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Jetset Babes and low self-esteem

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Do Jetset Babes suffer from low self-esteem?


Recently I started looking at many of my girlfriends in this jet set circle. Most of them talk the same way:

“ I cannot settle for a guy that has a normal job, he has to be at least a millionaire”
“I would never go to a place like that” (Meaning a normal place where normal people hang out)
“If he doesn’t buy me first class ticket, I’m not coming!”
“Euw, a 3 or 4 star hotel? How terrible!”
“If we’re not having a table at the club I’m not gonna go”
“He uses public transport? You must be joking! Can’t he afford a driver?”


I’m sure you’re understanding the bigger picture here, and yes unfortunately I do have friends that talk like this. Many of them 🙂
I personally think that women deserve the best treatment possible by men, but that doesn’t necessarily mean 5 star this or first class that. The best possible treatment should never involve the money spent, but rather how it was spent (meaning with the heart).

But many of these girls still talk like this!

Especially the longer you are in this scene and surround yourself with high class people, the more spoilt you become. You end up losing a grip of reality and become diva-ish.

Jetset Babe Luxury Blog

Now the ironic part of this story, is that most of the girls that talk like this:
They come from normal homes,
with normal families
and they have never been wealthy themselves.

But because some guy/guys or the imaginative thought of it – spent this huge amount of money on them once or many times – they feel superior to the “normal world & people”.

I can understand if a girl was born into a rich family and didn’t explore life the same way us other human beings did while growing up, they can have a different sense of reality.

But what about the girls that have zero savings on their account, come from working or middle class families, do not have high education or have gone very far career wise – How much guts do they have talking like this?

It’s so bizarre I must say & such a turn off.

So I started facing some of my friends that have been speaking like this, sharing my opinion about it. The answer I got each time;
“But I think I should be treated the best way possible” or  “I value myself so high I would never dare to settle for anything less, why should I?”

Fair enough, I understand the point that they feel they deserve the absolute best, but why does “best” necessarily need to be so money oriented?

You see, people that have a very strong need for validation (it can be validation by people, by living standards, by materialistic things etc) are the ones that have low self esteem. They cannot feel good enough about themselves, by themselves, so they require validation from somewhere else.


You’re not a loser if you’re not living a certain lifestyle

I’m sensing, when a girl feels that she cannot go below a certain standard it’s really because she is insecure in herself that “if she doesn’t surround herself in gold”, “she will not be worth gold”. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

If she doesn’t live a high standard, she will be a “loser”. In her mind, the successful people are the ones living a lavish lifestyle.

“The more money spent on you, the more worth you will be” (in their own eyes, and the eyes of others they feel). In the end it becomes a routine, not only of the fact that a comfortable lifestyle or beautiful things are something nice, but it becomes an addiction they cannot live without.

But the truth of this story should rather be;

 You are million dollars and you don’t need million dollars for that.

Designer shopping, high class events, VIP friends and so on – should not be what’s evaluating you as a person, and definitely not your worth!

You’re not less of a person if you don’t own a Chanel bag, or know the right people or get invited to lavish parties & exclusive trips abroad.

I think there is nothing wrong with wanting a comfortable lifestyle, owning beautiful things & surrounding yourself with the upper class – but it cannot become an obsession – and you should never demand it unless you’ve earned the money to pay for it. Feel free to become a diva that day you stand on your both legs, on top of the mountain and can genuinely say – I made it all by myself.

Jetset Babe Luxury Blog



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Thank you for this fresh perspective and injection of a reality-check. Ironically, while reading your post, I heard Britney’s new song…”You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch
    You want a Lamborghini? Sip martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work b***, you better work b***…Now get to work b***!”
    i think it’s one of your best posts on the blog, although I love most of them ;)) have a great evening!

  2. Great post. For me it’s such a huge turn off when someone acts all diva-ish without any substance to back it up.

  3. I understand your friends. Yes I come from a normal background but because I’ve been with a guy who absolutely spoiled me rotten (my ex before him made me feel like I was nothing and need I mention that I left my ex to be with this man) 🙂 anyway…..I now cannot work a regular job where they are paying normal salary or be with a normal guy and because I won’t settle I get what I want.

    I’m sorry but once you know your self worth and you’ve seen someone has spent their energy/time and money investing in you…you refuse to settle for anybody that does not see your worth. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    With that being said. I don’t look down on anybody but I won’t date a normal guy. My mum will even laugh because from the last guy. She now expects me to go above that.

    Ps: you may have not earned it yourself but it’s almost like Gods gift to you. God gives you these opportunities and people in your life for a good reason because he also thinks your special. Let’s face it. Not every girl is lucky enough to get these perks.

    • Hi CK,
      I dated (poor) guys who were not investing in me the way I desired. My birthdays weren’t celebrated the way I envisioned. Gifts were cheap and tacky. Dinner dates were at chain restaurants ( TGI Fridays, Red Lobster etc.)
      But there were always times in my life where I would stumble across wealthy men who pursued me the way I wanted and knew I had to maintain my interest. Rich men thought enough to have a nice clean maintained car. Dressed nice and expected me to do the same. And they have all given me the money to do a lot of things my hostess job can not afford. Not to mention they were more well mannered and educated.

      Just like you, I felt once I knew my worth I was not going back to being undervalued through money. I wouldn’t go to a job making $8 in this economy so why should my dates value me at $20 for a McDonalds dinner? Dating, money, and gestures depend on the way someone values you and your time.

  4. I love this blog; especially the words at the end- “and you should never demand it unless you’ve earned the money to pay for it. Feel free to become a diva that day you stand on your both legs, on top of the mountain and can genuinely say – I made it all by myself.”
    Wonderful words of wisdom Anna

  5. All valid opinions. Just speaking for myself, my foundation is backwoods country out houses, share croppers and one pair of to small shoes with a hole in the toe. I made it out of that small, no traffic light town and work hard to never return. Other than the reminder visit. I’m proud of that shack that is now leaning to one side. Why? Never do I want to forget where my roots are. I’ve accomplished leveling up on my own but with a ways to go. I know the path that I am on and the understanding that I want to be ready for the encounter. Not into brands but I require quality. I work for that quality but see nothing wrong with outside assistance. Thankful, grateful and the desire to return that assistance by assisting. ~Love, La

  6. Great post Anna, especially the last bit ”Feel free to become a diva that day you stand on your both legs, on top of the mountain and can genuinely say – I made it all by myself”. Well said.
    Really appreciate how honest you are about your goals and attitude but at the same time so down to earth when it really matters. Love you

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