Lace up Heels

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I’ve discussed Lace up heels and boots with my friends, and the fascination it seems to have with men. They seem to LOVE lace up footwear! Love with a big L. Why is that? I’m sure these shoes carry some form of sex appeal, but what exactly?

I find them to be fashionable and funky. Cool kind of way. But that’s it. Somehow I would like to dive in to the male brain and understand why they go so crazy over this shoe.

Has anyone else noticed that men love lace up heels?











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  1. Oh yes!!…My 20 years older than me fiancee adores them. He calls them *fuck me shoes*. Not sure what makes them so appealing. I like them and find them trendy but i will rather wear a classic pair of louboutins over them anytime.

  2. But do men really notice? Sometimes I think they do and sometimes I think they don’t. Unless they explicitly say so, I have yet to figure it out. šŸ™‚

    I think some of them look a bit tacky but the DSquared ones REALLY caught my eyes! I LOVE THEM! I only wish they were close-toed! šŸ˜€

  3. I meant to say men just love thin calves and the lace up heels do just that….create the ilussion of even thiner calves

  4. Take it from me; men love them. In general a women’s legs look great in heels and so chic. I think lace up’s are very sexy along with pointy toe heels. Keep wearing them Jet setters!!

  5. I would like to add to my comment above and give the ladies of the blog an insight to what men like. I’ll just make a list to keep it simple. Leather pants, nice lingerie, tall boots, long hair, fitted black suits, string bikinis, white jeans, strappy

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