Wish List for Spring 2014

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Alaïa Skater Dress

Skater dresses are not really the newest fashion in town, but for some reason I haven’t gotten around of buying one yet. I really wouldn’t mind running around in this one when I’m tanned looking pretty damn fresh.



Burberry Crystal Heels

They look damn uncomfortable but I’d buy them anyway just to put them on a shelf to look pretty. (Or to wear once, stain by accident and never ever wear again. lol)



Manolo Blahnik Pumps

…Same goes for these beautiful darlings. I mean really, I wish I could get them in all the freakin’ colors, to leave around the house as decoration.. I haven’t tried these ones but they also look so uncomfortable, probably only suitable as dinner shoes with Zero walking.



Dolce & Gabbana Iphone 5 Case

I don’t like all these weird cases with animals or french fries, for me it has got to be something sleek and simple.



Christian Louboutin Cataclou Wedges

Can’t get over this shoe… Damnit… I’m already fantasizing about my super tanned legs running around in Ibiza this summer wearing this gorgeous wedge. Anyone up for sponsorship?



Dior Bracelet

Chic, glamorous and not something you would wear fist pumping in a night club. Definitely something more for the elegant lunches or 5 star dinners.



Dolce & Gabbana Dress

Mmmm come to mama! Loooove this dress! Feels so summery and girly, yet you can wear to a party and look absolutely stunning. Honestly, I love most of the dresses by Dolce & Gabbana, this is one of the favorites!



Gucci Heels

This shoe feels so much like 70’s glamour, and I LOVE IT! Wear it together with wide trousers or anything boho and you still look like a JetsetBabe. With the wide heel and straps this seems to be quite a stable shoe to walk in, so thumbs up!

wishlist-gucci-heels wishlist-gucci-heels


Hermès Oran Slip in

Kinda old news now, but who hasen’t got a pair of these comfortable slippers? Well not me, that’s why it’s on my wish list. Will probably buy them for this summer as I don’t really have anything to wear for the beach.



Louis Vuitton Boucle Jacket

Still not tired of the Boucle fashion and I would happily meet spring 2014 in this cute little thing.



Louis Vuitton Glitter Wedge

I would pick the nude colored one as you know already my love for nude colored shoes… Interesting heel gives the shoe an expensive look which JetsetBabes like.



Max Mara Camel Coat

Coat season is almost gone, but I wouldn’t mind investing my last $$$$ on a camel coat I can wear forever.



Stella McCartney Falabella Bag

This bag is a few years old but I still love it. Will be buying the small one, but I wouldn’t mind this big one for every day slouching around my stuff in a chic way. Loooove the gold chain detail and cute little pendant.



Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

JetsetBabes love this model and I find it kinda funky. I need to stop being so boring with my traditional “Black Big Shades” and go exploring more in the jungle of sunglasses. This could definitely be the first candidate.




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