Thursday, February 20

Jetset ABC: C for….

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Girls need charm & charisma!

…Charm & Charisma

We’re back with Jetset ABC – all the important things that make our special Jetset Babes what they are. Follow this guide and you will be an expert by the time is done. If you have missed previous parts, here they are for you:

A-lways Perfect

B-eauty Treatments

Girls need charm & charisma!

So why Charm & Charisma you may wonder?

Simple. Nobody likes boring people, nobody want’s to be boring. If you embrace your inner spark, you will shine even more on the outside. In this blog I write 99% of the time about fashion, beauty & looks. But sometimes we keep forgetting something very important that makes that little but yet important extra – the charisma. The wa wa woom about you, that charm that makes guys smile, girls enjoy your company and success coming your way.

Girls need charm & charisma!

Always be your self and never put hold on your personality. Because everyone has that charm and charisma inside, some have it more hidden some don’t need to make any effort to bring it out. The key to remember is never to mute it, let it out and let it shine. Become that natural goddess that makes heads turn on the street just by adding some spice to your personality. But never over do it! It’s all about being natural and being yourself!

I had an opportunity to get to know this really cool girl many years ago while partying and travelling the world. She was a top notch Jetset Babe and I remember analyzing her in my head as she was clearly not the most gorgeous one I’ve seen – but yet guys were falling under her legs like slaves. It just didn’t make sense to me as there were so many other – prettier – girls around who didn’t get half of the attention she got. But with her bubbly personality, charming smile and great charisma she was the queen and got everything she wanted. A true inspiration and also a reality check what law of attraction is all about!

Girls need charm & charisma!



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