Wednesday, January 29

Jetset ABC: E for Eyebrows

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Perfect eyebrows

E is for Eyebrows

– Perfectly shaped eyebrows!

A perfectly groomed person has always perfectly groomed eyebrows. Since eyebrows have such huge impact on the whole of your face, it’s important to take care of them. Make it a weekly habit of yours when you dedicate time to trim color and make sure everything is in it’s place.

Perfect eyebrows

If your eyebrows are in a mess and you have no clue how to go about it, then go to a professional salon and let someone who knows eyebrows make it done for you. It’s not really expensive either so totally worth it. Here are some of my eyebrow suggestions;

  • If you color, make sure you do it every other week as it gets washed away quickly.
  • Invest money in a good tweezer or else you won’t be able keeping it nice and tidy.
  • Don’t tweeze too much! The key is to keep eyebrows looking as natural as possible.
  • Saying that, you shouldn’t fill them in too harsh either. Nobody finds black lines above the eyes attractive.
  • If your tweezer looses it’s sharpness, don’t throw it away. Just sand the edges with a file you use for nails and tweezer will become like new again!

Get perfect eyebrowsEyebrow tuitorial



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