Red Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Classy Women

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I’m currently updating my wardrobe by going outside my comfort zone (wearing black). Being blonde, it’s easy to get comfortable with wearing black because it’s a color that’s extremely suitable for blondes. But after I realized 70% of my wardrobe contains black clothes, I’ve prohibited myself from buying anything black until I create a more balanced ratio.

Luckily, it’s springtime, and soon summer – and who wants to wear black during this time anyway? Even a black-lover like me is getting bored.

So I’m very much into shopping for colors, although my taste in colors is quite subtle. I like pastels and natural looking colors and never been a fan of anything bold. But now my tastebuds have caught the color red…

Red Clothes & Outfits – Extremely classy & well put-together look

I’ve always had this fixation in my head that red is a color that only looks good on black and on olive skin or on brunettes. Never blondes. I’m starting to change opinion….

I still feel that black women and those with olive skin (brunettes) are the ones that look the best in this color! No doubt. Especially black women. They can pull off colors like nobody else! But now my opinion has emerged to the point I believe even blondes can wear red, without even the need of having a tan. (Might not look as good, but still doable!) After all, Red is a very classic color that is both timeless and will never run out of style. It’s something worth investing in and totally approved by the JetsetBabe’s classy barometer!

Therefore I’m hunting for red outfit ideas. I want to present some striking red outfits that look so spot on that I’ve found! Classy, bold, interesting, feminine and stylish! What do you girls think?

Red Clothes & Outfits – Simplicity is key

Red Clothes & Outfits – Chiffon is so classy, add red to it and it becomes so feminine

Red Clothes & Outfits – Red on blondes? Clearly it works!

Red Clothes & Outfits – Sophisticated, and the red makes it look fun & interesting

Red Clothes & Outfits – The perfect red classy dress

Red Clothes & Outfits – Matching red lipstick with your red outfit? Yes please!

Red Clothes & Outfits – Mix red with red/orange and it’s a winning combo!

Red Clothes & Outfits – I love her hair & make up for this all-red look!

Red Clothes & Outfits – Red works beautifully with Taupe as a color combination!

Red Clothes & Outfits – Cutest dress ever that looks feminine yet is very covering!


For more fashion inspiration with the color red, click here.



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  1. I’m a brunette who just last year discovered red and hot pink! Do search for a flattering hot pink dress and at least try it. Such a powerful color, and perfect for blondes as well as brunettes.

  2. Lovely shades of red, the only thing I dont like is pairing red clothes with also red accesories – shoes, bags etc. I think it just looks a bit overwhelming. I prefer beige details with red outfits

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