My 7 Favorite Make Up Products

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My favorite Beauty Products

My 7 favorite make up products

– Take a sneak peak in to my toilet bag

I’ve been a beauty junkie all my life, trying all brands and exploring my way around. I have finally found my basic make up products that are a must in my toilet bag and wich I use everyday!

    1. Mascara – Helena Rubinstein “Lash Queen” – One of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried them all, believe me!
    2. Concealer – Clinique “All about eyes” – I’m not lying when I say that you won’t find a better pimple coverer than this! I cover redness and blemishes with this one and it does it’s magic. Not sure how it is for eye circles as I don’t have that, but it’s quite a thick concealer (god bless!)
    3. Bronzer – Loreal “Glam Bronze Mineral” – Cheap and serves a great purpose! Love the small “bronzer balls” meaning you never dip your brush and get too much bronzer so you look like a distaster. Very nice color as well, I use the darkest one.
    4. Mineral Foundation Powder – Jane Iredale – I have acne prone skin which makes it impossible for me to wear any coverage on my face that is not mineral based and bismuth free. Thank god for this amazing powder foundation from Jane Iredale which is both. Believe me it’s a hassle to find mineral bismuth free foundations as most of them from the common brands like I.d Minerals, glo minerals, Bare escentuals etc all contain Bismuth which clogs your skin so you produce more acne! Avoid!
    5. Kabuki Brush – Inika – Invest in good brushes! This brush is vegan certified and such great quality! Love the feel on my skin!
    6. Liquid Foundation – Dior “Diorskin Forever” – This one is my absolute darling, I miss it as I cannot use it anymore. My skin breaks out immediatly if I wear liquid foundation (and especially if it’s not mineral based) so I keep this one only for special occasions. But I love it and it’s the best foundation ever made!
    7. Lipstick – I.d Minerals “Parfait” – When I first saw the color I’m like “no this looks old fashioned”, but then I tried it on and felt it was just spot on! I think it suits me as a person, but I have stopped completely with lipgloss and use only lipsticks and tinted lipbalms. This lipstick I use everyday as the color is very natural but still gives you great lips.

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  1. Hello,

    I use the Diorskin Forever foundation too but in the powder version. It’s refillable (in France). I absolutely adore it and can’t live without it. It does not break me out.

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