Lena Perminova – The Story

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Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova has been appearing on my blog for quite a while now.

She is more of a fashionista than a show off Barbie doll and her great style has been a true inspiration for many people in the fashion world.

 Lena Perminova

But who is Lena Perminova? What is her story?

Lena Perminova

Basic Factsbottomline

Full name: Elena Perminova

Age: 27 years old, born 1987

From: Berdsk – a city in Siberia, Russia

Family: 2 boys, 1 baby girl and her husband Alexander Lebedev

Lives: London & Moscow

Occupation: Full time mom & Fashionista

 Lena Perminova

There is something unique about Lena that makes her stand out from the rest of the Jet set Babes.

It’s not the fact she is a well known fashionista with her 750k Instagram followers, but more her down to earth aura that keeps surrounding her.

After researching about Lena, I came across an interesting cinderella story on how she became a Jet set Babe.

 Lena Perminova

In 2003 Lena was 16 years old when the police caught her dealing ecstasy in the night clubs of Novosibirsk.

She was at that time a well known model in the area of Siberia which became a humiliating factor getting caught in the eye of the public.

Despite the fact Lena was not using any form of drugs herself, her trouble was her boyfriend at that time, being twice her age who had been forcing her to deal drugs for him.

 Lena Perminova

That disastrous night in Novosibirsk came as a blessing in disguise, Lena got sentenced to 6 years in jail for trafficking, a sentence that in the end never fell through.

Instead a well known Russian oligarch stepped in to her case, he did not only become her saviour but also her future husband. His name is Alexander Lebedev.

 Lena Perminova

Alexander Lebedev is a man of many labours.

He started off as a spy for the Russian KGB in the 80’s being the brain in their Foreign intelligence service.

After leaving KGB he created his own bank which became one of Russia’s national banks (until 2012 when it closed down).

Today he is a well known business man, a Russian politician and the owner of several top newspapers in UK like the “Independent” & “London Evening standard”.

Lena Perminova

In 2012 Forbes listed him as a billionaire with an estimated fortune of $1.1 billion.

But shortly after, in 2013 when his national bank closed down, his worth went down and the title of billionaire gone.

Lena Perminova

But what happened exactly that made the destiny of Lena to cross path with her future love?

This is how Alexander recalled the troublesome situation:

“Lena was arrested and convinced by the police to co-operate in a sting on another much bigger drug dealer. She was wired up, involved in a very dangerous car chase, and then still ended up in court, alongside this drug dealer, who was threatening to kill her. There is no plea bargain in Russian law, or witness protection. She was going to go to prison for six years, despite helping the police, and her life was in danger. I was campaigning for this law to be instated in Russia at the time. Elena’s father heard me on the radio and wrote to me. I contacted him, and then met Lena”.

 Lena Perminova

Lena was only 16 years old when she met Alexander – he was at that time 43.

After the turbulent time of trials was over, Lena went on to study economics at Moscow State university. When she was 19 years old, she got married to Alexander and later became a mother of three.

Lena Perminova

Today they live on a full time basis in Moscow in the famous “Rublyovka” area where all the wealthiest people including president Putin have their homes. (As a side note, the couple are forced to have 4 bodyguards working 24/7 their house and drive their cars with black toned windows, this is Russia baby!)

But on a part time basis they live in London, where the couple has a 10 bedroom mansion in Richmond (Hampton Court Park).

Lena Perminova

Although their lifestyle is comfortably situated between various homes in Europe and they are spoilt enough for regular vacations, Lena & Alexander seem to be two down earth people very similar to each other.

Lena Perminova

I like this quote from Lena she gave Harpers Bazaar in an interview;

“On my very first trip to New York, Alexander said, ‘Please go to Bergdorf and buy something,’ but I was so impressed by the clothes, I couldn’t make up my mind,” she recalls. “So I bought jeans and wore them with his hooded sweatshirt and his huge Stephen Webster cross. [While I was] walking around, everyone looked at me—and I started to understand what I wanted and how this outfit was best for New York. But I could’ve bought a Dolce gown!”

Lena Perminova

But what I truly enjoy is the sum up of the character of Alexander by russianmind.com;

“Despite being a billionaire, Lebedev’s dress sense is odd for a middle-aged man – skinny blue jeans, black tailcoat and designer plimsolls without laces. With his cropped white hair, he looks more like a sports star than a glitzy oligarch. Only his enormous Panerai watch flashes his wealth. “He looks more like a successful nightclub owner than a newspaper proprietor”, said one observer. “He is part 19th-century landowner, part member of ‘Take That’”, said the Guardian’s fashion editor.

