JetsetBabe is BACK!

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Welcome back to JetsetBabe!

The blog is officially LIVE again! I’m so happy to announce this for you, as I’ve kept it secret for 6 months, while refurbishing the website and planning the future for our jet-set community! It’s been two years since I was last active in this space, and I can tell you a lot has changed in my life since. Over time you’ll get the glimpses, but this post is all about the rebirth of JetsetBabe, and girls – I have plenty of news for you in this post!

How to Be Classy by JetsetBabe Anna Bey

First and foremost, I have finally written that “famous ebook” that I started two years ago. It’s called “How To Be Classy” and it’s a must-have manual for anyone who wants to polish their elegance and become JetsetBabe material! The book gives you all the tools for fashion, beauty, behavior, and lifestyle – so that you can upgrade your life to the next level! Get it here!

Secondly, my more personal thoughts and private stories will mostly be found in my newsletter and Youtube channel from now on. I want to separate my more intimate posts from JetsetBabe, and have this space clutter-free for us to focus on everything related to jet-set, self-transformation and living a classier life! If you know you will miss those personal posts of mine, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter (you can do it at the end of this post) – and don’t forget to follow me on Youtube.

But besides that, business will be as usual! You’ll find similar content as I was posting before, containing the most inspiring images from Instagram – and the most gorgeous JetsetBabes of course! I look forward to this new chapter and hope you will join me on this journey called “JetsetBabe 2.0”.

Welcome back!

With Love,
Anna Bey


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Andrea Dodokova on

    Oh Anna,

    I am so so so happy for you!! This is amazing. I loved your blog from the beginning and I was so sad when you announced that you are not going to blog anymore.

    This makes me so happy! I would love to read the book so I have to tell my boyfriend that I need it as a Christmas gift ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I was just wondering recently what happened to your blog! Looking forward to your insightful, motivational & fashionable posts! Congrats on the book too!

    • Aww that’s so sweet of you! I get so happy whenever someone recommends my website to others, as it helps me grow and continue my work here. Thank you so much! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We missed you, Anna! Please continue what you were doing, you are so good at it! Looking forward to your posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yes and double YES!!

    How refreshing to receive a notification from JetSetBabe! Quite excited for you, my dear.


    Stay healthy, happy and lovely.


  5. I’m so happy that you’re back!!! I was actually really bummed when you didn’t post anymore (thank God for the FB group!). Thank you so much for being back and congrats on your book, I look forward to reading it!

    Many <3'!

  6. Hi Anna!

    I just tried to download your eBook “How To Be Classy,” however it simply took me back to the Jetset Babe home page. Is there any way you can send it to me directly via email?

    Thank you.


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