Wednesday, January 29

Jetset ABC: B for Beauty Treatments

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Most of the Jetset Babes don’t have a 9-5 job. Well, let’s be honest – most of them don’t work at all. That means their job is to take care of themselves and enjoy life. Which is not a bad thing! A weekly routine for the girls are various Beauty Treatments – which is on todays Jetset Beauty ABC.

Beauty Treatments and Facials at SPA

Beauty Treatments is a very vague description as it can cover anything beauty related; Facials, Injections, Hair removal, Mani’s & Pedi’s etc. But today I will focus on more Spa treatments as that is the place to be for a Jetset babe.

Why are Beauty Treatments important?

Going to the SPA and taking care of yourself is not only to look good and being superficial, it’s also a well deserved me-time where you can pamper yourself. To look good on the outside it has to come from the inside, remember? So paying that little extra to get some well deserved relaxation and at the same time boosting your beauty – isn’t that just worth the money?

Spa & Beauty Treatment

How often should I go to the SPA?

Jetset Babes go minimum once or several times as they obviously have the time and afford it. But for the rest of the human beings, it’s all about the individuals time and economy of course. I believe at least once a month is important to take that time and pamper yourself, if you wan’t to look good you have to invest time and money – it’s as simple as that!

What types of Beauty Treatments do you recommend?

It’s all about what “problem” areas you wish to focus on. If its skin treatments, body treatments or just massages for relaxation and blod circulation. Me personally I go for the occasional massage, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and various body treatments. My opinion is to do a SPA treatment at home at least once a week yourself (economic and good), doing Body scrubs, Masks, Facials etc and then go to the salon to do things that you just can’t do yourself. My tip is to daily check the Groupon and Daily Deals kinda sites (and there are plenty of ones for beauty treatments only). Get your beauty treatment bargains there and also a great opportunity to try different types of treatments. Experiment, have fun but most of all – Enjoy your magical pampering time!

Spa & Beauty Treatment



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