Olga, The JetsetBabe That Fascinates Us

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Olga is a Russian social media influencer and model that many of you girls are following on Instagram for her Jetset lifestyle and glamorous pictures. The members of the JetsetBabe private Facebook group were asking about her since she was sadly put under the spotlight on Instagram. Her ex began harassing her after their breakup and openly saying things about her and their relationships in his own account.

Because of that Olga had to change many times her Instagram accounts. Hence, we gathered on the Jetsetbabe Facebook group your best questions to ask Olga. This lovely woman was kind enough to answer your questions and allow us to get to know her better. I hope you will all enjoy this interview and I would like to thank Olga again for her collaboration. If you want to follow her, her Instagram is @Olya00k  (if you read this at a later stage and the link is not working, it’s most probably due to it’s been changed)

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Olga, how old are you? Where were you born?

I’m 36 years old, I am from the northern part of Russia where I was born

What are your height and weight?

I am 174 cm and I weigh 53kg

What languages do you speak and how did you learn them?

I speak Italian, Russian and English. I learned English and Italian by myself. Italian when I came to Italy, English when I met a man who spoke English to me and I had to learn for the sake of the relationship.

What is your favorite type of book?

My favorite books are:

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, by Gary Chapman
The female brain, by Louann Brizendine.
Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Do you have any career aspirations? If so, in what industry?

I used to have two stores, now I’m studying to be a therapist. I want to open my own Salon / Spa.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to have a family of 1-2 children, my own business, be traveling and live a good quality life.

You are an It Girl, what are the most important qualities that have benefited you in your lifestyle?

Appearance, inner self-development, and self-acceptance. Balance and harmony with myself, understanding what I want from life.

How do you motivate yourself on days when you’re in a bad mood?

When in a bad mood, I try to retire, I do meditation and tell myself that bad mood is just a fleeting moment

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Do you have a motto for yourself?

My motto is a Russian saying “Все что не делается, все к лучшему “, which means “All that is not done, all for the better “. In other words, I believe that the life situations we receive are lessons for us.

Having moved from Russia to Milan, how did you meet people/ other JSBs?

I came to Italy about 7 years ago. My mother, my sister and my brother all live in Italy. Hence, I came for family reasons. To be honest many girls write to me on Instagram so that’s how I connect with them.

In your opinion what is that magical quality that makes Russian jet set babes so magnetic?

For Russian women, beauty truly is a priority. From immemorial time Russian people have always loved luxury, it’s in our blood. Our women like to be beautiful, sexy and well-groomed, for them is a priority. They are also conservative in their views on relationships, the man is the one who provides for his woman and his family, in exchange she takes care of the family and her man.

Russian women are also sweet, educated, passionate and very intelligent. Russian and Ukrainian women are amongst the most appreciated women in the world because they are family oriented. A Russian woman is a complete set: strong, kind, caring, sexy, beautiful.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

What’s your main source of income?

I work for La Prairie cosmetics and do some modeling, these are my main sources of income.

Who is your role model?

My idols are Christie Brinkley and Yazemeenah Rossi, two ageless beauties.

What does your diet consist of? Do you follow any fitness/workout regime?

I do not follow a diet, but I eat fish and chicken, vegetables, fruits and I drink a lot of water. I do not smoke, I rarely drink.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

How would you describe your style and what are your favorite brands?

I like the classic, sporty and casual style, my favorite brands are Alexander McQueen, Dior, La Perla, Casadei, Louboutin. For cosmetics I chose them individually, I tried many different brands.

Which cosmetic or plastic surgeries have you done?

I never resorted to a plastic surgeon the only things I did were botox and fillers and by the way, I plan on getting my breasts done.

How long does it take you to get ready every morning? Do you have any beauty secrets?

In the morning, I have very little time for preparation, but in the evening, I take about 2 hours. My beauty secrets are proper nutrition, meditation, taking care of myself for example by sleeping well: I usually sleep 8 hours a night sometimes 9! It is also necessary to visit a cosmetologist. Hair, skin and nails are important attributes for a woman!

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

What are your fashion rules? What are your fashion basics and must haves?

My main fashion rule is to avoid being vulgar and wearing too much shiny/ bling items. It is better to have a few things but of quality, from natural fabrics. Elegant shoes, a skirt or a dress to the knees (fitting), beautiful expensive underwear, a cashmere coat, perfume, a quality bag and a quality watch.

If you are in good shape I recommend a beautiful pencil skirt and a silk blouse. The silk blouse looks very sexy and elegant. You can buy pants, a blouse or a body, and accessorize with QUALITY items (bag, watch or jewelry).

What would you recommend wearing to look expensive (a type of clothing)?

To look expensive sometimes it is enough to simply buy a beautiful tight dress. Elegance and minimalism are a winning combination that never goes out of style. And remember! Start by selecting what I call the “expensive” kit! First of all, you need to select the right colors. It is necessary to abandon the infantile pink and blue shades, screaming colors and neon.

