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It’s Tacky, Not Modern And Old-Fashioned

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I’ve wanted to write about this topic for years, the fur debate is very much in time right now, especially after having fashion houses like Gucci going fur-free. Also, many social influencers are taking a stand from wearing fur together with people in fashion, which I think is fantastic progress! I like these small but important steps and I feel hopeful that we are moving in the right direction. is all about going fur-free

In the beginning, I used to post pictures on this blog of women wearing fur, but in 2014 I decided to stop posting any images of JetsetBabes who wear fur coats. I’m not going to judge people on what they do, but I don’t want to promote this fashion in my space.

Fur Free Fashion

Myself, I don’t own any fur. The only two things with fur that I have, is one Shearling coat and one evening coat with fur trimmings. All of them were bought second hand, as I would never buy anything with fur in new condition, and it was before I decided to take a step back from this industry.

When Gucci came out saying that fur is not modern anymore, I think that quote hit the nail in its perfect place. They are so right. Fur is incredibly tacky and old-fashioned, it has nothing to do with today’s modern world. We have evolved so much in our technology and development, fashion houses today make amazing, high-quality fake furs, so anyone who feels the need to wear fur has great options to choose from.

But then people say,

“I wear fur because it’s beautiful, faux fur can never look like the real deal.”

Okay, I get the fact that fur has its perks. If you live in a cold country, you want something that makes you look good while keeping you warm and be of high quality. Fur gives you this.
But I still don’t think its a valid excuse in such modern society that we live in.
The whole “I wear fur because it’s beautiful,” feels too easy.
With a little bit of psychoanalysis, you understand there is more than just beauty reasons behind.

Why do we think fur is beautiful?
Because of the associations, we have of fur.

Since forever, we’ve always seen glamorous looking people dress in fur. Let it be from real life, from movies, fashion magazines and so on – we associate fur with wealth, status and richness.
We see fur and then we see glamour.
Why else do you think people are wearing it? (There are tons of other, warmer clothing you can wear)

People in the jet-set scene are often very keen on wearing fur. Why do you think that is? Let’s be honest here.

Fur is a way of showing off your status and power.
Fur is a statement piece.
It’s in your face “I have money, I have power, I’m someone.”
It becomes this statement piece because of everyone’s associations with it.
So let’s not excuse it because it’s beautiful; our mind is more complex than that.

The truth is, humans are very self-absorbed, we prefer causing suffering to other living creatures, just so that we can make a statement with our clothes.
We have this deep-rooted need for showing that we are somebody, it makes us stop caring about anyone else. Our own needs feel more valuable than the needs of innocent creatures lives. And ironically enough, we feel entitled to it.

I’m not here to point fingers, and I’m not perfect myself. But I’m trying to work with this and at least do small steps in a direction that is spiritually and ethically correct.

But whenever there is a discussion about fur, people always love pointing out:

“…But what about leather?”

I’m not claiming leather use is acceptable, but I believe we must start somewhere.
The cruelty behind fur is slightly more barbaric, as animals often get skinned of their fur alive because when done in this process, fur coating contains its shine.

The leather industry is extremely cruel too, animals get tortured on a daily basis for all the selfish needs of humans. But often with leather, you also have other parts of the animal to go for meat production. With fur, you grow small animals (and you often need many of them to create a piece of fur) to rip off their skin, just because some JetsetBabe can walk around feeling fabulous about herself.

How do you feel about this?
I personally can’t justify fur.
I think it’s pushing it too far and that’s where I draw my limit.

There are other cruel things than just fur and leather.
We have the terrible industry of exotic leather (another tacky statement piece that’s only there for feeding the ego of the human and no other, functional use). We also have the disgusting meat industry, animal testing for the beauty industry, and so on. I’m not saying that fur is the only “bad” thing that is out there.

I feel I’m doing something, but I’m far away from perfect. I eat mostly vegan food, I try and buy as much of my skincare and cosmetics from cruelty-free brands (Thank god for Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass), I don’t buy fur, I don’t use products with goos feather, and so on. I feel everyone can do something and it’s often not that much of a sacrifice if you educate yourself.

Whether we like it or not, but we do have a responsibility after all.
We are not alone on this earth. As much as we need to respect other humans, we must also respect the planet and the other creatures that live here and came before us (plants, trees, animals.) We have evolved so much today we can adjust our selfish needs to make it more friendly for our environment. Everyone can do something.

