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Paris – The Jetset Places You Must Visit!

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To anyone who is going to Paris and needs some recommendations of where to go. This post is for you!

Where do the jet-setters eat, drink and party? Which are the most beautiful 5-star hotels to stop by for some afternoon tea? I’ve created this Paris guide to help anyone out there who is not very familiar with this amazing city. Because only up until recently, I was too!

I was a late bloomer and only discovered Paris in July 2016 (one and a half year ago). Since then I’ve been there five times and going again next month! I’m falling more and more in love with this city! It’s so metropolitan, classy and offers you some of the best fashion and cuisine in the world. Plus for me, it’s only 2 hours by train away from London, so I can’t help but going there on a regular basis.

If you’re into designers and shopping, Paris is by far the best place in the world to buy all of your luxury purchases. You will get the best deals and most extensive selection because Paris has the largest designer flagship stores in the world. On top of it, you’ll find so many great boutiques with clothes that nobody else has because the best fashion is from France!

The best streets for shopping designer and luxury:
Avenue Montaigne and Rue Saint-Honoré

But what about food, drinks, and people watching? And if you want to party a bit?

The good news is, Paris is not a boring city, and there is action everywhere, up until very late! Here I’ve gathered the most common jet-set hotspots everyone must visit on their next trip to Paris!

Restaurant and bars


Hotel Costes

239-241 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001

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It had to be on top of my list. A must visit for anyone, at any time of the day!

I love Costes; it has the best ambiance and people watching in Paris in my opinion. The decor is beautiful, the crowd is Parisian and International, the tight table setting making it easy to make friends with your neighbors. All is great when it comes to Costes. Well, besides the fact that you smell like an ashtray after you leave their terrace.

You can come here for food and drinks or only stop by their bar for drinks. It’s also a hotel.



3 Avenue Matignon, 75008

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If you want dinner and disco, Matignon is the place to go.

Downstairs is a nightclub that gets very busy after dark and upstairs is a restaurant where the music gets going and JetsetBabes strolling. This is a must stop for anyone who wants to meet people and have a good time. It’s also a great place to stop by before you head out to any of the nightclubs in Paris.

For me, the only minus is that it’s the same owner as Hotel Costes, L’Avenue, Esplanade, etc. which means – the food menu is the same! A bit boring! Especially if you come to Paris and do all of these trendy places in one weekend. You’ll be eating from same menu every day. But if you’re mostly interested in ambiance, then Hotel Costes and Matignon are a must on your trip to Paris!


Lou Lou

107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 (Le Louvre museum)

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Besides Costes, this is my other favorite restaurant to visit in Paris. There is no party vibe here, compared to the two other places I just mentioned. Lou Lou is pure classy dining located at the Louvre Museum. Yes, you read me right. You go to the Louvre; you must stop for lunch or dinner at this amazing restaurant.

When the weather is warm, they have the best outdoor terrace in town, with beautiful and classy jet-setters everywhere your look. The food is of extremely high standard too, and the surrounding is stunning. Great for romance or just a nice outing with your friends. In winter there is, unfortunately, no terrace, only indoor dining, which is not too bad either. But If you’re in Paris in summer, you must visit and sit on their terrace!


L’ Avenue

41 Avenue Montaigne, 75008

As previously mentioned, it’s the same owner as Hotel Costes and Matignon, but who cares, it’s the it-place during the day to stop by for lunch and look at all the glamorous people. Anyone who is visiting Paris for the weekend will make a stop at L’avenue. Not only that but if you get a table on a sunny day on their terrace, it’s like hitting the jackpot for people watching. The ultimate place for jet-set sightseeing!

Other places I recommend:

Pershing Hall is a lovely restaurant with a bar that has great ambiance. Unfortunately when I’ve been there, it hasn’t been very busy, but I still recommend a visit if you don’t care too much about a crowded place.

Café de l’Esplanade and La Société are other “Hotel Costes owned” restaurants, which are great for casual Parisian lunches, with beautiful settings and outdoor seatings.

If you’re out for a casual day-time stroll, then you must stop by Café Flore for a coffee. Not so much about their menu, but more about an old-school Parisian experience, where you sit for hours outdoors and watch the thousands of people walking past. But please note, a little touristy, but classic. Make sure you take photos!



I prefer partying in Paris than I do in London. In London, you only have descent clubs inside the private member’s clubs, and they’re not real clubs, but what I call “raisin discos” (basically a bunch of old people getting their groove on). The other nightclubs in London are full of kids, but luckily in Paris, the situation is a little bit different which is why I prefer clubbing there.
Additionally, the crowds are more mixed at the clubs, and you get all kinds of people, both locals and international jet-setters who party together. It’s less segregated, and more fun!

I’d say the best nightclub to visit is Raspoutine. With their sexy Russian red velvet theme, it feels decadent yet classy. The music is good for deep house and electronic influences, which is a rarity these days in the mainstream jet-set club world. Other popular clubs are L’Arc, and VIP Room. Unfortunately for my personal taste, they play more Rnb and feels more of “champagne shower” type of crowd.

Then you have Manko which I haven’t been too yet, but they say it’s good and they have cool shows. If you want something like Matignon where you can have dinner and dance, then Yeeel’s is a popular option. All of these places I mentioned are worth visiting, and you won’t go wrong if you are keen to go out and have a late party night.

To recap, Good Nightclubs in Paris: Matignon, Raspoutine, L’Arc, Vip Room, Manko, Yeeels


The Best Luxury Hotels in Paris


Paris has got many beautiful and luxurious hotels. I will only mention the ones I think are the creme de la creme and worth a visit if you want to dine/drink/stay or have afternoon tea at:

Hotel de Crillon
Hotel Costes
The Ritz
Four Seasons George V
Plaza Athénée
Hotel Le Bristol
Le Meurice
Mandarin Oriental
Le Royal Monceau
La Réserve
The Peninsula

Get in to the Paris mood:


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I might love Paris, but I haven’t been to every place there yet. If you think I have missed something on this list, post a comment, and I’m happy to hear other recommendations for places a jet-set tourist must visit!



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  1. Anna could you do a post about “How to treats designer goods?” bags, clothes etc., how to clean, some tricks? that would be a very helpful post! 🙂

  2. thank You for this post! im traveling to Paris next month for B-day. 🎉 so you helped me a lot ! ❤️
    oh and just want to mention, i think Budhha Bar is great and classy place for pre-party, sushi and coctails also 🙈👌 or im just Budhha fan hahha.

    • Enjoy Paris! I know of Buddha Bar, haven’t been to the one in Paris yet and not sure how “hip and trendy” it still is. If you go, please report! 🙂

  3. Can you PLEASE do the same type of article about London? I’m going there in a few months and I’m interested 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Marine valetudie on

    Thank you ! i am from paris and i’m curretly starting my self improvment journey but i didn’t knew where to start going out and your list of places will be very usefull ! i love what you do, epecially school of affluence ( planning on becoming one of your student ;), thank you very much for what you are doing, it’s really helpful .

  5. Anne-Sophie on

    Thank you Anna for this post I have spent some time in the places that you mention because I live in Paris and I would add to your list brunches in the differents palaces and in restaurants. That you have mention

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