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My 6 favorite Hair Products

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The best hair products

My 6 Favorite Hair Products

– Hair Products I use for everyday

I’m very unfortunate when it comes to hair as I was born with very fine hair that easily gets damaged and hard to get volume unless you have the right products. For many years I’ve been abusing hairspray, back combing and heat products just to be able to turn my flat hair in to something with more volume. I never knew I was stuck in a bad circle until I tried my luck with organic hair care products.

I once read that normal hair products contain chemicals that are actually damaging and drying your hair out, various parabens, sulfates and silicones. You can easily spot them if you read the back of the labels – everything that ends with “-ate, -cone and parabens” are not good for your hair!

Amazing hair

I did a test where I only used organic hair products that didn’t contain any of the mentioned above over a period of time, and did I see results! My hair had such a radical improvement,  people actually where asking me what I’ve done to it. It got natural volume (no more back coming needed) and the dry ends were long gone! Halleluja!

To achieve this I tried all kinds organic products, but the ones below became my favorites that are now included in my daily hair routine:


1. John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner – Amazing products, a bit expensive but worth it. I go to sleep with wet hair and wake up with amazing volume and shine.

2. Giovanni Deep conditioning hair mask – I use this when I’m not in a hurry and can leave it on for approx 15 min to properly let the juices work it’s magic 🙂

3. John Masters hair detangler – I always need to brush through my hair with a wide comb when it’s wet or else it doesn’t settle properly, but for that I always use a detangler so I damage as little as possible

4. Giovanni 2chic conditioner – For those days I don’t have time to do a proper hair mask I do a quick one for 5 min of this.

5. Lovea Pure Argain oil – Don’t buy those commercial argain oil products! Read the label, they never contain 100% argain oil for your hair! You need to go to an organic shop and buy 100% pure argain oil like this (it’s also cheaper!) to get the real deal! I always put argain oil in wet hair but also every morning when I style it.

6. John Masters Deep scalp folicle treatment for thinning hair – A must in wet hair but only for the roots. It works and has helped me a lot with my thin hair problem!


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