Mykonos Luxury Travel Guide

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This summer I traveled to Mykonos to see what the latest fuss is all about! Without a doubt, Mykonos is currently THE trendiest hot-spot for jet-setters to travel to in July & August.

This all happened in the last 2-3 years and all of a sudden, St Tropez and Ibiza became old news, Mykonos was on everyone’s lips!

I decided to visit Mykonos at the top peak: the last week of July and my experience was influenced by this, unfortunately. It was extremely crowded and at times annoying, but I will try to stay as objective as possible for the sake of this review.

Here is the Ultimate Luxury travel guide to Mykonos where I’m sharing with you all the intel and recommendations of where to go and how to visit Mykonos in style.

Mykonos, Greece

The Crowd

Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Nouveau Riche, Flashy people, Rich kids, Burning Man styled people, Trendy young crowd, Affluent people, Party people, Models, Influencers, Celebrities. A very mixed crowd!

Nationality wise there was mainly Europeans: Greek, British, Eastern Europeans, Italian, French. Besides the Europeans, I spotted many North Americans, Latin Americans, Russians & Middle-Eastern (young middle-eastern men particularly).

Remaining nationalities like Asians, Indians, Africans and Australians, I didn’t see many of during my stay.

The Vibe

Mykonos is mostly a party island, similar to Ibiza. It took over the throne from Ibiza in recent years, so now every party jet-setter visits Mykonos! I would advise coming here as part of a group, to party for a few days, not to relax for 10 days like we did! (Big mistake!)

What To Expect

The island is relatively small, and Mykonos doesn’t offer much in terms of what you can do. The main tourist attraction is to visit the neighbouring Delos island, which is a Unesco World Heritage site. But frankly, I don’t know anyone who’s been to Mykonos who’s been there!

People travel to Mykonos for a maximum of 5 days to let their hair down! They party both day and night (day-time you party at the trendy beach clubs, night-time you continue inside Mykonos town).

In between all of this you soak up some sun, eat some greek food and watch a beautiful sunset. If you want more than this, Mykonos is quite limited! Luckily, there is an abundance of beach clubs and restaurants to discover for anyone who is a foodie. Please be aware that slow service and queuing for an hour during peak season is to be expected!

The Fashion

Mykonos is all about boho romantic chic! If you dress very preppy, elegant or extravagant usually – now is the time to dress down and be casual!

Colors: White, Light, Bright, and Earthy.

Materials: Lace, crochet, anything flowy, chiffon, linen, silk.

Dresses: Maxi, midi or mini dresses, pair them with gladiator sandals.

Beachwear: Missoni, cute beach cover-ups, headbands, hats, anything colourful.

Shoes: Do not bring any heels! If you need heels then maybe wear Espadrilles with a small wedge. Wear sandals, preferably gladiator sandals. Leave your ballerinas, sneakers, and elegant shoes at home. This is a casual island!

Where To Stay

Santa Marina Resort

This is where we stayed and I’m truly grateful that we chose this hotel as it was the best part of our trip! We loved this hotel as the service is great, it’s incredibly chic, and the clientele is A+. Only affluent people, a bit older and a more sophisticated crowd compared to the rest of Mykonos which has on average a very young crowd.

You also have the very popular Buddha-Bar beach club & restaurant as part of the hotel. Very rich and nouveau riche crowd for lunch and dinner (be prepared to see many bodyguards), but definitely worth a visit! (I preferred lunch over dinner there!

Other Popular Hotels

Cavo Tagoo
Myconian Utopia

Best Beach Clubs For Jet Setters

Principote Panormos Beach club

This was our favorite beach club and the most luxurious on the island (besides Buddha-Bar). All the other beach clubs run a theme of “Burning Man” / Rustic style which was not something we enjoyed too much.

All the beach clubs have days when they organize special parties with famous dj’s, so that’s something to be aware of! (Depending on whether you like that atmosphere or not).

Other Popular Beach-Clubs

Listed below are all the other popular beach-clubs where you rent a sun-bed, have lunch, enjoy a party atmosphere and connect with affluent people.

Hippie Fish

Where To Go At Night

Start your night with a late dinner in Mykonos town! Here are some popular hot-spots for the rich:

LingLing (by Hakkasan)
Sea Satin
  • Buddha-Bar

They also have Matsuhisa and Nobu, but I didn’t hear any good reviews so far about them in terms of food quality or ambiance.

Our favorite restaurant was by far – Remezzo! Amazing food, nice crowd, fun entertainment, and beautiful surroundings! We went twice, and I still dream about their Watermelon salad!

For dancing, there are plenty of places where to go — both bars, night-clubs or restaurants that turn in to a disco. Often times the beach-clubs continue their parties until late so you might just stay there!

Some bars/clubs with an elite crowd

Bon Bonniere
Sea satin

Mykonos Tips
  • Eat late! Don’t make dinner reservations before 22:00, as everyone eats late there.
  • Don’t rely on taxi or Uber; there are not many of them on the island!
  • Rent a Smart car! The roads are narrow and chaotic in some parts. Many people rent motorbikes and quad-bikes, but I would avoid it. There are approx 100 people who die in the traffic in Mykonos each summer so please be careful!
  • Leave your heels at home! You will not wear them, and if you do, you will feel awkward as nobody is wearing heels on the island!
  • Be prepared for delays in your flight arrival and departure to Mykonos. Due to the tiny airport and too many airplanes wanting to land, it’s a more common practice that each arrival or departure gets delayed with at least an hour! If you have a connection flight on your departure, make sure to give yourself extra time.
  • The island is very windy, if you’re a nervous flyer, expect turbulence both at take-off and landing.
  • Due to the wind, expect never to have a good hair day! Wear your hair tied up in a ponytail or bun to avoid getting annoyed!
  • The most happening in Mykonos is in the last week of July when I visited! Be prepared that it’s crowded & you need to make reservations for the popular spots months in advance or have a concierge service that makes the bookings for you! (We had a concierge, and it was the best!)
  • Be prepared for spending a lot of money in Mykonos! It’s an expensive island with prices similar to Ibiza and St Tropez. The food/service quality might not always live up to the charges, but if you travel to a number 1 trendy place, you pay for the hype many times!


Mykonos is great if you’re single or travel there as part of a group. We made the mistake of going there for 10 days (way too long!), looking for a more quiet and relaxing trip.

I would personally not go back, but it’s great for networking and like I said – especially if you’re single. Men are easy to connect with on the island even if they might not be necessarily looking for anything serious (but hey, you never know!)

Go to Mykonos just for fun, to let your hair down and maximum for 5 days! Just don’t cry afterward when you see your credit card statement. I warned you!

If you have any additional recommendations for Mykonos, share them as a comment under this post.


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  1. Most accurate post about Mykonos I’ve read! Going there for 5 days is great as you need time to visit all the hot spots. There’s a charm to the island but I was definitely let down by a few things especially to do with how busy the island was.

  2. These simple tips are really simple.I have used all these tips and I am surprised that these all works fine.You are a great advisor.Thanks for advising these simple tools.

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