Keratin Hair Treatment Opinion?

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Keratin Treatment

What is your opinion about the Keratin hair treatment?

I have never done it myself but I’m seriously thinking of doing one because I’m tired of my hair constantly breaking and looking dry.

The only times I can make it look acceptable is when I wash and blow dry it, but the day after it’s always the same frizzy story. And because of this I keep washing my hair everyday which is damaging and not good!

The reason why I haven’t done it before is because my hair is naturally straight making me think that this treatment was not for me.

My hair is also quite thin, which made me worry that the keratin would “flatten” the natural volume, which I cannot afford loosing!

Keratin Treatment

But I have many friends who have done this treatment and their hair looks great! Like if they always have blow dried hair! Also I know Jet set Babes in general love this type of treatment, even though it’s quite hazard with it’s toxic chemicals.

However I have reached a stage where I’m so tired of my hair I don’t mind putting some toxins in it. Yes, I’m that desperate! I want silky and smooth hair that looks like a million dollars, not some dry bird’s nest! grr…

My question to you is, what’s your opinion? Does it flatten thin hair? Is it thaaat toxic as they say? And also, is it important who does it? Can the results vary drastically depending on what salon you go to? xxx

Keratin Treatment



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  1. my hair is wavy so i would not have it myself cause i like my hair like it is, but your problem with hair might be in shampoo, cause of sulfates? i know by now that you like all natural product, are they without them? anyway i like kerastes and they have one without sulfates but ist not cheap =[,
    anyway with basic shampoos you need to use balsam otherwise it doesnt have oils which you washed away with shampoo, and also try new hair comb with natural boar bristles do not buy cheap one cause it may frizz your hair try mason pearson =] and if it doesnt help try this treatment =]

  2. Hello JSB! I dont know if we are talking about the same hair treatment, but here in Brazil we have something like the “progressive hair straightning” or “intelligent blow-dry” (in portuguese lol), and these treatments are very famous around here. I had it done once, even if my hair is already straight, but the one I did has formaldehyde in the formula (so it smells a bit weird for 2 or 3 days, and it`s not very healthy..), but the results were incredible, my hair was so silky and straight even if I was letting it dry naturally. It lasts usually for 3 months using salt-free shampoos. 🙂

  3. Hi JetSetBabe..I’ve done the brazillian blowout keratin straightening treatment… It lasted for 5 months using the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner… I luved the way my hair looked back then because i have wavy hair and that straightened it and made it look so smooth and silky just like i had a personal hair stylist who blowdried my hair everyday… The effect was awesome… Thinking about getting the keratin treatment again soon especially that the holidays are coming!

    • hi liliana, since you have also wavy hair i would like to ask you if it straighten your hair completely, so it looks like girl in the 2nd pics? do you have to curl (if you want waves) or can you even curl them? thanks =]

      • Hi LEA! Yes the first month it was completely straight i was told to use flat iron on low heat every week because of the solution in your hair that needs heat to be activated ..that made it look smooth but after a month it started taking some shape in the end because of the layers in my hair…i was happy though it wasn’t wavy and i could curl it too…and with small extensions it used to look so voluminous =)

        • thanks! =] sounds a bit complicated, one more question, do you hair after those months come to their natural shape? are they dry or somehow destroyed?

  4. Hi JetSet Babe,

    the results don’t really depend on a salon , the most important thing is the brand of keratin. I’ve done it a couple of times and I’m really satisfied with the results, it’s so silky and smooth, always straight, but on the other hand my hair gets greasy way more often than before, so basically I have to wash it every day. If your hair is naturally dry and you don’t wash it often, I do recommend Brazilian keratin treatment. After the treatment, you will have to use shampoos without sodium laureth sulfate (I really like Bioderma and Vichy ones).

    • Thanks for your comment! It sucks to hear about the greasy part because my hair got easily greasy before, but that could have been because I was washing it everyday! Now I’m on Acne medication making my scalp super dry so I can go an entire week without greasy hair. However that might change once I stop with the med’s 🙂 But yeah, I think I might give it a try anyway, hoping not to get the greasy hair because that what makes it flat for me! I need volume 🙂

  5. Hi JSB, I’m using brazilian keratin treatment and until last application I was using BK keratin or Coco choco. Not so good results and very heavy hair. Last time I used Encanto. Terrible application (I do it myself at home), I had to close my chihuahuas to another room :-D. But results? As my mum told, shiny and silky like before all dying hair to blonde shades. But it is true that my hair is absolutely different, very strong, a bit dry and I wanted silky hair. I’m wearing hair extension (best quality) and no problem also with them. Honestly, with blow dry plus brazillian keratin treatment from (killing:D) Encanto my hair looks finally perfect! Hope it will help u a bit:-)

