Thursday, December 12

Perfect Hair makes you look Perfect

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How to get Perfect Hair

How to get Perfect Hair

Perfect Hair

– will make you look perfect

There are two things in grooming to focus on if you wish to look “perfect”; Flawless skin and hair. 

Now let’s take skin in another chapter and focus only on the hair part. The basics for having great hair is to have a suitable haircut and color for yourself. This is the reason why it’s important to always go to a hairdresser for these things and avoid doing it yourself at home.

Tips for great looking hair:

  • Get rid of those split ends! Come on, have rather shorter hair then you wish for, but in top notch quality instead of long with dry unhealthy ends. Yuck!
  • Use good products – Find what works best for you regardless the price or brand. Experiment and don’t fear trying organic products as for some hair types they are really to recommend!
  • Always use a conditioning treatment to your hair, even if you only have 5 min for it to settle. I use it every time I wash my hair!
  • Unless you invest $$$$ in your hair extensions, don’t bother with them! Get them done only if you A) Go all in quality wise B) Will actually take care of them like it’s the most delicate thing you’re wearing. Otherwise just forget about it.
  • Blow dry is the painful secret. It’s damaging the hair but yet it’s the only thing that will make your hair look perfect. I always wash and blow dry my hair before each time I want to look representative, let it be for work, lunch with a friend or going out.
  • Invest in a good hair brush – And carry it always with you! I love my Denman brush and take it with me everywhere I go. After a few hours hair get tangled and need a good brush to liven up a bit.
  • Be gentle with your hair – Last but not least! No matter quality, your hair is delicate and don’t act on it with violence. Take good care of it as that’s the only way it will ever look perfect.

How to get Perfect Hair

How to get Perfect Hair



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