Nails and Shellac

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Shellac & Nails


Doing manicure and pedicure is a must for any person, female or men.

Freshly groomed nails is something very important to your overall appearance, even though people may think it’s just a small detail. It’s not. See a gorgeous women with chipped nail polish and you’ll immediately change your mind and find her less attractive. Same goes with men. I’ve met good looking guys who have dirt under their nails and it totally put me off.

Nails don’t need to be all fancy, but they need to be groomed! Think fresh and clean.



I do shellac manicure and pedicure every second week. (Pedicure sometimes less frequently as feet tend to last longer than hands). My favourite brand is OPI shellac. I think they last the longest. Not even CND (which I think is second best) last as long.

I mostly do french manicure as it looks elegant and guys love it. But in my experience, french manicure only looks good for maximum 1 week and then it starts to look dull. So you must go to the salon often!

I like nude or beige coloured nails as it looks very natural. Unfortunately any light colours (just like french) look good for a week tops! For that reason I tend to use darker colours when I don’t have the time to run to salons every time. I think Black Cherry Chutney and Malaga Wine from OPI are both very elegant and chic. I tend to stick to these tones and not experiment so much with nail colours, as I want nails to look classic and elegant.



My new idea is to actually buy my own OPI curing lamp with gel polish and tools, and start doing my shellac at home instead of at salons. It’s a big money and time saver!

One of the most boring things I know is to get a manicure done at a salon, because you can’t entertain yourself with anything, just stare at the wall. For that reason doing your nails at home in front of the tv, is like killing two birds in one stone.

Does anyone do their shellac at home and could give some advice?


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  1. Absolutely love your bloggg! But please could we have more Jetset stories, pretty please!! The birds eye view of jet set lifestyle is just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A good filing/cutting and simple clear coat can look pretty elegant as well without putting much effort. Also, it’s so important to keeps your hands moisturized to help you nails grow healthy and strong so they don’t chip or peel. It makes a difference I have seen.

    Perhaps you should do a more in depth post about nail care. 🙂

  3. Yes! I do it at home – and it’s so much better I even do acrylic under to be able to have longer nails without them breaking! My best tips is to find the things at Amazon since it’s cheaper but the same quality as specific “nail online shops”. One of my main tips is to use a pencil with some acetone around the cuticles before harden the colour to get that even line you get in the salons.

  4. I have whole set lamp and base top etc and I have to admit it’s such a money and time saving… You can do it easily yourself same good as in the saloon. And I also tried many brand and have to confirm OPI is the best. Warm greetings

  5. I got lamp and all for shellact and gelish harmoney.
    I prefer Gelish Harmony over cnd shellac.
    I do my nails at home it takes me just 40-50minutes.

    But recently i started go to salon to do gel nails as i want longer nails and its not so easy to grow them long.

    As well i love french nails and by myself u cant make french or any other design, just simply one color.

    Yes it saves lot of money and time.
    I did order my shellaca on ebay cause it was on half cheaper than in the store 🙂

  6. Been using Sally Hansen Miracel Gel on my weak nails, the top coat keeps for at least 4-5 days perfect ( no chips) on miracel gel polishes or other brands.
    You can take it off with regular remover !

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