These contradictions arise from his conscious effort to distance himself from the more rapacious oligarchs like Berezovsky and Abramovich. He portrays his wealth as a means to fund social projects and he regards himself as a man of intelligence and good taste, rather than a hedonist. His hobbies are tennis, fishing, scuba diving, Russian literature and politics rather than jet-skiing in St. Barts or partying in St. Tropez

When asked about the other oligarchs, Lebedev commented: “We all come from different backgrounds. I am more keen on reading books, writing and travelling. I am not into yachts. I get sick on a boat. If I started buying luxurious planes and yachts I would feel ridiculous. I don’t like birthday parties, I get bored. I do not know what to say. Sometimes I do not go and send a present later”. Instead, he will stay home and read classical literature. He once made the rather staggering claim that he has “read almost everything that is worth reading in literature”. “

 Lena Perminova

After following Lena on Instagram I cannot help but feel that these two quotes of her and her husband are just describing them so perfectly. I don’t know them, but they both stand out from other jet set people because of their comfortable but not a show off-type lifestyle.

Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova

It was also interesting reading Lena’s story because of how original it was.

I mean come on, the chance of meeting a billionaire future husband while expecting jail sentence is probably smaller than winning the actual lottery!

No matter what, this was her destiny and now Lena is inspiring the rest of the world with her style & story, like a true Jet set Babe.

All pictures are from Lena’s Instagram.

Lena Perminova



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  1. Love this story and girl. Also, love that she is natural, don’t think there is any plastic surgery work done on her. Just naturally beautiful girl, you don’t come across this a lot these days. Like Lebedev too, he is rather down to earth considering his position- something to be admired, and Russia does have a rich and deep cultural background and it’s admirable that he respects it and would rather read a good old Dostoevsky at home than party with all these pretentious types in St. Tropez. Both of them have not only looks and money but also substance, which is again rather rare commodity to come across these days. Just, love it! Thanks for posting!

  2. great story, love lena perminova! she’s so inspiring and love that she’s so down-to earth..couldn’t agree with gracie more!

  3. I have been curious about Lena’s story for a while now after following her on instagram. Shes such a natural beauty, and not a typical jetsetbabe. Nice article, and what a story! Like a Disney fairytale lol.. She seems to be so down to earth and one of the most normal Jetsetbabes out there 😉

  4. Ah, this is such a modern fairy tale! (Can you even imagine how her life would have been if she did do those 6 years in prison??). I just ADORE her!

  5. What a touching story, the one that makes me feel that everything is possible and that life can be a fairytale if you believe in this fact! 😉
    She is so classy and after having 3 babies her body is just amazing!!!

    A little offtopic I’m about to cut my hair because it looks awful (split ends, and a great damage after all dyeing) so as you are my main source of inspiration can show me some examples of jetset babes with short/medium-lenght hair?

  6. i do not know them, i do not know their story, i wasnt sure if to write something, but since again everybody here is glorifying them as such romance fairytale, maybe i am cynic, but doesnt it strike u at least a little bit, but i see him as old 46 yrs od guy who took advantage of 16 yrs very good looking skinny girl from Sibir (poverty ridden region) what i guess is the reason she seems so happy to be away there and having kids instead of dealing in some dump somewhere or get 6 yrs in prison….

    • That’s fine to think, but it will always remain a thought, I guess… No one knows how truly happy she is (and/or in love) except her. Age really is just a number to a lot of people, so did he really take advantage of her? We don’t know, but I follow both their Insta for quite a while and they do seem happy!

      • i am glad for her, success and happiness means different things for different ppl, I am just thinking, how much of a mutual understanding as partners did they have when she was 2 generations younger than him… =] and age to men doesnt mean a thing when the girl is young (not so much vice versa lol)
        not judging just observing and analyzing and thinking that it can be all smoking mirrors
        but i still love the article I like the insight to the lives of ppl I had no idea they existed, this i really mean in positive way, since I can take something from them what i didnt know i was missing

        • but i must say that she doesnt seem miserable or like plastic poser, they look alike and he is quite handsome and wealth is bonus =]

          • Wasn’t thinking that you were judging them! And you’re absolutely right about happiness and how it means different things to different people. I guess I was just trying to ‘defend’ the age gap. I know how it feels to fall for an older guy and asking yourself whether it’s your age or really you. 😉 And having the best feeling knowing it’s you, and age is just something ‘abstract’

          • hmm I replied already (last comment) but i forgot to mention this, if we are talking about gap like this when girl is below 20 (not to mention girl around 16)and guy is 30 and above, than you either divide yourself into part and than be sure it is you, but just your physical you, and if not and we also take in consideration you mental you, than the guy is sure underdeveloped or as i said it before creep who cannot suppress his animistic traits even he is so amazingly intelligent kind, cultured… and doesnt not mind to take advantage of a child =]]]] sorry to disappoint
            that is also the reason why so many guys cannot handle woman with integrity and are praying on girls/children with delusions, feeding them crap with nice words or material stuff and our culture seems to approve,
            i am not feminist, neither disapprove of age gap, i find older man attractive cause many have charisma but.. i am not 18 =]

  7. wow amazing how your life can change,

    I LOVE when you write about jetset babes stories and their background.
    I think you have many readers who do and most of us never really comment but appreciate what you write about and all the effort you put in, hope you and your book become a huge success.

