The story of got created in 2012 when Anna Bey had just moved to London. She was bored & lonely, so she created a blog where she was sharing her previous jet-setting experiences while documenting her new social climbing journey in London. Anna was at first blogging anonymously. In 2015 she shut down her blog in the midst of a life crisis. The blog re-opened in 2017.

The story of Anna Bey

Anna is 32 years old & from Sweden. She grew up in Stockholm, with her father being Finnish & mother Estonian/Russian. As soon as Anna graduated high-school, she packed her bags & moved to Italy/Rome to study Italian. It was the beginning of her journey in the high society when she got introduced to a trust-fund kid in Rome. After their intense relationship, Anna got a flavor for the finer things in life & decided she didn’t want to go back to her old life after this relationship had ended.

Since then:

  • Anna transformed herself to fit into the high society. She lost 15 kg, did a nose job, added some fillers/botox, hair extensions, eyelash extensions & revamped her wardrobe.
  • Annas career has always been in digital marketing. She is also a certified matchmaker.
  • Anna has lived in 7 different countries & speak 5 languages
  • Her solo travels included spending one month in El Salvador, 3 months in Colombia, 6 months trip to Asia hoping “to find herself” (She did not find herself, so she came back to Europe & started therapy instead, that worked!)
  • Anna has been in the elite circles for 13 years. She is an expert on this community after having researched & actively participated in it since the age of 19.
  • Anna is not afraid to admit that since 2014 her lifestyle has been fully funded by the man in her life.

The story of School of Affluence

Annas journey in the high-society was not a smooth journey until she properly learned the formula to be successful. She had many ups and downs, and the process took far longer than it would have, would she just have known certain things in advance. For this reason, she created School of Affluence, to offer women “a fast-track” into the high society with all the lessons she had learned.

The School of Affluence teaches women: elegance, grooming, etiquette, manners, body language, how to dress classy, how to be a lady, how to have the right mindset, persuasion, image development, being in shape, social climbing, networking skills, conversation skills, elite dating, relocating, getting financial assistance.

Featured in


“This Morning Show” iTV UK

“Sunrise” Channel 7 Australia


The Times (UK) 

Cosmopolitan (UK)

The Sun (UK)

New York Post

Daily Mail

The Mirror