Iza Goulart Work Out

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Iza Goulart Work OutVictoria Secret Model Iza Goulart, is one of my biggest inspiration in terms of work out & fitness.

Iza Goulart Work Out

With her fit, amazon body  – how can you not be inspired? 

Especially when her instagram account is filled with images of her working out, videos and various pep talk.

Iza Goulart Work Out

When I go to the gym I don’t do any “machines”, only cardio and functional training. 

For this reason I find Iza Goulart’s instagram to be a great source of inspiration where to gather ideas from, since she is also a big fan of functional training!

Iza Goulart Work Out

I have downloaded an app to my iPhone where you can actually download videos from instagram to your phone. That is so perfect for when I am at the gym and want to create a new circuit routine for myself but lack ideas.

Iza Goulart Work Out

I have downloaded all the videos Iza Goulart has posted of her doing various exercises and it comes handy. Plus it gets extra inspiring seeing her do it than some random dude.

Iza Goulart Work OutAccording to her instagram account she seems to always be training cardio 30-45 min and then 1 hour of functional training. My question is; is that a good set of time or is it too much?

Can it be she is doing it for that long because she is in extremely good shape?

I do cardio 30 min and 30 min functional training only, but comparing to Iza I feel like a lazy bum now.

Iza Goulart Work Out

She also works out any where in the world due to all the travelling, which make it fun to see various gyms. 

Iza Goulart Work Out

She is always taking pictures from empty gyms; How does she manage to always be alone there?

I feel no matter what time I go to the gym there is always people there.

It is so annoying, because I love the feeling of an empty gym. For some reason I enter some super high motivation mode when nobody is there. Having people around puts me off.

Iza Goulart Work Out

But I can also imagine how hard it must be for a Victoria Secret Model like Iza to actually go to the gym and not having people staring at you!

I mean gosh, If I have a thing in my head where I get easily annoyed by people, what about HER then?

Iza Goulart Work Out

But If I was to see her in the gym, I would stare too!

It would be so interesting to see a Victoria Secret model shaping her million dollar body in action!

Iza Goulart Work Out

Although Iza is probably a gym addict, who wouldn’t be if you have a multi million contract due to your body & looks.

Iza Goulart Work Out

I guess it is different when you are a model and your looks are your job.

Your body is your job.

The maintenance of it is your job.

Iza Goulart Work Out

Just wanted to share my love for Iza Goulart

– what a good way to start Monday Morning with – huh?

Iza Goulart Work Out

It is 6.30 am here and I am starting this week with the usual work out routine in the morning.

Today on the menu we have Glutes – can’t wait!

Iza Goulart Work Out

So no matter how lazy you feel today – get out of your comfort zone!

They say we grow only when we are outside of our comfort zone –

Iza Goulart Work Out

I say: We get fit only when we sweat!

We loose weight only when we are outside our comfort zone!

Iza Goulart Work Out

Gym it is!

Find your motivation!

Iza Goulart Work Out Iza Goulart Work Out Iza Goulart Work Out Iza Goulart Work Out Iza Goulart Work Out


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  1. Good Monday morning JB! =]

    the first of all of course it is different when your body and looks which feeds you will last only when you take care of them and only for certain period of your life you can compare it to ballerina who’s career ends in a very “young” age, the same goes for model world these days, i bet you would be at the gym for 3 hours daily if you needed to

    with training you do perfectly fine, for not it seems to be enough for you but after time when you are fit you might want to extend it, dont burn yourself now, you have whole life to exercise =] your body starts to burn fat after 40 min so you are fine in this manner

    i used to do 30 min cardio and than some yoga/pilates/whatever self weight session for an hour, the secret is that you push hard in that time not just do it for 3 hours lightly

    i dont really know what type of training you do but check HIIT you dont even have to do it for an hour to get results

    and also when you are that thin and that fit, you need to do more for your body to feel it, seriously when i was in my peek i didnt even noticed that i climb mountain with 30kg on my back

      • no problem =] I thought you knew about it, it’s some sort of big thing past few yrs, zuzana light is doing videos on youtube many ppl enjoy them, she was cofounder of bodyrock, now she does her own thing has 3 cds out (you can find them on internet =])

  2. Wow, that body!

    I’m working on reaching my goal body and doing it before I move so I’m on over drive right now. I exercise 60-90 mins, only 30 mins of functional exercise or lifting weights and the rest cardio.

    I think you are just fine working out 60 mins a day if you keep your intensity up and don’t take a ton of breaks. It also depends on your specific goals and eating. She has very little body fat and a lot of muscle in certain places. If hats your goal, you want to do more cardio and then maximize your functional workouts by adding exercises that target more than one muscle at time.