    • So you can do it yourself at home? :O I didn’t know! But yeah better lock the dogs far away 🙂 Do you also do the treatment on your hair extensions? I avoid hair extensions for the simple reason I haven’t found anyones that don’t end up “looking dry” after some usage, but maybe if u do keratin on them they might look like proper silky hair! 🙂

      • I have micro ring hair extension, I am Czech and also my hair for extension are Czech, natural, my hairdresser bleach it for my own blond shade. So the best hair which I can get and all I can say is that my own hair never grew so fast. No need to use hich heat for ironing or curling.

        About keratin, this one have three steps instead two which is usual, but after treatment you can wash your hair so no need to wait 48hour like with almost all other brands. First is wash your hair, second is application of keratin treatment, 15minutes of waiting (read fifteen minute of breathing in window because it will suffocate you), after washing keratin a bit off (very fast shower over all lebghts of hair). Next step is to dry your hair – lets practise blow dry. After blowdrying comes most important step-ironing. 200°C and do it two times slow, four times fast and again two times slow. I can recomend to iron your hair for volume way, not absolutely straight because after you dont will have any volume. On straigh hair you will applicate last step which is conditioner. But prepare for horrible time, when you breathe u HAVE TO be in window, or it will birn your nose, neck, terrible feeling. After survive in window (dont remember exact time) you can wash your hair. After drying you can enjoy wonderful hair. Honestly, imagine that this treatment i will do in closed hair saloon-never. I can also recoment you mask for breathing 😀

        Ps: sorry for my bad english, also myswiftey on tablet “helps” a lot 😀

          • Well, it is true that I studied school very close to hairdresser (stupid decision of young girl) so I know a lot about it. So what seems easy for me is complicated for others 🙂 Anyway, good luck and enjoy your new, silky hair 😉

  6. I have been getting it done for years, it is literally life changing! Even after showering/swimming etc. there is no frizz, just voluminous luscious locks! Straight and shiny but I also like to curl with a big wand for the va va voom. Definitely worth the steep price point…/!

  7. i have worked in salons for over 10 years and i have tried the treatment twice by two different brands. i have thin, wavy, and frizzy hair. the results were seriously amazing (took out all my frizz and i had this done in may so it was perfect timing for the humidity, and it lasted me almost 5 months with proper care) but DEFINITELY NOT worth the risk that is involved. i highly, highly recommend looking into the formaldehyde side effects. and sadly at this point there is no truly formaldehyde free keratin treatment :(. the closest one i have found is where it is safe to apply but when you straighten the hair, the formaldehyde comes out as you finish the process.

    • I have read about the formaldehyde and it does scare me. But, Im thinking of trying it anyway because Im despo – and go to hairdresser who has a brand with less formaldehyde than others. I’ve heard Global Keratin are ok.

  8. I have had keratin treatments done a few times, I dye my hair (darker), it is mostly wavy/frizzy, very thick and long enough I can nearly sit on. It is still in excellent quality even with multiple treatments! Before the treatment it would take at least an hour to style my hair and now it is completely finished and ready to go in 15 just from blowdrying and quickly straightening the ends. It does make hair a bit flat from what I’ve seen from friends but there are so many benefits (don’t scare yourself too much with the dangers- if it was so bad surely countries would be banning it?!)

  9. Hey ladies! I tried the organic keratin with infrared hair press and it is lovely 🙂 does not straighten like a chemical one but it gives shine and makes it much easier to style…also Living Proof products for heat protection are AMAZING as well as its hairspray…pure magic I would say…also shampoo and conditioner ofc without silicones and SLS,always…but essential to have a great hear are vitamins,you have to have a nice hair formula 🙂

  10. Ashley Emanuel on

    I’ve done my own keratin treatment at home. It’s about $300 if you get it done at a salon but I found it wasn’t too difficult to do it at home as long as you have the right tools. I would only suggest this if you want to save a little money and feel comfortable doing so, otherwise a professional is best. . There are several videos on YouTube showing how to do the process at home so it’s worth checking out! Keep in my mind you will want to look into ingredients as some are more toxic than others(formaldehyde versus non). The ones that are sans formaldehyde give shorter lasting results so it depends what you prefer.

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