Nouveau Riche & Old Money

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The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

Everyone has heard the expression of Nouveau riche and people with old money. What does it mean exactly?

Nouveau Richebottomline

This french term means “Newly Rich” and describes people who acquired their wealth within their own generation.

They usually come from middle or working class families who acquired their own wealth. They may also have acquired their wealth with help of parents finances (who may have been above middle class). The point is, their money does not go way back in time like for the ones with “old money”.

“Nouveau Riche” men & women are known for splurging – sometimes exaggerating! They like to flaunt their affordability and tend to buy many status symbols to be seen as a upper class.

Russian oligarchs are an example for typical “nouveau riche” people.

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

Old Moneybottomline

As the naming, this means old inherited status & money.

They are known for being elitists which tend to looking down on the Nouveau Riche and claiming “they lack the proper pedigree”.

Old money people stick together and prefer not to mix with others. They marry within “their circle” to keep as they say “the pedigree noble”. They are often the “socialites” types who go to high end events, private members clubs and more discreet gatherings. For them fame and stardom is often not prioritized, as their circle of friends usually contain royalties, politicians and A-listers.

In comparison to “Nouveau Riche”, the old money folks do not flaunt their money in the same excessive way. They rather keep their head high and look above everyone they believe is not worth wasting energy on.


The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money

The-difference-between-Nouveau Riche-Old-Money



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Could you please do a post on sugar daddies? Like what do you have to do in return and where to find one etc.?

    • Seriously?! wow, thats desperate. Look hot, go to expensive hotel bars, expensive clubs (near the vip areas), and party with models if your not one who can get you into events. Then be bubbly, happy, dance, flirt, drink (a lot, as you’ll definitely want to be drunk for what will happen next) and be ready to spread your legs because that rich guy doesn’t take virgins on vacations and shopping trips. lol Basically, sell your soul for $, get F!cked because you dont give a F!ck as long as you you got your hermes bag – sipping on cristal – wearing prada in the hamptons. 😉

  2. Dear Jetsetbabe, good article but TERRIBLE example of images. Im from Brazil and I travel a lot, but Im from “new money” – and I work in my family business. However, I quickly learned through meeting “old money” people what I need to change, to not look “desperate”.
    All those images feature ALL women of NOUVEAU RICHES. Because let me tell you something, 99% of old money do NOT show them selves off on facebook or instagram. They frown upon it and condemn it. Their kids look normal, dress normal and dont post selfies.
    The only one in the photo who is not an escort or wife of a rich guy, is the older lady with dog; thats Anna Dello Russo, Editor At Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan. But she is new money, not old. She does not own most of the clothing she wears, its part of her job as an editor to promote designers and going to events.

  3. So one half has the same middle class spending habbits and will go broke (see American lottery winners) and the other is described by the article as a dying breed of snobs who are obsessed with the fraudulent notion of pedigree which is contradicted by logic and genetics. Snobbish behavior on any side is not classy.

    What about the ones who slowly build wealth, conserve it responsibly, who don’t flaunt their wealth, and who live by old money principles? Here in the states your neighbor could have millions and you would never know it. And what about the old money people (which are a tiny minority these days) who aren’t snobs and who see past the absurdity of pedigree.

    Pedigrees, in humans and dogs, are insidious.

    Every old money person has come from new money, this new money is what started their lineage. Thus by the law of transitivity every old money person is derived from new money. The amount of generations are arbitrary and whimsical masks for this fact. This is true in a genetic sense as well. And genetically speaking, limiting breeding to a limited circle is bad for health. See Utah and backwoods inbreeding for more info.

    Hence why I define someone as new money or old money, not based on the fraudulent notion of pedigree, but based on money habits. Pedigree or lack thereof won’t save your wealth but habits will. You must be good with wealth to conserve your inheritance. You must be extremely good with wealth to create it yourself and then conserve it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where your money came from. It matters how you handle it.

  4. Good Afternoon,

    I think that this article makes a whole lot of common sense. As a result, my grandmother and her family was born in the country and in a low-income community. They grew up poor and they work very hard to keep the family strong and happy. We wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in our mouths but we do what we can to work hard and to provide for our children and our children’s children. I agree about the people who was raised with old money, because a real person with old money worked very hard, busted their asses to get a good start in life and never have the time and patience to squander their money by going to fancy parties, dance clubs, and fine jewelry. People with old money work very hard by paying bills, taking care of their family, and to help other people who are less fortunate enough to get what they want.

    As for me and my family I think that God is the only solution to make us rich. Because the bible scripture that was taken from Matthew 6:33 says that we shall seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you. We must remember to put God first and pray to the Lord and love him with all of your heart, mind, soul, and all mankind. Because, he is there when you’re lonely, hurt, sad, and don’t have the resources to keep the family together. To keep us rich in our hearts, our mind, and our spirit, we must do what we can to put our trust in God, and to work very hard to get everything we needed

  5. Tuscan leather on

    I have more admiration for the new money, especially the ones who acquired their wealth on their own by making smart decisions and through hardwork and dedication. Old money people are basically born in wealth and have done absolutely nothing to aquire what they have, just a bunch of silver spoon fed, egotistical oligarchs. There’s nothing admirable about that.

  6. Hello Anna,
    I think you should include Lady Kitty Spencer too here. She’s a great example of old money & jetset babe. She’s very beautiful & elegant, and active on Instagram too! Love her so much, my role model! 😍

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