much Anna.!! I definitely will do this.
    I’ve been feeling bloated and sluggish. I hope it helps. 🙂

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