Over The Knee Boots Are Still In Fashion

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Over the knee boots have been in fashion for about 5 years now (when Stuart Weitzman created his best-seller boots and every JetsetBabe was seen wearing them!)

I’m in a seriously committed relationship to my Stuart Weitzman boots. I have them in multiple colors and heel sizes. If over the knee boots work for your body type (they work best for women with slender legs) then buy them in many different variations. You can literally not have too many!

How I would strategize to buy over the knee boots:

The first pair would, of course, be the classic black one. I would buy one without a high-heel so that I can wear it as my everyday shoe. Black goes with everything, it’s a neutral color, and it will last loads of wear and tear! 

The second pair would be a light colored pair without a high-heel. Same principle as above: I would wear it for everyday / casual  occasions with more light colored outfits. A nice color would be to get a beige or a light grey. 

Third pair would be with a heel to wear on more dolled up occasions. Black is again a safe bet, but I wouldn’t exclude the other color options. Here you can really go after whatever color you fancy. I personally like beige, grey, dark red.

You can also experience with different heel variations. The wider heel ones will be more comfortable to wear than with slim heel.

JetsetBabes wearing over the knee boots:


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  1. No other brand can compare to Stuart Weitzman in terms of quality of the suede, and a nice snug fit. It’s a pity I live in Miami and can only wear them when I’m traveling someplace cold.

    Just a heads up ladies, you can get these boots sometimes discounted in the US in shops like Saks off fifth, or other high-end outlet shops 😉

  2. This type of boots is not elegant for me. Wearing them with short dress or skirt looks really sexy, but not classic at all, with trosers does not fit.

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