My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products Of 2017 That I Can’t Live Without

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I want to share with you My Top 10 list of favorite beauty products that I was using a lot in 2017. Some of them are old-time favorites; some are recent discoveries. Regardless, I wanted to mention them on my Top 10 list as these products delivered their promises and they might work for you too!

Please note, I’m not going to present them in a particular order, as they are all equal in my opinion (besides number 10, which is a secret Top 1 Favorite.)

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Обещанный антирейтинг! Мои преданные читатели знают, какой я бьюти-маньяк. Хлебом не корми, дай попробовать что-то новенькое, из ванной могу не выходить часами. Мой тернистый бьюти-путь пролегает, и через марки с громкими именами, и через скромных представителей мира органики. Но сначала о тех, кто не оправдал моих больших надежд. Первое место в моем личном антирейтинге (подчеркиваю, что это – мое мнение, и эти средства не подошли именно мне) – марка La Prairie. Вроде бы все на месте – швейцарский паспорт, драгоценные ингредиенты (золото, платина, икра в составе, все так подозрительно блестит), пул звездных поклонниц, а нет! Попробовав всю линейку, особенно меня подвел крем для глаз. Кожа моментально покраснела и стала сухой. С упаковкой этих средств выходит та еще сказочка про Кощея, помните «в сундуке — заяц, в зайце — утка, в утке — яйцо, в яйце — игла»?. За огромной коробкой, целлофановой упаковкой, кроется еще какая-нибудь коробочка, а в ней заветная баночка. Открываешь, затаив дыхание, а там чудо-крема буквально на донышке. Смеешься сквозь слезы. Соотношение цена/качество – 10 из 10 со знаком минус. Любви с этой маркой у меня не вышло, разве что только с их тональными средствами. Хотя и им давно уже нашла достойную замену!

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1. NARS “Radiant creamy concealer” in color Custard

Nars Concealer in Colour CustardI use the color “Custard” and I understand why all beauty bloggers are in love with this product. The coverage is excellent, and it conceals with great finesse, making pimples and dark circles disappear magically! Extra plus for a good consistency, leaving a very natural result.

2. L’oreal Sublime Bronze Facial Self-Tanning Dry Mist for Face

Loreal Sublime Bronze Fake Tan Spray for Face
This fake tan I order together with my groceries from the supermarket.
I never thought I could find something this good for beauty where I buy my food! For me, it’s enough to spray on a clean face (no cream underneath), and a few hours later people ask me if I’ve been abroad. When I mention fake tan, they get surprised by how even the results are and how natural and real it looks.

3. Biologique Recherche Facial Toner “P50”

Biologique Recerche P50 Facial TonerNot the nicest smell, and quite pricey! But this facial toner is one that is doing its job! It’s also the bestseller of the entire brand, and I understand why. The results are fantastic! Whenever I have breakouts, or I feel my skin is dirty, I use this toner as it clears up the skin already the next day, making it look so much fresher!

4. OPI Gel Nail Kit


OPI Gel Nail KitBuying a curing lamp, tools for manicure and gel colors, was probably one of the best investments I’ve done! So much money and time I have saved from going to my usual nail salon next door that charges me £50 for a manicure with gel. It’s my second year I’m doing my nails at home in front of the TV, and I’m lovin’ it. The OPI gel colours I use are mainly “Malaga Wine”, “Red hot Rio”, “Bubble Bath”. Please note, I use a “CND” curing lamp because it was cheaper but works equally well with OPI products.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer and highlighter palette “Film star”

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer and highlighter

The only bronzer I use and the color is perfect for my type of skin tone. The plus is the highlighter that comes in the palette which does the job and adds that extra glow. A good quality product that is not tested on animals which is the best bonus ever!

6. L’oreal Lip Liner in colour “Bois de Rose”

Bois de Rose Loreal Lip Liner

Another drugstore product I found that is cheap, but works as well as anything more expensive. I never use lipgloss, but I love lipsticks. Last year I started to use the only lipliner to add color to my lips, and I always use the same types of shades. They are often described as “Rose” and is a natural looking color. However, I’m going to look for a new lipliner as Loreal test all their products on animals, and it’s not something I want to support.

7. Refecto Cil Eyebrow Tint

Refecto Cil Eyebrow Tint

The best and longest lasting tint I’ve tried. I get the dark brown, and it’s enough to color my brows once or twice a month. I don’t like to fill my eyebrows so much with makeup/pencil, although I still do it sometimes. That’s why I prefer using a tint because I won’t need to do anything with my brows after and they will look natural and very fresh.

9. Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Protective Detangling Mist

Charles Worthington Detangler
How do you guys brush your hair after washing it? I cannot live without a detangling leave-in conditioner, that I spray on to my hair after towel drying it. Carefully do I then untangle my hair with a tangleteezer (another god’s given product) and only after do I put in all the serums and heat protection mists that I use before blowdrying.

To be honest, I find all untangling sprays to be similar, so I don’t have a particular favorite. I buy whatever I find in my nearest shop, and Charles Worthington is a mass market brand I find to be quite good.

10. Raw Vegetables and Fruits

This list is about beauty products, and how can I not include the best beauty products that exist out there?! These are the items that create our skin, give us building blocks for reparation and collagen production. What we put inside us, is what will come up to the surface of your skin.

I’m going strong with my Raw vegan diet, and it has helped me so much in my appearance. If I think about all the beauty treatments and beauty products I’ve tried in my entire life, nothing has been as effective as when I changed diet.

As a side note, intermittent fasting has also contributed. I see a big difference in my face the next morning, when I eat and when I don’t eat dinner (my eating window stops at 6 pm on days I skip dinner). On days that I eat normal/dinner, I wake up with a puffy and swollen face. Whenever I stop eating at 6 pm, I don’t get any of those effects.

I will dig deeper into beauty products on my Youtube Channel, that is coming very soon! Don’t forget to Subscribe; I will be launching my first video next week!


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  1. Great pos as always, Anna! I really love the nars concealer and the L’Oréal lipliner as well, they always make me feel put together and beautiful. I have a suggestion for you: when you click on “embed” on Instagram to copy the code to place a photo in your post, you could uncheck the little box that includes the caption. I personally prefer when the caption doesn’t show on the blog, mainly because sometimes they’re really long (like in the first picture of this post). Just an idea, of course! Keep up the good work ❤️

  2. Thank you for a great post 🙂 I’m looking into starting doing my manicures at home and wonder where you got your equipment – the curing lamp and the OPI gel colours?

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