Popular Jetset Items

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 Celine Luggage Tote in any color

Celine Luggage Toteceline-tote4Celine Luggage Tote HandbagCeline Luggage Tote Handbag 

Celine Trapeze Handbag

…just as popular as Celine Luggage Tote!

Celine Trapeze Bag


Chanel Bottle Bag

…everyone seem to having this little thing of Chanel plastic

chanel bottle bag


Chanel Boy Bag

…this tom boy version of a Chanel Bag became a Best seller! Comes now in all kinds of colors/materials.

chanel boy bag


Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

…but let’s not forget the absolute must “Jetset Babe” bag in the closet: Chanel Flap. Either mini, medium or jumbo.

chanel flap medium



Christian Louboutin Heels

…is slightly “over done now” but still going strong as the Jetset Babe shoe of choice.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Cataclou Wedge

…a hot must have for Jetset Babes in summer!

christian-louboutin cataclou wedges


Dior Diorissimo Hand Bag

…one of the best sellers…

Dior Diorissimo


Lady Dior

…let’s not forget the most common Dior bag right now, Lady Dior!

Dior Diorissimo



…how else can a Jetset Babe proof in social media that she has admirers?


Givenchy Fold Over Boots

…AW12 Fashion still going strong.

givenchy fold over boots

Hermès Birkin Bag

…every JetsetBabe out there has got one. Literally.

hermes birkin


Hermès Twilly Wrapped Birkin Bag

…the latest Birkin fashion is to have the handle wrapped in their twilly to not damage it (and to look fashionable of course)

hermes telly wrapped birkin

Louis Vuitton Espadrilles

…the espadrille of spring summer 2014, watch out!


Louis Vuitton Scarf

…looks like something that could have been bought on a market bazaar, but Jetset Babes love it!


Nude Heels

…my favorite of them all – nude colored heels!

nude heels

Valentino Studded Bag

…extremely popular bag, guess Studs are still in fashion?!

valentino studded bag

Valentino Studded Heels

…this studded shoe has been around for ages (feels like at least) but it’s still as hot as if it came yesterday. Jetset Babes love it and I still continue questioning the whole issue with Valentino + Studs?


VIP Room Trucker Cap

…yeah don’t ask me why but Jetset Babes love to pose with their “God Bless V.I.P Room” caps. I used to have one but it got stolen and THANK GOD FOR THAT, hahaha.

Vip room trucker cap


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  1. oh love this post! What’s also a huge jetset item is the iPhone 5S it’s not an item like a bag or something but still every jetsetbabe has it 🙂 But ofcourse you can’t put EVERYTHING that the jetsetbabes have in one post

  2. I’m so over studs now. I was over them when Valentino’s obsession first started. Can they just be DONE?

  3. I agree with the comment above, would be great with a post over personal jetset items. I need a Chanel boy bag in my life (and wouldn’t say no to a Diorissimo either, it’s so chich). When it comes to Hermes, I actually prefer Kelly over Birkin, hope to get one in the future. At the moment my collection is tiny, but hopefully can I expand it a little in a few years 🙂

    Personally I have never liked the luggage tote, I cannot stop seeing the silly “face” at the front of the bag. At the moment I actually think Trapeze is the most popular Celine bag, the luggage tote is starting to get a little old IMHO

  4. YES a post about fashion !! Something I lust and know a lot about.. I personally stick to classic luxury items. Celine bags are the hottest bag and all the rage now but I think they are hitting the saturation point. I personally prefer Chanel. Just more classic, cleaner lines, and in my opinion will stand the test of time (as well as ret. I always have friends asking me if I were getting a bag for free what would I get, first answer CHANEL, if money isn’t an object Hermes.. Christian Louboutin shoes are very over done now, everyone and their mother has a pair BUT to me they are the sexiest shoes out there right now and the styles are very eye catching and sometimes classic if you get a moderate heel. I agree there does seem to be a JetsetBabe Uniform, but they all look damn good wearing it. Fabulous and fashionable so much so they have blogs celebrating their style. Couple things I think also are popular JetSet items Agent Proveceteur Lingere and Mazzy Bikini, Chanel espadrilles, Isabel Marant sneakers, Rayban aviators (especially with flash lens), Hermes Oran sandals..

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