18 Questions To Mariaym, A Russian JetsetBabe

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Mariaym is a Russian JetsetBabe & a mother of three, who lives in Moscow. I have been following her for a while, and love her outfits & overall presentation. She combines her clothes in a simple but chic way, and a great inspiration to take style notes of.

Mariaym had some Q&A on her Instagram account, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of the questions & answers with you that people asked:

1. What’s your favorite garment?

I love anything leather. This crocodile jacket especially.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

2. What’s your nationality?

Dargin (Comment: The Dargwa or Dargin people are a Northeast Caucasian native ethnic group originating in the North Caucasus, and who make up the second largest ethnic group in the Russian republic of Dagestan. They speak the Dargwa language.)

3. Where do you live?

In a beautiful neighborhood in West part of Moscow

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

4. How tall are you and your weight?

I’m 170 cm tall & I weigh 47 kg

5. Do you have a nanny for your children? Or does you parents help you?

I don’t have a nanny. Sometimes I have my mother or mother in law help out with the kids. (Comment: Her children go also to kindergarten and school)

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

6. What’s your favorite breakfast?

It depends… Today I had freshly squeezed apple with carrot juice, Avocado toast with side salad (spinach, basil, cilantro, ruccola), tomato and a de-caf cappuccino with coconut milk.

7. Is it difficult for you to stay in shape?

For me no. I have always been slender, it’s my body type. But I also respect my body & give it love. Therefore I’m careful with what I eat and make sure to always exercise.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

8. How old are you?

I’m 34 years

9. You look so elegant! Are you quiet and laidback in real life?

Not at all! I’m very active and emotional. Sometimes I can get fiery too.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

10. How do you keep your body in such beautiful shape?

With exercise! Since I was 16 years old, I’ve been working out. Plus I don’t eat junk and I prioritize eating healthy. My life is also quite active so I’m never being lazy…

11. How do you shop?

I can go into any store and pick out things that I know will look good on me. I know how to recognize my type of items and my style in clothes. The name of the brand is actually not as important for me. The most important is that it’s flattering on me and I have a good understanding of what suits me and what doesn’t. If I see something that is my style, I take it immediately. If I’m unsure of something, then I know for sure it’s not for me. My main priority is to purchase high-quality basics and staples.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

12. Have you done surgery on your nose?

No, it’s my real nose.

13. When did you get married?

I got married when I was 25. I don’t know if it was early or late, but I was ready for it at that age.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

14. What’s your Zodiac?

I’m Capricorn

15. How do you look after yourself?

Healthy diet
Peeling (I like TRX)

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

16. How do you cope with having children while always looking your best?

It’s all about priorities! Always first: health & family. Everything else is secondary.
I value my time a lot. I don’t waste time on gossip, being negative, being lazy and useless things. I always try and maximize my time! If I have a few minutes to spare, I would either sit down read a book, do some ab exercises or just daydream for a bit.

17. Do you work?

Yes, I earn a living.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabe

18. How do you work out?

Right now I only focus on maintenance. Before to reach the body I have now, I would train 5-6 days a week, 3 hours each time. I’m obsessed with training!

I love kickboxing, abs exercises, spinning, dance, group classes, weightlifting. But I also train with a PT.

Right now my training schedule looks something like this:

(This takes 20-30 minutes each day)

Then I powerwalk with the kids, approx 2 hours.
Sometimes I also run in the park for 30-40 minutes.

Mariam, Russian JetsetBabeMariam, Russian JetsetBabeMariam, Russian JetsetBabeMariam, Russian JetsetBabe

I hope you enjoyed these 18 quick questions with Mariaym! Find her on Instagram here.

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  1. Its hard to believe she has no nanny.
    Im having 2 and i have no time even shower!
    Im rushing not sitting down even for a momemt always short of time and i cant even think of doing excersises at home or go to gym or run or salon or do makeup!

    Her answers doesnt sound true..

    And besides there ahould be question who cleans her house and cooks if she has time for herself..

    I bought a joga matt but never had time start doing excersises.. did 2 days for 15mins while kid naped..

    I dont understand why she lie. How she can work and earn living with being mother of 3?

    Or her husbant is housewife and sits home with kids, that would be the only explanation..

    And if have good body type no need excersise so often and so many hours per day..

    Just saying..

    • I also find it hard to believe that this lady does all of this with no nanny and only a ‘sometimes’ help from her mother and in law.

      Anyway..doesnt matter. Excercise is important regardless the looks. The body was made to move. It is a matter of self respect and it is a smart thing to do long-term. It is the mind that struggles with it and looks for excuses. The body craves some sort of excercise.
      I like doing 10 or 15 or 20 minutes every day. Often after 9:30pm when the house is finally quiet. Even as little as this brings results when done often. Look for videos on youtube. I enjoy the Boho Beautiful.

      Good luck!

  2. “How do you cope with having children while always looking your best?” HOW? That must me some child asking.Nothing difficult about it since every rich man`s wife does it (“her best” is relative but … ok).

    Second: 170/ 47 kg?? Hello anorexia!!! Unless she is lieing about it, cause she doesn`t look sick on photos but I have seen in real life people I thought have amazing bodies and understood that pictures/tv add a lot of volume and they look like walking skelettons in real life or if we talk about men – much smaller, almost child`s size, although since they are so small their muscle is very defined and can look really bulky on pictures. Being 47 kilos and 170 cm tall she could NEVER do a weight lifting.

    Third: 3 also don`t believe about the nanny.

    • Hellooo, Do you meet models ? Too much have unless 50 kg. I think this is true, she’s very skinny. For example :Kaia Gaber have 1,75 and 45kg. The other things I agree with you

  3. Can you do one with a petite woman like 1m59/63? Those women are tall and very skinny. I would love to see a different type.

  4. Also, this woman isn’t Russian but Dagestani/Dargin – a muslim minority in the south of Russia. They don’t have a good reputation among Russians due to their firy temperament and proclivities for scams, the Nigerians of Russia.

  5. I don’t understand why women feel the need to lie like that. Who is cleaning your house? Cooking and washing and ironing and looking after the kods while you are working out, shoppi g or doing your skin treatments? Just say you have help because clearly you can afford it! I have seen this trend to lie about nannies amonsumamy rich mothers and I just do not get it. I have a nanny and I never feel the need to hide it. It must be their own insecurities because deep down they KNOW maybe they are not being the best mothers, or spending enough time with their kids. So sad

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