Psyllium seed husks for Breakfast

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Healthy Breakfast Juice

Finally I have found my perfect breakfast!

For the past months (after I took serious action to stop with refined sugar & processed foods) it’s been a big pain in the ass for me in terms of finding a good breakfast option.

I ate Chia pudding for a while, but felt it didn’t keep me full for long so I gave up on that. Being completely lost in the Breakfast world I ended up eating hot food for breakfast. As in the stuff I cooked myself for dinner I also ate for breakfast. Yes, it’s sad 🙂

But now I’m totally hooked on Psyllium seed husks! 

Psyllium Seed Husk

What is Psyllium seed husks?

It’s a dietary fibre / dietary supplement that comes from a plant as dried & chopped seeds. It’s used for colon cleansing because it helps activating the colon (loads of fibre you know) and to help if you have a problematic stomach in general.

Besides that it can also be used in baking for people with gluten allergies or people who are trying to diet.

These seeds swell up 40 times its original size in your stomach making you feel fuller longer. Overall it’s a natural and healthy product that you can use in tons of different ways!

I’ve started using Psyllium seed husks in my morning juice together with some wheatgrass powder. It’s the bomb, Love it!

Healthy Breakfast Juice

Here are the ingredients & why I love my juice:

Grapefruit Juice (I use natural juice only without any artifical sugars. You can use any juice but I love the mix of grapefruit together with the rest of my ingredients)

2 generous table spoons of Psyllium seed husks (It swells up imediatly making the consistency of the drink to feel more like a smoothie. Or fluid porridge)

2 generous tea spoons of Wheatgrass powder (I don’t drink coffee but what I feel the wheatgrass gives me that wake up kick to my brain making me feeling alert)

Shake your juice if possible


This juice keeps me full for 3 hours and normally I’m the hungry type!


Do you have a healthy juice or breakfast recipe to share?



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  1. I agree! My breakfast choice is a hot cereal made with 2 tbs each of coconut flour, almond meal and linseed, 1 tsp of hemp seeds and 1 tsp of chia seeds. I add hot water, a bit of sweetener and I’ve got a very filling low carb, high protein porridge. Sometimes it tides me through to dinner with a small snack in between.

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