For this reason, this post has been very important for me to write. I don’t want to preach to people, and I respect if your opinion is different from mine. But I want to raise this awareness because I want to take responsibility not only for what I do in my personal life, but also what I promote on this blog. Not every picture here will be 100% ethical, but my aim is to at least keep it as fur-free as possible. And for me, that is always something.

What is your opinion on the fur debate?

(All the images in this post are examples of classy women who can look glamorous without wearing fur)



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  1. Thanks for this post! I have been thinking of the same thing recently. I also think fur is quite aging especially on girls in their 20s and 30s. You can be warm and look stylish with a good quality wool coat. I think fur jackets are popular because they are an easy way to look ‘high class’ without much effort. Wool coats need some extra effort with the rest of the outfit to look classy.

  2. I have always hated fur, even before venturing in the vegan world. It’s just gross and unnecessary. When people first used fur it was to legitimately keep them warm, and the rest was used for food to.survive. This I can understand, but to use fur just for the sake of looking rich is awful. I also buy things that are made of leather second hand. But like you said there are many brands that make a high quality vegan clothes. Stella McCartney comes to mind. Any thank you for saying this, because I think we need to start talking about this more often.

  3. I completely agree! I had a rabbit fur jacket which I threw away this winter although I used to love it,because I simply do not want to participate in animal suffering anymore. Also,fur has gotten very tacky and as you pointed out,a high quality wool coat would definitely be a classier alternative to both real and faux fur.
    Please do a post sometime on Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass cosmetics which you mentioned as I’ve been dying to try them.I didnt even know they’re cruelty free,thats another plus xx

  4. I adore fur and own quite a lot in my view nothing is as warm as real fur . Fake fur looks awful it looks cheap and isn’t as warm

    Too many people claim to be vegan yetbwear leather it’s double standards the whole “vegan” thing is adopted by some because they feel it’s in fashion to be vegan.

    Just my opinion …

    • I was thinking the same thing. If you wear leather you are wearing skin. How is fur different. I do not own fur, and some fur can look as tacky as some leather jackets. It is way too judgmental to wear one and ban the other. If everyone vegan too.

      I wear leather shoes. So If I do that, it is no worse than fur.

  5. Excellent Post. As you said no need to wear fur and leather to look good for me its psychologically insane to think it makes you look high class when it todays world you look more tacky( by showing u prefer to kill precious creatures)

  6. I agree with this post – personally I see no use for fur in my life (I live in Australia). If and when I travel to colder climates, I just dont see the purpose because like one other commenter said, I think it is ageing. Besides, in this modern world, there’s plenty of cute clothes to buy which make you look stylish and feel warm! 🙂 I prefer the coats and jacket pics posted here way more than furs. It’s just not really my thing tbh lol <3

  7. Hana Hornakova on

    Lately… with the problem of plastic age, I am thinking what is worse. Make fake fur which when is toss and will pay its own role in killing animals (because atm there are whole islands from plastic in the ocean and not only that) or kill animal straight for a fur which will one day wear my daughter and maybe her daughter. Lately I am thinking about it really different… Not saying that buying millions is fine, I think you can choose two classy pieces and you are good.

  8. La belleza con mayúsculas, -de la que tu escribes muy muy bien-, se construye desde el amor. La industria del maltrato animal es parte de lo más horroroso que hemos creado los seres humanos , el algún punto de la historia fue tremendamente necesario, ahora es sólo capricho cruel!. Muchas gracias por darnos a conocer tu pensamiento, ahora me gusta mucho más tu Blog!.

  9. Hei Ana! You have picked some great outsits here – all of them are so perfect, but nothing looks as glamorous as fur and those choises you have showed us here are not gonna keep you not nearly as warm as a real fur would (I am from a cold country). For many years I fought my urge to buy a piece and 7 years ago I did buy one… I feel like a queen in it although I hate that fact. I have so many coats like these here in all the classic colors – beige, red, black… But nothing NOTHING looks like this! And when I see a woman on the street she makes such an impression on me. But it seems ypu haven`t heard that since people have become like you lately and prefer to buy faux fur, there are many companies (espacially in GB they say) who say they sell faux fur and it`s actually REAL fur. I saw a program here in Spain and they said that it`s quite a business now. And the reason it`s real it`s just because the cost to “produce” it it`s much lower and people are so happy to buy something that “LOOKS SO REAL” when in actuality it looks so real cause it is. They say in China they are still using animals even to produce the faux fur (a big part of it) and those pieces are sold in Europe. Just as companies saw that people are ready to pay much more for anything that has the label “ORGANIC” or “BIO” on it, so now they put it on everything and delusional people buy it, thinking it`s something different when it`s actually the same. So even when you think you buy “faux” fur that looks so natural to you, you might be contributing to this.

