Nouveau Riche & Old Money


The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

Everyone has heard the expression of Nouveau Riche and people with old money. What does it mean exactly?

Nouveau Richebottomline

This french term means “Newly Rich” and describes people who acquired their wealth within their own generation.

They usually come from middle or working class families who acquired their own wealth. They may also have acquired their wealth with the help of their parents. The point is, their money does not go way back in time like those with “old money”.

“Nouveau Riche” men and women are known for splurging. They like to flaunt their money and tend to buy many status symbols to be seen as part of high society. They like to live a very non-discrete luxury lifestyle and are not always the most traditionally elegant, although they can be sometimes. They live the obvious “luxury lifestyle” and

Russian oligarchs are an example of typical “nouveau riche” types.

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

Old Moneybottomline

This means old, inherited status and money.

They are known for being elitists who tend to look down on the Nouveau Riche and claim they lack the “proper pedigree”.

Old money people stick together and prefer not to mix with others. They marry within “their circle”. They are often the socialite types who go to high society events, private members’ clubs and more discreet gatherings. For them, fame and stardom is often not prioritized as their circle of friends usually contain royals, politicians and A-Listers.

In comparison to “Nouveau Riche”, the old money folk do not flaunt their money in the same excessive way. They like traditionally elegant fashion and are discrete in how they spend their money.


The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money


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