Thursday, February 20

Keratin Hair Treatment Review

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I’ve promised to write an update of how I feel about the Keratin hair treatment which I’ve done twice now.

The first one I did was not very strong, it was a mild one but my hairdresser warned me. Due to me being so paranoid of getting flat hair I didn’t want to go all in first time I tried. What she did was basically applying a mask, which I sat for 20 min under a heat lamp with, after the rinse she sprayed some spray and used a straightener. My hair was smooth immediately after and this was suppose to last up to 2 months.

But this first treatment lasted me only 1 month because I was stupid and wet my hair during swimming + used normal shampoo. Big No-No! So second treatment I did it in Bali and it was the proper “hardcore” one.

This time with the “real” keratin treatment the hair dresser applied a cream which he let dry on my hair + used  a straightener. My hair felt a little bit greasy, and it was supposed to be like this for 3 days, only then could I come back to the hair salon and they would finish off the treatment.

Now I’m being very careful with my hair. Only special keratin shampoo, no wetting the hair during swimming and I’m trying to wash my hair as little as possible. The more you wash it, the sooner the treatment will go away.

…But I love it. I don’t understand why I haven’t done it earlier!

I feel like I was born under a rock, totally missed out on the amazing power keratin can do to hair. But I’ve spoken to some friends which this treatment does not suit for, so I guess it’s all about what type of hair you have.

My hair is very thin, damaged, dry with loads of split ends – so this was the ideal cure to get the hair in shape. It feels stronger, shinier and generally speaking in it’s original quality again. And It got only a tiny bit more flat, I can still get volume in my hair with proper blowdrying – so I shouldn’t have worried so much before.

Right now all I can say: God Bless KERATIN! 



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  1. Hi JB, thank for update, i was wondering how it is, i didnt know you cannot wet your hair – this would not work for me =]
    Q: are they heavier?

  2. Thank you for this review JSB, I was looking forward to hearing more about the keratin treatment!
    I did some research on it and it seems like you can’t bleach your hair once you have keratin on. As I’m doing blonde highlights to cover my mousegrey roots this would not be ideal then I guess?…
    Seems like you can color your hair once you have done the treatment but not go blonde. How do you go about this JSB?

    • how you can dye your hair than? there is also bleach, i didnt know this either, there are many cons, i must try it once to see for myself, only i need to do better reasearch or consult
      i do not have split ends my hair is not damaged, sometimes i can say that they improve by simple dye which is strage (i use tutto colour and by far is it best since i do not see any damage quite contrary but i dont do blond so but maybe this treatment will improve them even more

      • Hi Lea, I have no idea if there is bleach in other hair color 🙂 I also have to do more research before getting Keratin done. My regular hairdresser does not do keratin treatments since the salon says keratin is too unnatural and does not let the hair breathe…

        • interesting, what i use is professional colour so you add peroxide whcih i guess ich bleach in your meaning (normally bleach would be chlorine =])

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