This color scheme makes the image cheaper, you are heading for a light palette. In antiquity, white had already received the status of the color for aristocrats, as a symbol of nobility and prosperity. Ivory and beige tones became an addiction for kings in France in the XVII century when the Rococo style was adopted.

To these days, light shades have not lost their aristocratic status. The spectrum of dark noble and elegant colors includes dark beige, brown, burgundy, purple, black and dark blue shades.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

How old were you when you got into your first relationship and what was he like? How many breakups have you had?

My first serious relationship was when I was 19, he was a young entrepreneur. We lived in two different countries, so the relationship stopped. He was my first man. I had my heart broken twice.

How would you describe your future husband?

The man who will be with me in the future should be strong, calm, balanced and patient. Physically speaking he should do sport and take care of himself and his smell. There must be chemistry in sex and in the everyday life, I should feel comfortable with this person.

It is very important for me to take care of myself, and I am not talking about cheap embellishment. So financially I consider that a man should spend money on a woman even if she has her own income otherwise it won’t be possible. Men are different in their habits, point of views, behaviors …and it is actually very difficult to find your man among millions of people.

Are you on dating apps? How is the online boyfriend-hunting experience going? Any tips
more than welcome

Yes, I have the experience of dating men online. These relationships were exciting, but when two people live very far away from each other it affects the relationship and can lead it to an end. So far, I can say that I prefer American men over Italian ones.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Do you want to get married and have children? Do you feel pressured because of the age and biological clock?

This is a sensitive issue that I take very seriously. Actually, it’s been only a year and a half that I came to the idea that I am really ready for a family, children and the responsibility that comes with it. In Italy, I do not feel the pressure to start a family.

But my mind is probably still very Russian because I realize that at my age, traditionally speaking, I should already have had many children and a family. But in the end what is the most important thing? The most important for me is to come to this idea independently, without the pressure of society. Go ahead when you’re really ready.

Do you follow certain dating philosophies such as rules? Did you read any gold digging books?

No, I have never read a gold digging books I honestly did not even think that such books exist!

How would men that you have dated would describe you? Do they say that you are mysterious?

I often hear that I am a beautiful woman who is full of energy, sweet, who is strong, passionate and loves life. I also hear that I am very mysterious, loving, charming, elegant, stylish and a very good girlfriend who supports her man.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

How do you stay in shape when you go out and are surrounded by food and alcohol?

At events, I eat very little. And if there I have the choice I go for something light. I do not drink champagne just wine sometimes or cocktails. I have good genetics, so my body always looked athletic. Also, I often go for a run and I do abs even from home. I exclude all fats and fast foods.

Favorite place to travel and why?

I prefer hot places like the Maldives, Bora Bora, St Barth, Madrid and Cannes.

What do high-value men look for in a woman?

So high-value men, are all about well-read, interesting women. They do not want women that only talk about bags and shoes. Youth is number one, all successful men want youth, then you need to be intelligent and naughty. They want a sexy woman. Treat them right. Really care for them. Show them how important they are to you.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Is there a particular way that you get a man to respond to your financial needs and desires?

Successful men demand a lot from a woman, to be beautiful, well-groomed, to have a hobby etc., to be close to such a man is not easy. But once a man feels and knows that you are his woman he becomes naturally willing to take care of you. But it also depends on the personality of the man.

There are men who are rich but very greedy and others who are both rich and very generous. When I’m in a relationship with a man, he cares about me and that’s natural. Usually, when I am in a relationship my man loves when I look beautiful and sexy, so he realizes that I have my expenses and that he needs to cover them.

What is the formula to make a man obsessed with you?

You must be inaccessible, he must feel that you are not 100% his. Be sexy and sweet, sometimes stubborn. You should be a mix like a cocktail where the devil and the angel are all rolled into one.
But that’s me, I’m a heavy character, so I cannot advise everyone to be like that.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

What do you think are the most important qualities of a woman? How do these qualities help you to become successful?

You need to decide what is important for you in life. Have desire, faith and perseverance, know what you want from this life, set goals, do what you really like. Be direct.

How do you deal with judgment, jealousy, and troll on social media, does it affect you mentally?

When people speak behind your back it means that you’re ahead. When they discuss your personal life, then your life is more interesting than theirs. When they try to find faults, it means that they are jealous
Overall, I try to take it easy. There are always people who will criticize or be jealous. By the way, I am not an escort, and I did not like this comment about me that was made from some people who absolutely do not know me and allow themselves to have rude statements towards me.

Are you happy in life?

At the moment I’m happy I have a good family, I have friends I have a job, I only miss a husband and children.

JetsetBabe: Olga from Milan

Anna Bey’s comments: Thank you so much Olga & Thank you Wiam who composed this interview for us. To connect with Olga, visit her Instagram here. To connect with Wiam, visit her her page here. Many thanks ladies!



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