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Who said life was comfortable and accomplishing your goals would be a smooth journey? Nobody! All of us know good things don’t come easy, so why do we feel like we get hit by a truck when the real challenges approach us?

As you know, I’ve just come fresh out of my “goal-setting-owen” – finished writing my ebook (that I’ve been talking about for years) and re-launched JetsetBabe after realizing; shutting it down was a big mistake! I thought to myself that both of these two projects would be “easy peasy” to do in a short amount of time as I compared them in size to other, “more serious and bigger accomplishments” people do on an everyday basis. My goals seemed nothing in size and comparison as I’m sure these people face more difficult challenges that I could ever dream of! (Lesson learned: never compare yourself to others!)

But now I need to share something with you. It’s been a tough six months finishing this project, and I need to explain exactly why…


“No matter how big or small your project is, it will be hard executing it, and you WILL face obstacles!”

Writing an ebook or re-launching a website might sound like something a person can do in a few weeks or a month. Well, that’s what I initially thought. My expectations were perhaps unreal, but I was convinced this would only be a “summer project” and come 1st of September, I would be able to announce that JetsetBabe is back!
No girl, you were so wrong…

Things got delayed, loads of technical issues, people you hire who don’t deliver, things that don’t work and so on. And that doesn’t include my personal sabotaging skills that slowed down the process even more: being indecisive, having no patience, being a perfectionist, constantly worried, control freak number one, unrealistic, severe overthinker… Etc.

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When you decide to take on something of importance for you, most often you will have to face your demons and your weaknesses. You become your own enemy at times.

The outer circumstances that you can’t control are frustrating as they are, but add yourself to the mix, and you end up wanting to throw in the towel numerous amounts of times!
Maybe I’m a delicate flower, but I experiences some heavy emotions. I was close to giving up when things were repeatedly not working, and when more and more obstacles were just coming my way.

You see another thing I learned: You hear about how nothing comes easy in life, and you kind of understand that on some level. But you’re never really prepared for the number of stumbling blocks that you actually end up facing on your journey. You expect maybe one or two, but when you get 10 or more you start waving with your red flag and cry out;
“This is too much!” “I can’t do this!” “I give up now!” – and that’s usually when people throw in their towel and say adios!

Most of the times people are not ready to face this hardship.
We think a project will be an investment only from our time and energy, but we don’t take in to account the blood, sweat, and tears that often comes with it. It’s not a cliché, you will have to suffer at some point, and sometimes you’ll have to suffer over and over again. It’s like giving birth. When you want to deliver something great, it’s not going to come to you pain-free – not sure why universe created it this way, but there must be a reason!

But this is when YOU really get tested How badly do you want this?
People who want something badly enough, are the ones who become successful in the end. People who have other priorities, tend to fail. Simple logic.
And when universe tests you this way, this is when I learned my final but probably the most important lesson of them all: PATIENCE

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Goal-setting and execution are all about: Patience.

If you don’t have that (like me), then you’re up for a challenge as you will suffer a lot in the process. It will push you to all your limits when you’re going to want to either GIVE UP or
(if you want it badly enough) >> get yourself together >> withstand the pain >> and learn how to grow some patience that will keep you going.

This practice is a test on its own! Who is actually ready for that?

I don’t want to discourage anyone not to chase their dreams and set goals for themselves, quite the opposite in fact. I encourage everyone to do so; it’s a must in life!

Once you’ve taken yourself above all hurdles that you thought you would never pass, you grow so much confidence and get an immense rush of happiness, because you finally did it!
When you can write off your goal as “DONE,” you feel like a master in life.
You feel anything is possible and you have learned so much from it. With these lessons, you know that you’re now fully prepared to take on even more difficult challenges because you’re not a newbie – you have experience, you can conquer the world, and that will put you on a more significant path. How exciting is that?!

My point is: just be realistic and prepared for what is about to come, and don’t let it break you down to failure.

So to recap:
“Never compare your goals to others.”
“It will be a difficult journey with many obstacles.”
“Your patience will get tested.”
“And also your desire for how much you want this”

How many can relate to this?
What lessons have you learned in the process of your own journey towards your goals?
(And with goals, it can be anything! Weight loss, getting a degree, learning a new language, succeeding in the jet-set world, finding a man and so on… )

I would love hearing your experiences and thoughts, please share in the comments below.

Oh and by the way. My next (uncomfortable goal) that I’m planning to accomplish is to get myself on Youtube. I have no idea if it’s my thing or if I’m good at it or not, but I know I’m scared of it and that’s why I want to do it. Hopefully, very soon you will be seeing me on the Youtube Channel of JetsetBabe, if you subscribe of course.


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. You shouldn’t be sorry you abandoned Jetset for a while. You never see the true value of something you had until you lose it. Now you will see its true value. And about the goals thing….I have seen a movie that changed my perspective about setting goals. It taught me that no matter the goals it very important to enjoy the journey. Because goals may or may not accomplish. Always setting goals can become frustrating. I also learned that life is about today…..about being the best at what I do today. And I am a champion if today I have done my best to accomplish my goals. The movie is called Peaceful Warrior.

    So applied to you I would say that you have to do today the best to make Jetsetbabe the most read blog on its niche. And you already won

    • Yes you are so right about the true value! Unfortunately us humans are wired this way, we only understand what we really want when we don’t have it. But it took me over a year to get to that point!
      What movie is it that you saw?
      I totally agree with you about the journey. It didn’t come so much as a lesson to me this time, because I found the journey to be very challenging, but perhaps on my next one I will try and focus on enjoying the ride more 🙂

  2. Peaceful Warrior is called the movie. Its inspired by true facts….and it brought me so much healing. It taught me to accept we don’t have 100% control about the future. And our goals may or may not accomplish……because it is not entirely up to us. We just have to do what we love most and be the best at it today….

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