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 Kristina Arabochka


Kristina Arabochka

First person out to share her beauty profile is “Kristina Arabochka”

Known from Instagram where she shares her life from Moscow and Dubai. I have asked her some questions about her beauty, fitness and diet regime. Interestingly enough of the things I found out is that she is – just like me – not bothered going to the beautician to do professional eyelash extensions.

She is using the same method I wrote about earlier this year, with cluster lashes. I guess there is a reason why I am not the only one using this method.

Anyway, here are her answers to the rest of my questions:

Kristina Arabochka

FACE / SKINbottomline

What beauty products do you use?

I use Biologique products; their cleansing lotion, moisturising cream and serum.

Kristina Arabochka
What is your skincare regime?

I cleanse morning + evening with lotion, apply moisturising cream before I prepare for the make up base. Facial masks I do twice a week.

Kristina Arabochka

Do you do any beauty treatments?

For the face I do a peeling once a year and also microdermabrasion. I also colour my eyebrows at a professional salon. I wear eyelash extension which I do myself at home using “individualized flare cluster lashes”.

Kristina Arabochka


How do you keep your hair beautiful?

I am always using “Termo total protection” spray from CHI to protect my hair when I blow dry it. Adding to that I do moisturising masks and oil treatments at home on a regular basis.

Kristina Arabochka

How often do you visit the hairdresser to cut your hair?

Once a month.

How often do you visit the hairsalon for a blow dry?

Once a week.

Kristina Arabochka

Do you do any salon treatments for your hair?

Yes, I do “CHI enviro” treatment. (JSB’s note: It is a hair smoothing treatment, similar to the Brazilian Blowout)

Kristina Arabochka

Do you colour your hair?

Yes, but at the salon only using “CHI” products.

Kristina Arabochka

Do you use hair extensions?


Kristina Arabochka

MAKE UPbottomline

Which are your favorite make up products?

I use products from MAC, Guerlain and Chanel.

Kristina Arabochka


How do you keep your body in shape?

I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I also do yoga and pilates.

Kristina Arabochka

What is your diet?

I don’t eat pork and sweets! I eat small portions 4-5 times a day, I never drink coca cola, eat fast food etc.

Kristina Arabochka

Do you do any treatments for your body? Like cellulite treatments, laser hair removal etc?

No, laser hair removal is very dangerous procedure and I would not advice anyone to do it!

Kristina Arabochka

 Thank you Kristina!

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  1. I also use cluster lashes for more than 8 years now and I’m completely satisfied! True, they damage your natural lashes but it takes only 10 days to recover them by applying castor oil every night before going to sleep, and after that you’re ready for cluster lashes over again! 🙂 However, there is no better method (trust me if I tell you that I’ve tried everything) and they look way better than lash extensions.
    Great post and thank you both JetSetBabe and Kristina for sharing some useful beauty tips!
    I would also like to know what surgery procedures Kristina did on her face. Blepharoplasty, lip and cheek fillers? I have no intention to offend her, she looks amazing, I would just like to know what she recommends when it comes to plastic surgery! 🙂

  2. great that you got jetset babes talking =] I also would like to know about danger of laser removal ?
    plus i have question how to determine if to use fake lashes, mine seems to be quite ok, what are the benefits? it there are any, i understand that it damages your own and you do not use mascara is that it? are your lashes weak or small that is why u use fake ones?

  3. I honestly feel like the falsies are the best kind! you know the one you put them on and take them off when you remove your makeup. I tried cluster lashes and they itch my eyes and I feel like the need of rubbing them and all the other annoying stuffs like waking up in the morning and you get eye wax in the eyes (it happens ladies) or stuffs like that…

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