Wednesday, January 22

Jetset ABC: A as Always Perfect

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As an introduction to my new series of “Jetset Beauty ABC” I will present what letter A stands for. 

A as Always Perfect.

Jetset Beauty ABC

You see, you can’t only wear beautiful clothing, expensive handbags and designer shoes – if there rest of you is not polished. To look that little something something you have to be on top of your game. That’s the only way to be separated from the ordinary rest.

So what is the secret? What makes some girls has that special essence around them and some not? Why do some girls look so incredibly expensive chic – and some just chic?

Jetset Beauty ABC

Your answer is: They go all in, polished from head to toe – no exceptions!

The expression more is more is very powerful in this sense. The more details you work on, the more perfect will you look like. Seriously, pay attention to the details, that’s what makes the entire look.

With that I mean that some people just pay attention to the “bigger parts”. I ex. Hair, Make up, Body etc. But when I say, Pay attention to the details and put your effort there, i.ex Eyebrows, Eye lashes, Feet, Skin, Glow, Scent, Tan, Lips etc. The list goes on.

Jetset Beauty ABC

The purpose of this “Jetset Beauty ABC” is to take care of all the big and small parts, go deep in to the secrets of looking like a million dollars – and work it!

You don’t need to be born with the best DNA or looking like a super model to have a chance looking absolutely amazing. Believe me, with the right knowledge, guts and effort you can turn yourself in to that girl that will make people turn their heads. I know, because I’ve done that to myself, I talk from experience. And I’ve seen many girls out there, going from not so cute to absolute bombshells. And it’ inspiring every time.

So no matter If you’ve lost the hope or you’re just looking to explore those little secrets, let’s get this beauty rock’n’rollin’ and look our absolute best, Shall we? Cause deep inside we are amazing and beautiful, we just need to put it out there and Voilá! Let’s do this girls!

Jetset Beauty ABC



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