Wednesday, January 29

What You See On Instagram Is Pure Fiction

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It’s no news really, but sometimes it’s good to reflect a little… What Social Media does to us. What perfect images on Instagram do to us. What watching all these beautiful JetsetBabes do to us. 

Our rational selves know it very well. We know it’s not all real. We know the power of Photoshop and how perfect an image can look with the right skills and a little bit of preparation. We know there is always two sides of the coin, where we only get to see a glimpse of what’s positive. The rest remains in the unknown.

Did you know that of all social media channels, Instagram is the most toxic one according to research? It can trigger depression, anxiety, eating disorders etc. 

So we’re not stupid, we get all these things. But being the impressionable humans that we are, our minds still take a hit. Even if it’s a small hit somewhere far back in our subconscious. We compare ourselves a little; we start questioning why our lives don’t look like that, we wonder why everyone seems to live a better life?

If you’ve never felt this way during these years you’ve been using Instagram, congratulations. You must be a rare breed! I think so many of us occasionally have these feelings, perhaps a little bit extra during times when our personal lives feels challenging.

Some examples:

We think all JetsetBabes have perfect hair with no split ends.

– Makes you wonder how that’s even possible?!

A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata) on


We think JetsetBabes eat whatever they want and never struggle to remain thin.

– While you gain 2 kg just by having one cheat meal!

A post shared by @mashatert on


We think everyone is always travelling first class.

– Everyone but you of course!


We think JetsetBabes must be rich because of their extravagant shopping habits.

– While you work 40+ hours a week and make just enough to settle your bills. 


We think all JetsetBabes are born pretty and have perfect skin on top of it.

– While you take 100 selfies and still look basic…

A post shared by Mariana (@nika_mariana92) on


We think JetsetBabes have loads of friends and live really happy lives.

– Then you remember how many actually turned up last time you organised a party…

A post shared by Diletta Amenta (@dilettamenta) on


We think everyone has perfectly shaped butts.

– While you do 100 squats per day and still see no difference…

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on


We think JetsetBabes never work and only travel to luxurious destinations.

– And you’re slaving at a full-time job because how else would you pay your bills?

A post shared by Sofia Saravda (@sofiasaravda) on


We think JetsetBabes have the most generous and loving boyfriends.

– And you can’t even find someone serious enough to invite you out for dinner. 

A post shared by Anya (@snow_cherry) on


We think all JetsetBabes have perfect bodies and long, killer legs.

– Then you get photographed in a bikini and you understand that you don’t.

A post shared by Anna Chibisova (@annetch) on


We think everyone is successful and is a super VIP.

– So you compare yourself, and wonder where did it all go wrong? 

A post shared by Diletta Amenta (@dilettamenta) on

Our brains get fed with this so regularly; we start to believe this is normality.

We look at our own real lives, no matter how well we live, it can never compare to the picture perfect girls on Instagram. It’s hard to stay rational sometimes. But it’s important not to get sucked into these reactions, which is why I felt like creating this post as a little reminder.

What we see is not real life.

Instagram is a place where people put highlights from their lives, entirely out of context. They only show the positive, because who would want to show the negative to the world? They make efforts with their images to only present the most beautiful sides of themselves and their lives.

Keep this in mind whenever you get any of these comparison thoughts. Really learn to see the difference between fiction (what social media actually is) vs. reality. Social media is not reality even though it fools us to believe it is. Take this in to account everyday, every time you open social media, blogs, etc. A healthy mind will give you a healthy life. 



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Everything about this post is so true! But I must say that @annetch does have extremely long legs, at least they seem so in every single one of her pictures, she must be tall.

    One thing I’ve realised also is that more often than it should, the designer bags some of these girls carry are fake :/ Even girls that own real ones…

    • She might have long (or at least longer than average) legs. But it’s also worth noting that she is very good with using “optical illusion” in her photos. By shooting from below and certain angles, doing certain poses with her legs, they look extremely long.

  2. Dina Strange on

    Anna, for some reason I am blocked on your instagram, even though I had never commented anything on it? Can you check it?

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