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  1. I am so sorry, I really don’t like her. She is not classy at all. I wanted to by a certaines dress, but when I saw that the Company used her as a model I was so put of that I decided the dress was not for me.

    But hey, to each their own, I’m Someone likes her style and fashion sense.

    • I don’t like the sum of her, meaning I feel she is a bit stuck in the early 00’s when it was a trend to look bimboish. I like to post photos of her however because her instagram is so typical Jetset Babe although she would need to update her look slightly. Her clothes are alright however 🙂

  2. Hey Jetset Babe
    Can you please do a post about how to flirt or just general flirting tips. and then also rules about texting guys, like is it okay for a girl to text first etc. also how do you deal with guys who live in a different country but are willing to fly in to see you… would you just break it off because its not worth the emotional rally (like back and forth) or give it a go?

  3. Hey Jetset Baba
    I really love Victoria!! She is the ultimate jetset babe of this world! And I also really like her style, it really isn’t that bimboish at all imo, she just dresses according to her curves! I also think she has a fantastic, really nice personality as well which you can tell by interviews of her. She is always so positive! <3


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