Morning chores

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God bless being jet-lagged!

I’m waking up at 5 am and go to sleep at 9 pm, perfect! Just the way I like it. 

I’m also back to juicin, which I have missed. Although I was able to juice every other day while traveling, it was still not the same as making your own juices.


Morning Routine


Now there are 2 things I’ve been terrible with during my trips, and that’s 1. Work out routine 2. Meditation.

The exercise part has been extremely irregular.

Those times when I lived on the beach and did not party much, I used to go for my morning runs. But that’s pretty much where it all stopped.

Then there were too many late nights involved and I just gave it all up. Shame! I need to get back on the wagon again.



The meditation part is one of the most important tools to keep my mind balanced.

While traveling and being surrounded by people 24/7, I find it very hard to relax, go in to myself and to actually sit down and be still.

There was just too much going on all the time. It’s there for extremely important for me to start meditating again and to actually make it a regular thing.



To summarize, I’m realizing that this summer I will continue to be on the road, hence need to sort out a way to incorporate work out and meditation in a regular routine of mine.

It’s way easier said than done, especially when you have plenty of distractions in your life.

How do you girls manage to keep your routine balanced when being on the go or having a hectic life?



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  1. Anna Maria on

    For me the answer is being organised or/and trying to fit into your schedule workout routine + meditation. Personally I would rather get up earlier than stay late so I prefer working out in the morning (it’s my first thing to do after waking up and as I workout at home I don’t need special time to commute to gym/pack my things etc.) and meditating just before going to bed. Of course sometimes it’s impossible so that I keep everything flexible – when I don’t have time to workout in the morning I’ll workout when I have spare time or I change my whole routine (for example rest days – it can be Sunday or Wednesday, duration of a workout etc.)
    As I have been pretty busy for at least 9 months, because of my senior year at high school and exams, I sometimes do two things at once – I invite my friends for cycling tour, horse riding or (ice)skating. So I not only work out but also I meet my friends and believe me we have more fun being outdoor than spending time in restaurant/cafe or at home.

    Glad you’re back! Looking forward to new posts! 😉

  2. Anonymous on

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    • it is paris… something i do not remeber but you can ggl it somewhere, the blond friend of olesya is still on the site
      i do not find anythig wrong which their service if this is what they want to do are good or have fun doing it
      but what surprised me was that the price she asked wasnt so high, i would imagine more

      • Anonymous on

        yeah i found that Site as well, i cannot believe that this is their only ‘Site’ as its not possible to afford several hermes bags, louboutins etc for such prices.. i wonder where theyre finding their generous sponsors. I mean they get presents regulary .. They get spoiled from their affairs for such a Long time .. JSB you should get a post for this! 😉
        God what a great idea? What do you think about a meeting of us for exchange some experiences?

        And i also dont find anything wrong about what theyre doing. Better so than get used from an idiot of a one night stand somewhere at a party!

    • Anonymous on

      And why would´t they be able to afford those things? cmon its an average income for 1 night…I have no idea however how often they work?? Anyone can guess how much they make per month??

    • YES. U are right, Dasha Belize works at Paris Royal Club escort agency. There is a pic of her and olyesha in there lol!!!!!! Wow.

  3. Anonymous on

    Also I think they put on quite a show on instagram, pretending to be something they are not…

    • I wouldnt say that they are pretending or they are something what they are not – do you know them? how can you say, ppl should stop being so judgemental,

      secondly if you want to engage in serious debate you could use name-nick so we know who is asking what

      and lastly, i do not thing this blog is about “how to be an escort” or “how to find sugardaddy” so maybe you can google it somewhere else,

      if we presume that woman are so independent and able to decide for themselves and face consequences, they are perfectly capable to be proud of their lifestyle regardeless if someone approves of them or not – in fewer words, who cares how they earned their money, you do not live their lives, they might put only part of their lives on the instagram but firstly ask yourself if you would post your negative part especially when you cannot even put your name above your comment….

  4. Anonymous on

    Also how would you know that ALENA engaged in those services…Would never believe that…

  5. Hey 🙂 just love your blog and every single post. I wonder at the moment do you saw in your many contacts again opportunities to work as a hostess/ image model for summer ?

    Kind regards

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