    But again it depends on your eating. If you eat a lot of protein and very little fat, you can get away with less cardio and functional exercise. But watching the time isn’t the only way you should measure how much exercise you are getting in. You have to count your reps, watch your heart rate, and change the exercise or increase intensity when your body plateaus. If your muscles feel fatigued at the end of the workout, that’s an easy sign you are progressing.

    If you want to maximize your results though, always do your cardio AFTER your strength training/personal exercise. Your body burns carbs and proteins first which is the muscles only nutrients it draws energy from. Cardio burns them all but Fat LAST! So do your strength and let your muscles use the carb and protein energy stores, then all that will be left for your cardio to burn is the FAT! 😀

    Happy workout jsb

    • miss J I couldnt summarize it better, only I wouldnt stress that much about heart rate, JB, you have to understand that you are not pro athlete so as long as you do what you have to i mean to get your butt off the couch regularly you dont have to stress out about heart rate, it like stressing about calories

      anyway i wanted to ask miss J since i use to do cardio first and than i learned that you should do at least 10 minuts before to warm body up, what is your opinion on that?

      one thing we didnt mention I normaly do warm up which last quite some time i mean basic stretching but i stretch a lot at the end (yoga and pilates they stretch you out but if you dont do them, do stretch a lot)
      for her legs you can tell she is runner she almost doesnt have any but
      i guess you understood already that different exercises do different results since they trigger different muscles, you need to find what works best for you
      I will give you me as an example since i do not know your body, i am tall and i build muscles very quickly so i do not train on machines since i do not want my muscles to be isolated, i want to have long lean body (almost no butt since my own holds where it supposed to be) so i do mostly running or bike of roller scates as cardio sometimes i swim when i have time, they say that it is the best cardio, but for me it can make my back muscles enormous if i do it every day =] i do not have very strong hand but if i lift like some girls with tiny shoulders i will be like rambo =] so i do more reps lighter weights

      and one last thing, it also depends what is your lifestyle, when i was living in usa, i used to drive everywhere so 60 min wouldnt be and wasnt enought (not to mention my bad eating there) but back in europe i walk or bike almost everywhere, since is everyhting very near to everywhere,

      and dont forget about another forms of moving, like taking stairs instead of lift, walking to …shop, citycentre, with dog it all counts =]

      they say right diet is key and i thing from my own experience it really is, and one does not need to obsess about it, simple rules apply, but that is for another post =]

  3. ** I meant to your “strength training/functional exercise ” first before cardio.

    Btw, what is that app that downloads instagram videos to your phone? That is genius 🙂

  4. Hey! 😉 Firstly it’s my first comment here but I’ve been reading your blog since September this year and I totally love it!
    Personally, I would like to say that it’s better to do 30/40 mins of hardworking rather than 1h/2h of nonsense.
    I’ve been working out for 3 years right now and the longest breaks I have taken was something from 3 to 5 days. And I’m doing like 30/40 minutes trainings, sometimes up to 60/90 minutes. Take into account that I only workout at home, because I don’t have a great access to gym because of the fact that live in the suburbs.
    I think that if you work out 5 days a week you are doing perfectly fine. I think that >1h/2h trainings are for those who work out 3 days a week.
    As you don’t feel like loving the gym and not using the machines there why don’t you try working out at home? Buy the essential equipment (mat, dumbells, physioball) for the strenght training and run/ do hiits/ tabata on your own. There are plenty of youtube channels which have workouts videos.
    Personally I love FitnessBlender and only work out with them! (http://www.fitnessblender.com/) they have 400/500 videos, fat-loss programs, meal plans and so on but warning: if they say that’s advance workout it’s really advance workout – sometimes after one of them I’m lying on the floor and cry. Seriously.
    For a fat loss I would recommend tabata workouts (20s on 10s off x8) they are hard but pays off.
    Sorry for my really chaotic comment!

  5. I work out at home too. I got myself all the main pieces that i needed, and i really don’t need more. I can run in the forrest next to my house or by the lake for cardio, and then i do muscle toning at home. I started seeing results after 3 months, because the first two i kept increasing the time and difficulty of the workouts but what matters the most is that i was thin even before. I eat a lot of small meals, i don’t really enjoy sweets that have a lot of sugar, and i get nausea if i eat fat food so… I guess the worse you eat, the more time you need to spend working out. But jb we think you’re on the right path 🙂 with your juicing and workouts, in 3 months you’ll be coming close to being iza 2 😀

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