Thursday, February 20

Navy Is The New Black

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I want to take the time to talk about the color that we incorporate in our wardrobe. Anna recently did a post about silks and how she thought it to be one of the most luxurious and classy fabrics, I am inclined to agree with her.

I don’t know about you but I for one always placed more importance on fabric selection rather than color. Hence my wardrobe is mostly black. Whether you’re new to the jetset lifestyle or have been a part of the lifestyle for a while, our wardrobe says so much about us and how others perceive us. In this lifestyle perception is an important aspect to consider, it can make or break you.

Color is one of the contributing factors to one’s perception of us. If you are working on leveling up, you might be investing in new clothes and accessories. Most of the time we think of luxurious items as an investment so it’s easy to be drawn to black (the old saying reigns true, black goes with everything).

However, I’m here to tell you that you’ll want to give navy a chance once you see these jetset babes with their navy ensembles:

Navy is a cool, classy color that looks great on all skin tones and is quite flattering. Make sure to sign up with and Anna will send you a free wardrobe cheat sheet that reviews other classy color palettes and fabric choice to build a classy and elegant wardrobe. (See the form in the end of this post)

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🇬🇧so happy here!

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My little monkey 😜 Fillipa

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Do you have a signature color that you like to incorporate in your wardrobe?

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  1. I recently bought some basics in navy and the great thing is, like black it’s very slimming, but it’s out of the norm and no so boring as basic black!

  2. Fernanda Pinillos on

    Dearest Anna,
    Im a (i would say pretty, hahaha) 47 years old Colombian babe! I’m learning soo much from you! ❤️💕🥰
    Thank you for the stories, I love them! Thank you for saying beautiful things about my country!
    Like you, I knew I wanted another life so I started traveling at age 21, I went all over he world and had rich European men offered me the world. But of one thing I was clear: I wanted LOVE! I never agreed to date just for money.

    I totally agree with you in what you teach, how to improve ourselves, or educate ourselves to get ahead, not to take advantage of other people’s feelings! No! I never did that!

    I have so many similar interests, stories and opinions! I’m from an upper middle class family, but I have always been “well off” I know I have never had to work for “need”
    I have had only a few jobs and I have created businesses and I totally agree with you: men can provide! If we know our place and respect theirs, there is absolutely no shame, neither “stupid rebellion”

    This modern “feminism” is of the devil! Literally!!!
    Why not? Men need in their instincts to provide, to be the strong side, we need to be protected and valued and nurtured! It is in our genes! Our nature!
    I want you to know I soo appreciate what you do!!! Please tell these girls!!!
    Fashion is a crime nowadays
    Manners are out the window
    Etiquette or protocol? No one knows what that means any more
    Woman and man value and roles? Gone or messed up

    Dearest Anna: girls sabotage themselves so bad!!! At least I did, for years, I’m redoing myself now, slowly accepting my value and understanding my place. Thanks God He gave them a gorgeous husband that adores me and understands my value! I have issues internally to accept my own value and to desire for more

    I get scared when shopping for myself. I fear entering the expensive stores, he keeps buying me expensive stuff and I must admit, I’m very classy and elegant by nature, but life changed me to sloppy and careless, so I keep saying I don’t want anything. I don’t want to ruin his behaviors. He is sooo good to me. He wants to give me the best, I I really get scared and sweaty just thinking about shopping.

    My health has not been the best so years of cancer and depression took a toll on me.

    Im re-defining myself, and finding you during this new process has been a blessing. My boys are getting into college and I will be soon alone with my husband; I want to be beautiful, and happy and pretty for him! We enjoy traveling the world together. I have realized I need to lose weight and to dress better Anna. This is my flaw as of now..

    I also had plastic surgeries on my early 30s (only body, not my face, very pretty, expensive like you say. Cheap is not good). I must admit I look very young for my age, I have beautiful skin and beautiful hair and no one thinks I’m older than 35 maybe. So I do need to recover my energy, desires to dress up, to stylish my hair, to do my nails, to do my makeup … I have no energy, I lost interest 🙁
    Watching your videos has helped me soooo much you have no idea!!!

    I love you and admire you for what you do. This is real woman power! Not that stupid war those masculine women have created against men!
    What you do is real feminism.

    Anna girls sabotage themselves, many have lack of self esteem and settle for less, and many others (most) are so money hungry that it shows, and the way they dress!! It’s horrendous!!! Horrendous! I totally agree with you: that yoga pants trend it’s the most outrageous thing that could have happened to beauty and elegance.

    Many girls, specially in my country use plastic surgery to create absurd curves, which scream “I’m cheap” and then dress so vulgar! How do they think men treat them seriously???

    Ohh, I live in USA. Almost 20 years in Boston and now going on 6 years in Atlanta. We are not into the Jetset, but I’m feeling in my heart a change coming up soon, so I need to prepare to be by my husband’s side, strong and beautiful so he can feel totally supported and proud to have me.
    I love Switzerland by the way!!! Would love to hear much more about your experience in the finishing school! Please record more videos. My grandma always taught us the importance of dressing and behaving properly, no one does that any more with their daughters. It’s all this stupid trend of “women power” all messed up!

    I would love to meet you!!! Would love to go together for coffee or dinner, you have won a great admirer fellow lady! Keep up the good work!!! Who knows… maybe one day!

    With much love and admiration,
    Fernanda Pinillos

  3. For me, my cool color of choice has been emerald green. My warm color if choice is red. But I can see appeal of navy, It is a lovely neutral and works with a variety of skin tones.

  4. Ghislaine Beaucé on

    Personally, I have never liked black that much, I have always gone for navy blue or grey instead. Blue has been my favourite colour since I was a little girl, and navy does look great on every skin tone! I do have a couple of black items that I wear occasionally, but I keep the black in my wardrobe to a minimum.

  5. I think it all depends on your skintone. If you have a blue undertone, navy works. Also works for black women with really dark skin especially blue undertone. Men LOVE black dresses but black doesn’t work on everyone, especially if you are not a Winter or almost Winter. So I think its important as a fashion designer to learn color theory and find your black equivalent. Mine is a dark chocolate or deep teal as a winter.

    For Anna Bey, its deep blue. To look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in her black dress… you have to find your dark colour equivalent of black by your colour type. For very dark black African women like Nigerian, I recommend actually find your Rosé – a dior violet/grey pink if you have a blue undertone and a ballet slipper/peach pink with a yellow undertone if you have warm skin undertone. Most US African American women will find a dark teal/navy/black that fits them.

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