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Jetset Babe Answers: How to travel chic

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Elegant travel outfit

Jetset Babe Q&A: How to travel and look chic

“I just wanted to say that I luv your blog. It is amazing! I just figured I would ask you for some help in how to travel chic (clothing), since I will be going on vacation in a month. What would you recommend? Christie”

Elegant travel girl

Hi Christie & thanks,

I answer your email here as a post to better illustrate how I travel chic and my advice. First of all I want to point out that many years ago, the old generation used to wear their most fashionable outfits. Men wore suits and ladies wore skirts. Today it’s not like that anymore. When people board a flight they wear tracksuits and uggs, like if they’re going to watch some tv on the sofa at home. Me personally I find that very strange, but maybe that’s only me. Maybe there is a reason why they say the better dressed you are, the better is the chance for you to get upgraded on your flight.

I love airports, travelling and everything around it. For me the excitement starts as soon as I leave my house to go to the airport, and I always dress up for being in transit. I know the importance of being comfortable while catching a long haul flight, but who said you can’t be dressed smart casual?

It’s hard to point out for me what you should wear as I don’t know your style, neither what you would feel comfortable in. I can only say how I would travel to Miami 🙂

Chic travel outfit


  • Shoes – Never party heels or sneakers/flats. Choose either everyday heels with a wider heel or wedges for great support and comfort. They must be easy to slip out off as you will be taking them off once you board that plane/train/bus. Some cute ballerinas can also work depending on outfit.
  • Bag – Wear a big bag as your hand luggage where you put your flight entertainment, magazines and beauty products to freshen up. Everything else you check in. Stay comfy and organized! Nobody want’s to look like a bag lady while being in transit.
  • Outfit – Since you’re going south and don’t need much clothes, I’d go for a nice day dress to travel in – why not a maxi dress? Will look fab with some cute wedges and a large handbag.
  • Sunglasses – A divas must. Wear them inside the airport if you feel like, who cares. It does look cool and a little bit of “I don’t give a fuck”
  • The rest – Like Jetset Babes always are in tip top make sure you’re nails are done, hair looks good, make up in place and all the basics. If you’re always polished then the outfit dosen’t really matter too much.Have a safe journey and enjoy your holiday!

Chic travel outfit




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