Meghan Markle’s Boat Neck Is A Fashion Must-Have!

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Meghan Markle is the queen of the boat neck. There are many elegant cuts on dresses and tops that a woman can wear to look classy. My favorite, by far, is the boat neck – which is why I decided to dedicate this entire post to this wonderful shape (inspired by the elegant fashion of Meghan Markle).

Since Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she has frequently been seen wearing the boat neck in public appearances. I’m obsessed with all of her official pictures wearing elegant dresses with boat necks. So classy, so stylish and so sophisticated. What other statement would you want to give as a woman?

Some may say “Well, I’d like to also be sexy, this is too conservative for me”.

I know us women, we need to constantly keep track of our sex-appeal as that’s how we attract the opposite sex and can charm people in the way we want. We need to have it on point to have a chance with our competition yet we need to be strategic about it.

Putting sex on display has never been my favorite thing, even though some JetsetBabes like to do so. I prefer the more conservative style that is feminine enough to attract males without looking boring. (It’s all about finding that perfect balance!)

The Boat Neck Is Feminine

The boat neck is perfect to attract male attention, as it allows the woman to show skin, without crossing the border. (I know some who read this might be thinking, wait a second. There isn’t that much skin showing, especially if you compare it with the traditional deep clevage that we usually associate with sex-appeal.)

Well, this is the thing girls. It all depends where you show the skin.

Showing off your collarbones is extremely sexy. It’s actually perceived sexier than other body parts. So it adds that perfect amount of femininity to you. Remember, I teach about being feminine instead of focusing on looking like sex on legs. Not because there is anything wrong with being sexy. But femininity is a concept that can still be classy without ever looking too much.

I’m crazy about boat necks!

They add so much femininity to you and gives you that mysterious sex-appeal men love. You can wear it as much as you want without ever feeling like you’re overdoing it. (Btw, I have another boat neck inspiration post lined up where I want to show examples of JetsetBabes from Instagram rockin’ the boat necks without looking plain or boring!)

So if you’re someone who feels you need to refine yourself because you’re a little bit too raunchy or too plain – get a boat neck. You’ll be surprised how sexy you will feel in such thing, and men will look at you with different eyes.Since Meghan Markle is taking over the show in the royal house, then so can you by also wearing a boat neck.

Would you wear or buy a boat neck?



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  1. Hi Anna,

    I am loving the direction that Jetsetbabe is heading in! It is amazing to know I’ve watched you since high school and things have come along well. Recently I’ve finally been able to see all of your Youtube videos and happy that you’ve answered a lot of personal questions about yourself. This is great for many women who want to elevate.

    • I’m so happy to read your comment! 🙂 Love having people here from back in the days, it’s like we are evolving together! Thank you for the support <3

  2. I love your fashion articles, but Meghan Markle is rarely well or appropriately dressed…mostly in drab colors and her wedding dress was beyond basic/boring.The only thing that pulled the outfit was the tiara, in my opinion. And that grey dress is ill-fitting and her bra lines are very obvious as well as ridges around her stomach…just does not feel right. You would think that with all that money she could look fabulous, but it is usually just meh or best case acceptable. Ofc, her rise is incredible and finding out about her strategy to lure a guy so above her league would be an amazing read, but her as fashion icon-never! I personally find her cliched and plain…even after her transformation.

    • I disagree! I love her new royal style! I think she and Kate Middleton look great! Very much my style and taste in clothing! I guess people’s taste is different 🙂

      • Imagine she said all that just to say she didn’t like boatneck or style?! No that’s what they call wearing heart on sleeve. This is a dark one🤔. It doesn’t take much for people to be exposed. With such negativity how will she ever attract a prince🤓.

  3. Dear Anna,

    I bought your book a while back but when i tried to re-read it the other day it says that the link has expired. I e-mailed the support about this but I have not recieved an answer yet, is the book no longer available? I have in fact paid for it and I don’t recall reading that the link would expire…..

    Please let me know 🙂

  4. I love the boat neck look! However, I feel this might be a difficult look for more well endowed ladies to pull off since you can’t wear a bra with straps. Should we then look for boat neck inspired designs that would hide bra straps? What are your thoughts?

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