    Much love to you jetsetbabe xoxo

    • Thank you so much for the lovely feedback <3 It does motivate me to work harder on the blog when hearing from my readers and Im happy you enjoyed the post 🙂

  8. I dont think that it is a cinderella story… I find it disgusting of a man taking advantage of a girl that is only 16 years old. When they met she was only a CHILD and he had already lived a long life. As I see it now they look happy together, but I think that have come over the years when she has become an grown up.

    • We do not know if anyone took advantage of anyone in this story, we could only speculate. She was 16 years old when she met him first time, but who knows when the romance actually took off. During the first time it was all about trials and get her free. According to my research it seems like Lena has a thing for older guys as her drug dealing boyfriend was twice her age too. That’s simply what some people like and if they do, heck who are we to judge? 🙂 But of course, it can be like you say as well who knows. They sure seem happy together and that’s what matters.

  9. The age cap between them is wide but it also comes down on compatibility and I do have a feeling that these 2 have a lot to talk about regardless of the difference in age. You have to note that Russian-Eastern European girls grow up a lot earlier than Western girls and tend to be a lot more mature in their outlook on life and thinking in general. It’s largerly because of their society. Russia does not have a welfare state or society, like majority of Western countries, this requires people who are born there to grow up and fend for theirselves a lot earlier in life, because there is not much else to fall back on. Another thing to note about the Russian culture is that it’s still very patriarchal and religious (orthodox), meaning that family values, having children and getting married is still in high regard and most people get married quite early in their lives. Russian mothers also tend to start teaching the importance of getting married and having a family to their daughters at a very young age.

      • I told you before I come from central for some ppl “eastern” europe, but this funky traditional thinking you are still able to find spread anywhere in europe mostly because we are strongly influenced by catholic religion, and small villages/cities, education might be high but perspective that there is something else /different way of life/ is harder to grasp if everybody around you tells you that this is what it is and you dont have this urge to find for yourself,
        there are countries like Spain which is strongly influences by Maurs, which still have this traditional thinking, and many women stay at home raising children to this day, also Italy….
        it is funny when i hear my peers who are highly educated travelled the world still tell me for ex. that “I need to get married, it is important to get married and than you can be divorced” this girl was from Poland =]]
        so i guess at the end it is important what is important to you (even if it is influenced by whoever) since you will have to live with it =]

  10. Nice ‘fairytale’ but I agree, part of this story stinks. I am happy for her that she didn’t spend years in jail and down a horrible path (selling drugs, doing drugs etc).

    I don’t agree with much older men getting involved with much younger girls, it reeks of exploitation. Many of my Russian and MOSTLY Siberian girlfriends have been exploited through modeling( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1806911/), exotic dancing/ prostitution. The stories they have told me are really scary. She seems to be very lucky married to a billionaire and has a beautiful family. I do wonder though how the early years were. She looks to me as a very strong woman who probably fought very very had to turn her life around.

    As women we need to see things for what they are. Old men basically prey on younger women. It’s a story as old as time itself.

    Side not, he husband is very handsome, just had to throw that in.

  11. Hi! I would LOVE if you could do a “must-have-fashion” for 2015? 🙂 dresses, shoes, bags, jeans etc. Thanks!

  12. you are right I wasnt judging them I was actually judging him and men in general, I dont want to make this lecture in developmental psychology or have discussion about philosophy behind the legal age to consent to the marriage, but let me break this down for the younger gals who are reading this and do not really understand what the older ones see wrong with this, to put it simple if you were my daughter I wouldnt slap you in the face cause you dont know better, i would slap him since he is adult and he should not think only by his manhood, in 16 you might fell mature, that life taught you lessons, that you are different, interesting, one of the kind and you super understand each other… in reality you will not fully develop till you are 25/26, in fully i mean not just your reproducing organs, but your integrity and you full personality, which know exactly who she is and how she like it/ do not like it…., many girls have daddy issues (this is for another story) but it doesnt give anybody right to exploit vulnerable being (the one in prison or the one with daddy issues, or the one whose daddy didnt slap this guy into his face or take rifle upon him) and the guy in his age, this amazing well read educated sophisticated traveled man should have know better….., so yes in that age sorry but you might be through the sh*t of life, the war, the drugs… but you are still just a child!

  13. Moral of the story is that if you want a nice guy you won’t find him on a yacht or in a luxury plane??

    Just shows how tragic most of the women who love this website are. The lifestyle above does not require anywhere near a billion dollars yet you girls shun men who can offer you a comfortable life like the above.

  14. mr. william, tragic would the situation of a woman – sorry correction – girl who cannot affort to refuse your “comfortable” offer, especially if you are old creep.hunting on young vulnerable kid

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