  10. Personally if you feel the need to stay away from fur for ethical and animal friendly reasons, which is your choice to do so, then I think you should also stay away from faux fur. Neither is the less of two evils, both contribute to the death of animals (one being direct in the case of real fur) and one is indirect (being the faux fur that will never be biodegraded and that animals eventually end up ingesting once it has been thrown out on the rubbish heap.) Faux fur is a result of petrochemicals and so contributes to a wider problem of destruction (and this affects our planet and the animals who inhabit it, is a cute chinchilla worth more than a beautiful polar bear cub whose natural habitat is being destroyed to drill for crude oil?), and again when looking into supporting this industry you see that many animals are displaced and eventually driven out of their habitats due to oil drilling.

    In my opinion Faux fur ALWAYS looks fake and it smells disgusting the second it gets wet. I would never choose to wear it. I own a few real fur pieces and in honesty whilst I would not throw them away or stop wearing them I also wouldn’t choose to buy anymore as I have come to the conclusion I don’t want to be a part of that industry either.

    But faux fur is not and will not ever be an acceptable substitute due to the petrochemical dumping sweat shops, use of “angora” which is rabbit fur but labeled as fake quite often, and environmental risks it poses as well as the danger to animals who may come across and ingest said faux fur when it is eventually tossed out on the rubbish tip.

    I applaud those who choose to help and minimise their impact on animals and the environments and worlds around them, but do not forget that plastic is KILLING animals too.

    So to cut a long story short, neither real fur or faux fur is acceptable.

  11. I’d like to add that not all animals are skinned alive I think it’s importantly to do your reasearch and find out where the pelts came from. For example china has very few regulation regarding animal welfare. I am from Canada and there is a “population control” to prevent wild animals from overpopulating cities (safer for both humans and the animals to keep them from interacting with us) for example it’s very scary to walk by a coyote or have one bite your dog. Here people will get a license that is kind of like a fishing licence to cull animals, it is highly regulated. The culled animal skins can be sold at the fur auctions, so in this way an animal that had to die is not wasted. I agree second hand is great but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have 1 tasteful fur item purchased with it’s origin kept in mind. Animals on fur farms are actually treated a lot better than animals for the food and leather industry. The fur quality is highly dependant on the animals diet and welfare. When it comes to minks they need a stress free environment to have a top bid at auction. Keep in mind animals on fur farms are not endangered. But like somebody said the petroleum based faux fur takes 1000 plus years to decompose and they only last a season or two at most, not to meantion synthetic materials can be a carcinogen to the wearer and they harm the people making them in factories, as well as the environment. Genuine fur is a renewable resource, faux fur is not.

    1. Buy pre loved
    2. Humane source
    3. Buy timeless peice to get long wear for generations

    Thankyou to Anna for having and open
    minded conversation, I really enjoy your blog, keep it up. By the way I love animals but I do appreciate the Beauty and sacrifice of the real thing.

  12. I loved this post, and I absolutely agree. I am mostly vegan, and when I say mostly, it is because I do still purchase leather shoes, boots, and bags. I am far from perfect, and I am willing to do more to help support better treatment of animals.

    Most people are asleep and it keeps them blissfully unaware and un empathetic to horrible suffering.

    I have very strong opinions, and I do my best to live within a value system that is respectful and considerate to all sentient beings. What leather I do own, I try not to feel guilty, because that helps no one. I buy most of my bags and shoes second hand, and while it is not ideal, I am awake and open to other options that offer style and quality without cruelty.

  13. Personally, I like to wear fur. It is apart of my culture. I do buy second-hand furs and have been gifted furs. I do not like plastic fur because plastic is bad for the environment. So I would either wear real fur or no fur at all.

  14. I wanted you to know that YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE with your post! Even if I am only one person. I was set to purchase a new shearling coat as well as one trimmed in fur. After reading your post I have been reminded of what TRULY matters. I have been on the fence with this debate but really I was just selectively listening and being lazy not to take a stand. I have chosen instead to purchase a stunning cashmere coat (even more expensive btw) that I feel good about and luxurious wearing. There are so many elegant and warm options as you have shown. Thank you for the message that finally got though!

  15. I only own one fur that’s two generations old, and that gets saved for the coldest of cold days. The fur industry is cruel, and promoting it with new furs is very low, especially if you are looking to be respected and seen as someone who appreciates and loves their own environment.

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