My Detox Diary

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My second day detoxing feels great!

No sugar, No alcohol, No Cigarettes, No Junk/Fast/Ready made food, No Sodas/Energy drinks, No Caffeine. Yey!

I need to get my spirit in balance and this will help a lot. I’m not taking this is a diet detox, I still eat food I just eat Raw food that is 100% natural ingredients. It’s time to be kind to yourself and I will do this the entire week, otherwise what’s the point!

As a part of the mental detox I will get all my negative emotions out of my system that I have been holding on to. This relates to some people where there has been anger/disappointment towards. Instead of them popping up in my head & I feel anoyment from time to time, it’s necessary to set those emotions free. Although for some people it may sound like a lot of BS, but it actually works.



When the person you have negative emotions with comes up in your head, set him/she free by sending over positive thoughts filled with love & best wishes.

May sound hard to do, but its effective. Try it and see what happens. I promise you these people will haunt you less and once they appear you just kill the negativity with positivity. Positive is the way to go in life 🙂

I’ve had some real low points recently, and today is the first day when things actually are starting to feel better. I’m going to take this Tuesday to take good care of myself, take it easy and work on important things that really matters. Wish you a great day girls! <3


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  1. I absolutely love your blog! Idk how my lucky self came across it but it deserves its own shortcut on my phone:)

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