Wednesday, November 13

My Perfume: Frederic Malle

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Frederic Malle Portrait of a lady

Finally. I’ve been hunting for my “next scent” for about a year now, but not been able to find anything suitable. The perfumes I’ve previously used have been the first edition of “Agent Provocateur” which I’ve loved, but after smelling it on too many other people I got bored of buying it. Another favourite of mine was the pink bottle of Armani Glam but they stopped producing it many years ago.

Now I’ve found THE perfume (thanks to an ex colleague who has the same, lol) which I can announce as my new signature scent.


“Portrait of a lady” by Frederic Malle.


When you first spray the perfume on your skin you will think “Damn, this smells too heavy & too much oriental!”. But after 20 min when the perfume has blended with the oils of your skin, out comes this amazing perfectly blended smell;

Patchouli, Sandalwood, Red roses, Cinnamon, Musk & Frankincense

The smell is very smooth, velvety with the feel of baroque to it. Could be similar to Agent Provocateur.


Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle


A reason why I really wanted to get a perfume by Frederic Malle in particular is because it’s not a mainstream perfume brand.

It’s more expensive than the usual brands (I paid £210 for 100ml) and it’s usually sold in classic perfumeries rather than large department stores.

But it was well worth the money, as I believe when you really fall in love with something – money doesn’t matter anymore. Right girls? 😉


Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle



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  1. I LOVED Armani Glam. I used to get complimented on it all the time and no one could pick what scent it was. 🙂

    btw – Been reading your blog for about 18 months now, I love how you have the contrast of realism and fantasy ‘Jet-set’ lifestyle to keep us ladies motivated. Keep up the great work!

    • How exciting to find someone else who used to be a fan of that perfume! I remember wearing it a lot when I was living in Rome, giving me flashbacks when I smell this perfume. I’m actually thinking of buying a bottle from Ebay, as I’ve seen they are selling some. Could be wise to stock up before they vanish for good!

      Thank you for the kind words and very happy to have a reader who has been with me since the beginning. It’s very much motivating for myself to continue 🙂 xxx

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