Thursday, December 12

My Wardrobe Intervention

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My Wardrobe Intervention

I’ve realized I need a new wardrobe. Like seriously 🙂 Since I’m going through a life change at the moment, that totally requires new clothes to start fresh with. All my old stuff carry so much memories and in some cases negative energy. Also I’ve collected so much black clothes and I’m over this color. I have dark hair and covering myself in black clothes makes me look like a funeral.

Spring is on the way so it’s time for new beginnings and a new wardrobe.

I’m currently on saving mode but I need to do this as I see it as investment in myself and my happiness 🙂 Old stuff will go to charity, new stuff will be shipped straight to home. (FYI, I’m DONE with shopping in real stores. Too damn tiring!)

I’ve decided to only shop light colors, especially Camel, Nude, Peach and other pale colors I’m totally craving right now. Ahhh, Happy times 😀



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  1. I just came across a great website/app where you can set a search/find lots of beautiful fashion items – and reading your post right now about your wardrobe makeover, I thought you may like to check it out: (one doesn’t have to sign in to view the items). especially if your’re thinking of online shopping, it may open a vast array of some nice ideas…or may help with the usual question “where can i find this?” which i also ask myself very often 😉 hope you may find it as interesting/useful.
    would be also great to hear how you manage to get back on track with the gym routine. any tips on how you finally managed to start again after a long break? would be greatly appreciated for self-application purposes ;))

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